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Recently installed on Xbox Series X, noticing weirdness


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One thing I noticed is that cab drivers do not speak anymore. Ever. They used to have random dialogue when you get in, when you tell them to hurry up, comments during the trip, and a parting shot when you get out  at the destination. 


Another thing I noticed is that when I do a hard turn using the emergency brake, the camera spins all the way around my car. 


Brucie always says the same exact comment when I drop off one of his requested cars, "I'd like to see you try to steal one of my cars bro, that would never happen bro!" or something like that. There's a bunch of different comments he can make, but it's always that one. 


That's all I've noticed so far, up to the second safe house in Bohan. They seem like bugs, just curious if these are known glitches after a recent patch or something. It's been a couple of years since the last time I played, which was on XBone. 



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