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San Fierro, 1991...

After spending 10 years in prison on distribution charges, 32 year old Trent Andrews is released. A lot's changed since he's been gone, most of the people he knew are dead. A once feared and respected cocaine dealer, he realizes the game's changed and crack is the "new, hot" drug on the streets, he finds out after meeting up with an old friend. His friend, Jack Callahan, also informs him that the Triads and the Valdez cartel are at war against the Bianchi family and the O'Connor Crew. Jack explains his plan to infiltrate the gangs and cause them to turn against their fellow men and their allies and destroy themselves, all while Trent, Jack and their friends build their crack/drugs business.


CHAPTER 1 DOWNLOAD: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/72156

Chapter 2 coming very soon.

Characters/gangs details will be added to this topic after this mp is complete.

Edited by ghettospaghetti
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  • 1 month later...

The details that take place in this chapter 1 are very thrilling, looking forward to the next chapters. Will you continue calling?

slope game


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So I finally got around to playing this new project of yours, over a month after you asked me to.


I'm going to keep this brief - this IS a grand improvement over your previous work. Any and all aspects of your other mission packs that I complained about, you managed to smooth out and correct.


There are a couple of gripes I have however - a couple of long-ish drives here and there, the fact that you can fail mission 4 after returning to Eric because you forgot to hide the pursuing Triads (and forgetting to hide or conceal actors in several other instances, too) and the premise of mission 8 which seems laughable (and also you need to climb Mt. Chiliad on a Washington). The biggest one of them all is pacing - the plot development is a bit rushed IMO, but it all depends on how many chapters are planned, maybe it'll even out by the end.


But as I've said earlier, overall it is a much more fun experience than 'The Golden Bullet' or 'Wiseguys', and here's hoping it remains this consistent up until the very finale.

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  • 2 months later...

It took me a while to play this MP, so let's get down to business.


I can confidently agree with SF as this is a major step forward in your designing career. All the baldness, emptiness that your previous MP included was successfully filled up in this MP. Deadshot doesn't introduce us anything new, rather fixes every single thing that was broken or missing before including: critical character development, forced dialogue, uninspired gameplay, stuff that just don't make any sense, and most importantly - lazy effort making most of the missions feel like a filler. All of this is more or less gone in Deadshot making it feel like a whole new experience. For the first time, I was interested in characters and I took overall plot more seriously. This followed by some varied missions which, despite being 'almost out of place' (some stuff escalating way too fast for my taste), were still consistent with the main plot and events that followed it. The classic drive-by missions reminded me of old days when I used to play GTA SA for the first time. It was aligned with the storyline and felt just.. relaxing.. Shootouts were balanced and weren't just there to fill up the mission. Overall, I liked it!


On the other note, mp was met with some technical difficulties or simply wrong decisions such as actors spawning / despawning at the wrong time causing some Triad members' invincibility, thus not being able to kill them even though ''Kill whole gang'' objective was toggled. Having to take long drives in certain missions was just.. boring.. and taking away from the surprises that I've encountered earlier in the MP. Nonetheless, none of those issues are critical and players can in 95% cases continue to play missions without any disturbances.


To be honest, I wouldn't call this special or groundbreaking, far from it, but we can't ignore the HUGE improvements which this MP undergo. Hopefully, you will keep up with designing missions. Waiting for chapter 2, good luck!

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