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PSP vs PS2


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I was wondering which platform you guys prefer to play LCS on and why. Personally I prefer the PS2 version mainly just for controls but the PSP version looks a bit brighter. Other than multiplayer is there even much of a difference? 

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I prefer the PS2 version for the gloomy atmosphere, the same grey/blue filter used in GTAIII. For other things like framerate etc the PSP version is better

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I'll do with PSP version. Performance is better and there's considerably less bugs. I can understand why some people prefer the atmosphere in the PS2 version, but I think the PSP version does a great job at complementing GTA III's tone without being too alike.

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PSP version looks better.

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I prefer the PS2 version because I don't like to play on portable consoles. At the end of this year I will play through both versions again to get some special vehicles. But with an emulator. Let's see how I decide afterwards, which version I like more.


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Pistol Bobcat

I finally played the PS2 version for the first time this year, and while it certainly looks and plays well I'm still a PSP purist for many reasons.


The frame rate on PS2 isn't terrible but definitely feels choppy in parts, as much as I love the orange sunsets the atmosphere feels a bit drab/dark compared to the colorful palette on the PSP.


Custom soundtracks on the PSP was a lifesaver, now I'm not saying the official radio is bad, its just terribly short and repetitive, the game sorely lacked a nice variety of 90's classics.


For rare vehicle collectors like me the PSP has the bonus of wrecked vehicles being repaired by your garage and the whole Marked Virus exploit, very useful for some of them.


I'd probably say the exact opposite for Vice City Stories, game was great on PSP but the garage glitch was a pain in the ass, the game looked really good on PS2 and the soundtrack was exceptional, no need for customs.



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I played this on PS2 in 2006, the game costed $20 brand new back then. I prefer the PS2 version cause I never owned a PSP, the game got me hooked from beginning to end.

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