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Boomshine Saigon, stuck


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Ok, any help very grateful as i onluy have a few hairs left in my ehad to pull out. Done Boomshine Saigon, got Phil's Yard Asset, get a phone call from Phil sayin how he is gettin better and no instruction to do anything, hang up........then nothing, i can't seem to go anywhere from here. I have done all missions and have everything else makin me money, just baffled as to what to do next!!


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have u done the mission were you kill lance because if you have then u ave completed it :rah:  :r*:  :sly:  :sarcasm:  :devil:  :yingyang:  :furious:

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Yep, like i said io have done every mission as i have checked on a walkthrough

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What! So as there are no more missions to do, that's it, altho my percentage game says about 60%, this means that i have still completed it, does the percentage stand for how much of the game i have done regarding packages, jumps, hold-ups etc.?

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Jafo Madred

That's exactly correct ... although I haven't finished Vice City yet, in GTA3 total game completion (missions) was right around 60%. The rest of the game is the unique jumps, sub-missions, and collecting all the packages.


Oh, and of course having a heck of a time blowing things up!  :devil:

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