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How did people find hidden packages back in 2001?


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Some of the hidden packages are really well hidden. How did people back then find all 100 without an online guide or anything? Did they just look at literally every single part of the map to find all 100? Same thing with rampages and stunt jumps.

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Already in 2001 there were online guides and games magazines with guides. And there was also the Official strategy guide from Brady Games.


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It's not that hard really. GTA 3 map is really small, so during my latest playthrough I literally run around every building looking for the packaged. Granted, I remember where about 10% of them are, but then I successfully find about 60% more. So I'm sure back in 2001 people would talk on forums or with their friends via ICQ to share knowledge and find the remaining 30%.


Also, it's impossible to believe this now, but I heard that back then people used to talk to each other in real life, so given how popular the game was, I'm sure the knowledge spread this way too.

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BRADY GAMES GUIDE. Those guides helped me so much with GTA and other games.
The hidded pakages were easy with guide. After replays the guide was needed less and less.
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There was no Youtube but there were pictures of the map with the locations dotted out, and screenshots of the packages with a short textual description of where it was or how to get to it, like some others here I also had the Brady Games guide which was a printed book with all that info in it but you could also find lists of all the hidden package locations online.

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I used a text guide off gamefaqs. Printed off, so I could take it down to my living room and cross things out as I needed to. Literally it was like 'turn right out of your safehouse, follow the road down until you see a red building, turn left at the skyscraper with the park benches out front, climb the steps in the back carpark and jump across the 2 roofs to your left where you'll find hidden package 38 behind a water tower' 

It was f*cking painful. 

EDIT: Im pretty sure this is the guide I was using, still on gamefaqs, good god.

From the hospital, jack an ambulance and take the exit out of the hospital. 
The road will lead you directly to the stadium.  Make a left, drive to
the end then right, left, left.  Park immediately on the left once you
make the last left.  Park the ambulance close to the building and hop up
on the ambulance and onto the ledge.

To get package 47 take the same route as you did to get to the curly bridge but
go right just at the end of the park walls. Then go left down the ramp and
right along under the road tunnel. The package is on the right just at the end.


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