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The Hillsiders SC Looking To Expand PS4/PS5


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The Hillsiders SC is recruiting honest, trustworthy, high earning, dirty 1% scoundrels to help me further the story of my club.

Come rep Chamberlain Hills with some like-minded players who put the club over a K/DWe don't run around shooting randoms, we focus on our brotherhood & love of the club. 

We have a solid Los Santos chapter, & we're looking to expand it there, as well as move into the Nomad & Blaine Co. territories. We're light RP based, so I encourage you to come with a character story prepared. 







I’m building up my club and I need players willing to be a traditional, high earning OMC.

With all the new/returning players coming into the game, there’s an unlimited amount of wealth to spread around in Los Santos & I'm looking for more brothers that know the real Outlaw values and are willing to stand on 'em with my current ones. We run heists & help each others businesses as well as teach members the very best ways to earn in San Andreas. We do rides, club parties, church, & interact with other clubs.





Standard players are initiated into the Los Santos chapter, but if you have the juice to make it as a 1% rider, you’ll be nominated into the Nomad chapter




-NO CLUB KILLING. This attracts the very griefers whose behavior this club opposes. Don't be like them. If you feel the need to be competitive or have any qualms with another member, you call for a deatmatch settle whatever issue you may have. 




-Always have your kutte on when with the club unless directly informed otherwise


-We are a ONE PERCENT club, we fight like men. Meaning no RPGs, snipes, stickies, or mini guns when battling an enemy on foot, on a bike, or in certain vehicles. We watch the backs of other one percenters. We respect the brotherhood, unlike most GTA clubs.


-MUST OWN CRUISER. Do not pull up on club time looking like an idiot.


-NO DRAMA. Meaning respect the boundaries and wishes of other members.


-Stay an active player.


-All members (Patched/Prospect/Hangaround) MUST pay proper respect to office members & always salute.


- Prospecting time depends on maturity & function, but no less than 10 days, so know what you're doing!

   •Prospects MUST ride a rusty Rat Bike! No reason you should have a better bike than any patched member.

   •Prospects are to employ their sponsor/elders wishes at ALL times. Whether it be a long drive, or be a human shield. 


-Any patches online at the time of Chapel are permitted to attend to the table. NO PROSPECTS MAY VOTE.

   •Do NOT come our clubhouse for chapel wearing a hat or not wearing your kutte.

   •Once the officer votes are counted first, then may a standard members vote count.


-Charters are independent, run how their Prez pleases, but MUST rep The Hills positively, and MUST answer to the other charters collectively.


-Learn your place in formation and in the club, it's very important.


-We're a hustler OMC, so you must be thinking about the BROTHERHOOD! NOT K/D. That doesn't mean you can't shut down griefers and keep yourself sharp! Keep enough missions and dirty work to feed the team that helps you do whatever task is at hand!




18+ ONLY


Willing to train you in the core values if you’re new to the bike set




Prospecting mandatory


Club Page:



Edited by OldManMaarz
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BUMP! The Criminal Enterprises has officially rolled out & potential prospects are welcome! Come stack up some cash while riding with some dope members

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