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R* should release GTA 6 on PC in blu ray format for mass adoption


Should R* launch GTA 6 in Bluray format for PC?  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. Should R* launch GTA 6 in Bluray format for PC?

    • Yes
    • NO

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Posted (edited)

PC games are regressing and we are now at the mercy of constant internet connection and not to mention fast net speeds to download and play PC games. Not only that digital games you bought are not yours to own! You rent it!.

Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 gave a big boost to peripheral market.(joysticks etc) and was actually released in 10 DVD boxset!



I humbly implore Rockstar to give a boost to PC gaming market by having GTA 6 launch in bluray.

Pioneer says the "demand for optical discs and optical drives is expected to increase."



This is the best excuse to get a bluray drive for your PC. What MSFT did for the joystick market due to FS2020, rockstar should do the same for optical media renaissance.



Edited by warthog911
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Rockstar should just release the games on floppy discs, especially if it’s a period piece 

  • KEKW 2
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UHD Blu-ray drive costs 150$, good luck trying to convince people to buy that.

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One of (but not the only) reasons that we never saw PC games release on bluray is because no one bought bluray drives for PC. Many (I'd probably say the vast majority now) of gaming PC's don't come with a disk drive at all, as they became increasingly useless and thus modern case designs just threw out the drive bays altogether to improve air flow and cooling. Bit pointless trying to do a PC disc renaissance (which would never happen anyway) when most your customers don't even have drive bays in their cases, let alone a bluray drive lol.


That said for preservation and game collection purposes I wouldn't be against physical releases on PC, but there's no reversing the move to digital distribution. No one game will ever bring about a sort of renaissance of it either... it's simply too far gone. The console market is mostly digital now as well.

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