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If You Were To Make A Perfect GTA 6 Game In Your Eyes What Would It Be Like?


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What do you think a perfect GTA 6 game would be like?


I want a game where you escape from the cartel and end up somewhere on the beaches of costal south America. From there you get help from the locals and make your way to Vice City. From there you make connections and make your way up the rankings to become the most powerful person in all of vice city. During that time the cartel is tracking you down and at the end of the game you take out the cartel leader to end the game.


This seems very vague but that is just a basic rundown of what I think a perfect GTA 6 game would be like. Also the story would not take place in the 80s. It would take place in 2022. With that utilizing the management of content creators and kickstarting SoundCloud rappers from that area. And having a story that relies more on crypto with a fluctuating market with many coins to invest in, than regular fiat currency would be cool. 

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A modern Vice city that is a shell of what it once was, trying to capitalize on 80's nostalgia would be pretty cool. More than one city would also be pretty great.

At the top of my list is definitely well fleshed out empire/business building mechanics. Would be sweet to finish the game and have to continue expanding what you started in the main game.

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Basically like RDR2 in tone and gameplay, immersiveness, combine that with the many great things of GTA IV.

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I once imagined game, when you live in big brother state that is past is glory, no guns allowed, no free speech, memepolice without guns will be everywhere and they will not care about serious problems. You will be very afraid after dark in that city, because you cannot have any self defense guns.

It will be GTA:London remake...

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