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You might be a LCS fan if…


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Inspired by similar threads in the IV, III, and VC sections, just a lil fun.


I’ll start with an example; you might be a LCS fan if you drop everything and do something your mother asks you to out of fear of her hiring bald men to murder you 

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Posted (edited)

You contribute to your local deli after playing this game


Radio Del Mundo is love at first listen for you


You think the warmer coloured Liberty City is an improvement


You think LCS is 8/10 for its banger theme alone

Edited by AkshayKumar

Mr Hole in One



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If you know you got a date with a cheese deluxe 


If you know how to teach these would be tough guys what it means to be a tough guy (III) 


If you are late for a swinging party


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1 hour ago, DeltaV20 said:

If you are late for a swinging party


When you know it’s a swinger party and not a swinging party :V

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Posted (edited)

If the various good musics impressed you a lot

If you bought the game on PSP first



Edited by Majin13
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If you help out tourists discover the sights around a crime-riddled city


If you agree to blow up a whole neighbourhood and have hundreds of innocent people die just because you are promised money by a guy who earlier completely blamed you for his downfall, after you tried your best to help him


If you must rescue your big mafia boss all the time, because he seemingly cannot have any bodyguards or any other help besides the protagonist


If you enjoy a city with a relatively vivid atmosphere during the autumn of 1998


If the concept of necrophilia is quite familiar to you


If going to the opera with a Japanese woman does not sound far-fetched


If you must watch for the pickpocket, son

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If you buy a black BMW E36 because of Leone Sentinel.

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  • 2 weeks later...

You enjoy driving around Portland and not getting shot at.

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