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biker gang


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ive beem stuck at this level for 2 weeks now...the level is where i have to cause enough caos to fill the chaos meter in 2 min...but i keep getting killed by the cops...can someone help?

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okay i know what to do.  go up the stairs by the shack that you can buy which is across the street from the biker gang place.  duck behind the railing and the police won't beable to get you.   but before going up there get 2 stars.  it is best if you use a M4.  when a helicopter comes, make sure that is your first priority.


hope that helped.

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Get the flamethrower in the shipyards. It was the only way i could get by it all.

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Don't use cheats unless you already have. But if you are, just use the Tank cheat. ;)


This mission is a bit of a pain, but here's how I've done it:

First, if you don't already own the SkumHole Shack on top of the bldg across the street, buy it.  Then you can replay the mission from that save point in a matter of seconds.  (if you don't have all these) Buy the SPAS-12 Shotgun, M-4 assault rifle, and new armor from the ammo nation downtown and save at the shack.  Before you enter the mission, steal a few vehicles and leave them out front in the street.  


Start mission; Using shotgun, blow up the vehicles and shoot all the peds you can.  Kill as many cops and blow up as many cop cars as you can using the two weapons I mentioned.  Run around back to the SW corner of the bldg (with biker bar), and stay in the garage type area.  It will give you cover from most directions, and there's armor in there (wait til your armor is low before using it).  Keep blowing up all the cop cars as they approach and try to avoid being seen by the helicopter.


I've been successful a few times doing it like this.

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ive tried everything...but now i dont dye but run out of time before i can kill or damage enough ppl and cars

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