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Idea: Grand Theft Auto: 2002

Comrade Monke

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Comrade Monke

I will update this post after feedback from other users.


Protagonists: Claude Speed, Tommy Vercetti, Carl "CJ" Johnson.


Antagonist: Donald Love


Secondary antagonists: Toni Cipriani, Franco Forelli, Joey Leone, Umberto Robina, Mitch Baker


Allies: VC Mafia (Vercetti Gang), Grove Street families, Yakuza, Haitians


Enemies: Love Cartel (Donald Love's Cartel), Ballas, Cubans, VC bikers, Colombian Cartel, Mafia (Leones + Forellis)


Plot: It's 2002, a new underworld empire is on the rise, Donald Love's Cartel has been growing stronger and stronger every day, either directly seizing turf and property or turning other organizations into their puppets, such as the Leones and Forellis in Liberty, the Cubans and Bikers in VC and the Ballas in SA. It's become clear that Donald Love will not stop until he becomes the undisputed kingpin of America's underworld. Tommy Vercetti, another very powerful criminal kingpin, with a criminal empire with turf in almost every part of Florida, is attacked by the Cubans and Bikers, who attempt to burn his mansion, he stops them and kidnaps Umberto Robina and Mitch Baker to interrogate them and ask them why after so many years of collaboration they bertrayed him. Umberto explains that they are now allied with the Donald Love Cartel, and explains to him that the Cartel is growing stronger and stronger. Tommy kills them and proceeds to wipe out the Cubans and Bikers with the help of the Haitians. Tommy learns more details from his sources and proceeds to kidnap Claude and CJ to warn them. CJ and Claude refuse to collaborate at first but Tommy convinces them. They must find any allies they can and put an end to Donald Love's empire. The Yakuza, Haitians, Vercetti gang and Grove Street families eventually build an alliance after negotiations. Now, they go on a series of missions to weaken the Love Cartel and find Donald Love to kill him.


Gameplay: the game allows the player to switch between Tommy, CJ and Claude, similarly to GTA 5. The map is huge, combining San Andreas, Liberty city and Vice City, as well as new areas such as the ghost town from GTA 3 and gator keys (originally cut from Vice City). Each character can purchase properties, some of which are unique to each character. Each character also has unique features, for example Tommy, an experienced hitman who is famous for the Harwood massacre, can enable rage mod which allows him to kill an enemy or person with only a single shot. Claude can slow down time while driving, and CJ has silent mode which allows him to steal cars and silently kill people without being noticed. 


Thoughts? Any other ideas?





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This is not the right place for this. You have been directed to the Concept creator's lounge in your previous topic. Please make use of the same.

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