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ubiquitous - a collection of poetry


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   A collection of poetry by Acehilm. 




For Us, the People.



Why is it that I can connect with a person through a screen,

More than the people I know around me? 

The problem in this dream. 


Was it because of the postnatal my mother suffered?

My eyes glued to the tv, bottle for comfort.

Plenty of hot water, toys - but it becomes redundant,

When the emotional needs of the child were the ones that hungered. 


But do I blame it on my mother and father?

Or do it blame it on their own who didn't offer?

How can I blame an individual for not understanding,

When their inner child still cries,

They didn't understand em'.


Take time, take baths, take walks in the park,

Because the only way out, is through -

And although it is dark,

The only way to transmute is feel the pain from the start,

I want to thank you for this kinship as you feel from the heart,

For us, the people. 





Wisdom in them infinite 

Soul, spirt: return to it 

You are just a fractal of

Overflowing consciousness 

Until my body breaks again

Seal my fate, give hope within

Will is all that we do hold

Beyond, above - ahead to go.






You should look for that inside

Because without will make you envious, jealous full of pride 

See the bigger picture that continues to reside 

Among in each and every one of us, within forever time.


Don't let the picture shrink away, slip away and then repress 

Depression entropy

So let us be with with stillness and with breath 

And through compassion, understanding, empathy and pure love 

This world of ours'

Expanding energy begins to open up.





The dark night of the soul

Entropy in my mind steadily unfolds

Golden pillars holding up the throne

Come down, it's dethroned

The veil pulled back

and the curtains, they part the unknown

Yes they part the unknown.


Feel the clarity now

Feel aliveness and the presence 

And barriers down 

Keep that candle lit

And do come with as we set out

Upon this journey

You are worthy

Be earnestly proud

Be earnestly proud.





You've got a choice to make 

You know just what to do 

Take time to meditate -

Now is the time to move on through.


And through the fire's where it's at 

Upon the cross - yell out to God

Why'd he forsake - a son of His?

The paradox,

I am in charge.






Edited by Acehilm
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