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[MP] The Rambo


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icw presents its new first mission pack




The story

Jeffrey Rambo is a former military who have worked under Captain Morgan in the year of 1995, as the time passes by, he met his friends named Steven Barrett, Douglas Koch, and Andrei Cortez who were assigned for ceasing the invasion of the terrorists who were trying to revolutionize the world from hatred, treachery, and pain. The friends have made a promise to one another that they will always be friends whatever happens. When the time comes for their mission, Captain Morgan was abducted by the enemies and brought him to the terrorists' main camp without knowing what step he will be taking next. Unfortunately, Rambo's captain and his friends were died in that incident and forsaken his old friend (Cortez) by leaving him while in a gun fight against terrorists. Cortez sided with an enemy as he curses his old friend (Rambo).




Jeffrey Rambo - A former military and a friend of Steven Barrett, Douglas Koch, and Andrei Cortez whom he left while in the middle of a gunfight. Who also worked for Zhao Yhang.


Andrei Cortez - A former military, old friend of Rambo and others, the one who sided with the terrorists in revolutionizing the world. 


Douglas Koch - A former military, friend of Rambo and others.


Steven Barrett - A former military, a pervert, and a good friend of Rambo and others.


Captain Morgan - The captain of the military who assigned the four guys in an operation of ceasing the terrorists' invasion.


Zhao Yhang - A billionaire old man that controls everything in the Los Santos, the one who assigns Rambo in assassinating Andrei Cortez due to the conflict.


Tyrone (the guard) - The guard of Zhao Yhang, the one who accompanies Rambo.





Download here


Edited by iCroW
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