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Keep Your Friends Close

Charlie Lucky

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Charlie Lucky

I just finished this mission on the PC so I don't know if this will work on the PS/2.  After getting blown to bits within a few seconds every time, I started with a more subtle approach.  I loaded up an M60 with about a thousand rounds.  As soon as I was standing there looking at a .357 revolver I turned around and went to the window next to the surveillance monitors.  With your back to the window, turn around and hold the target button aiming at the door.  Something about being so far back in the corner makes you hard to spot I guess because I never had more than two goons approach, sometimes none before I got the message to go after Lance.  This takes about a minute, so be patient.  Switch to an Uzi or something you can run with and go to the door.  After the cut scene, run right next to the wall as you chase him and you won't bump into any hoods coming your way.  Fire only at Lance and click sprint on and off.  Starting with 100/100 I'll usually get to the roof with at least 15 hp.  Pick up the pill on the left and head up to the health pickup next to the chopper.  Switch back to the M60 and take out everybody on the roof.  Now, go get in the chopper and take off!  As soon as you're away from the house the funds depletion stops!  You can land on your own lawn and sneak into the basement for body armor or go anywhere, land on the street and switch to a car, whatever.  When you're maxed up in armor and health again, approach your house slowly from the driveway.  blow up the 3 limo's with the M60 or repeated sniper shots.  As you get closer, you'll see goons running into the house.  Keep your eyes peeled and snipe or blast anyone who looks like he might target you.  At some point you'll looking up at your front stairs with nobody around and nothing happening.  Load up your weapon of choice and run into the house and up the stairs to trigger Sonny's last scene!

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I did it a little different

The spas 12 shotgun takes out the gaurds where you are in the office. run after lance shooting on your way. when you get to the roof use the minigun. back down to the basement for health.Back up and move very slowly towards sonny, when you have a shot, hit the trigger until he dies. it takes a while to kill him because it isn't a clear shot unless your suicidal. I emtied a full clip into sonny with the minigun. (500 rounds, he was dead alright)

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Charlie Lucky

Lance went down along with the other guys on the roof.  The money doesn't start dropping again until the last few seconds when you run back into the house.  In the meantime you can go shopping, collect rent, just about anything except pick up a hooker or another mission!

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I just got a minigun and when it said kill lance i walked over to him and shot him and the same for sonny I did the mission in about 30 secs.

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I just got a minigun and when it said kill lance i walked over to him and shot him and the same for sonny I did the mission in about 30 secs.

lol, same here. the mini gun is awsome. i just saved up my $$ from my asets and bought it a few times from phils place. it was pretty easy with that.

user posted image
Thanks to Guybrush Threepwood for the... 1 of a kind sig.
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