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Any place to save boats?


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I'm not that far in the game, but I have a garage. Do you guys

know of any place that you can buy that lets you save a

boat? Some of these are really nice. I'd hate to have to steal

it every time.

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Most of the wharfs always have boats sitting at them but the only property you get that is remotley close to what your talking about is down near the docks. There are two boats out front after you beat the boat yard missions except every time you hop in them they have the same race mission every time...the infamous 'check point charlie'. Its a shame too because they are fast boats.


In summary...no there's nothing like a 'garage' where you can save a boat.


In GTA3 one time I pushed a crispy boat corpse all the way from the shore of the second island to the safe house there, down the ramp and into the garage (took forever) and I thought it would heal the boat as the garage does with blown up things and then I could have a saved boat in my garage...no such luck, the game froze and then went crazy and I had to restart.

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Hehe, that reminds me of something that happened to me last

night. I tried to save three bikes in one garage by hopping off

and making the door open, then driving them in. The game

crashed eventually when I tried to open the door again.

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There isnt a garage where you can save boats or anything, but..

You could try and push one into a garage, but that will be kinda pointless though...

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Just wait long enough and we will be able to edit garages and save points like in GTA3.  :p

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