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[GTA Definitive Trilogy] - Tutorials Index


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Posted (edited)
Documentation and Tutorials
Here will be the tutorials and utilities for GTA Definitive Edition (GTA Trilogy).
Versão em Português (Brazilian Portuguese Version)


Basics Tutorials - Written by ThePedro004
The tutorials below follow a progression, if you are new to modding the Trilogy, I recommend following them one by one.

Community Tutorials

Tutorials written by members of the GTAForums Community

Edited by ThePedro004
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  • 2 weeks later...

Why did you decide to move tutorials?

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Nice @ThePedro004.
It would be great to have the tutorials on:

  • Replacing Player's body(3d model) I wish to create skins for tommy shirtless chilling in the beach, have him to wear an FBI style suit with Tie or just import Lance's Suit from VCS ,replacing the lame golf costume with something relevant (Like borrowing hat from workers uniform & a polo shirt's model)
  • How to make all interiors accessible (GTA VC): Especially the safe houses,or maybe some cafes too incase someone wishes to create mods for Tommy dating Mercedes there are audio files that are unused
  • How to build custom interiors mods
  • How to add Blips across the map : For example if someone wants to add more safe houses in the game or if someone is willing to build additional missions
  • How To replace the phone:
  • How import already existing mods from classic VC: 
    • Especially the CLEO Mods
    • Wardrobe Mod
  • Changing the animation for certain vehicles when a player enters: I'm using vehicle spawner mod & even for RC Bandit,Tommy does the door opening animation


Also, can you import animations/functionality from other tribology games?

For example:

Clothes store in San Andreas

Barber Shop from San Andreas

Jetpack From San Andreas

And ofcourse, Swimming

Flying Car cheat from SA

Thanks in Advance


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