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Removing off-hand holster trick permanently (leatest patch) (New Method)

Old Man With No Name

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Old Man With No Name
Posted (edited)

This method only works for John.


1 Year ago, i was managed to remove off-hand hoster permanently as john marston. Saving reloading is still makes your off-hand holster reapper but your saved outfits with off-hand holster will stay. I discoreved this by testing old patches that i downloaded from orbispatches with the console. I was did the off hand holster trick in patch 1.05 (off hand holster wasn't patched yet) Even as john, i had no off hand holster but had that hammer thing attatchment. When i updated my game to patch 1.20, my saved outfits without off-hand holster was still there. So i noticed that hammer thing attatchment is savior for outfits with off-hand holster. With that attacthment, dont worry about your saved outfits, they will be stay permanently.


So i was making research about how to do this on leatest patch then i found this:


Guy losing his all outfits without off-hand holster at the end of the video, because he doesn't have that hammer attacthment thing. But i noticed, epilogue 2 intro gives you that hammer attatchmet thing if you have belt without off-hand holster. So i decided to make proper guide to remove off hand holster as john permanently:


(Not tested by myself this new method yet, so i added unneccesary steps just in case)

1-)Make sure dont die, fail or reload your game from chapter 6 ending to epilogue 2 intro

2-)Complete chapter 6 with the police gunbelt that you recieved from "goodbye dear friend" mission 

3-)When you reached The Wheel mission, sell items to fence for making money. Then buy upgraded holster from gunsmith and save your outfit from general store. (Never tried this step myself, just saw in the video. This step is for if you recieve john's cowboy outfit with the off-hand holster) 

4-)During the fatherhood for idiots/jim milton rides again mission, pick a gun from the ground. (i dont remember this step clearly. But i remember we have to pick a gun from the ground in one of these missions)

5-)If you recieved john's cowboy outfit with no off-hand holster but with hammer thing attatchment, just save your outfit. Glitch worked early then i expected. If its not, go to next step.

6-)Get your outfit with no off-hand holster from genera store, play untill epilogue 2 intro. You'll notice you got hammer thing attatchment.

7-)Save your outfit with that attatchment and remove your all custom outfits without off hand holser and without hammer attatchment. 


Save and reload. I am %80 sure,  your saved outfits without off-hand holster with hammer thing attatchment will be permanently there.

Edited by GroveStGTAV
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