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Is there any missions left


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Well okay i bought the game like a week ago and so i got pretty far the first night i had it

so now here i am i own the boat yard the malibu the pole position print works kaufmans cabs sunshine autos and some of the big estates. I know there are missions with the companies i bought but i did them. I looked in my progess and it only says im 53% done and the assination missions are 5 out of 5 so is there any more missions that i have to do to get my progress up? :wtf:

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That's not entirely true.  There are specific properties that you must own and have completed in order to cause the final missions to fire.  


With certainty, I can state that you need to own and have finished the missions for the Print Works and the Film Studio but *not* the Boatyard or the Pole Position Club.  I suspect that there are others you need to have finished, but I'm not sure which they are.




Dr. Charm

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If you need help completing the game then check the pinned topic in gameplay Here
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Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

You have to use 500 dollars in the pole position

May I recommend the girl with tape on her nipples...she's hot!

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And one of the completed *must* be the Print Works, for obvious reasons.




Dr. Charm

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Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

What....who...where am I????

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The Quick and the Dead

Yeah, Print works is where you get the assignment for the final missions.  Also, I'll add that the Sunshine Autos is required, cuz after i finished the first carset it gave me the finals.   I was surprised.

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