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DLC Ideas Wishlist Topic


Recommended Posts


Something for us pilots pls.


New planes and jets.
New air activities like air time trials, stunts etc.

It's never too late to also add RC Baron and RC Raider (I feel that on a map that's more detailed than 3D GTAs these toys will be perfect).

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On 10/5/2022 at 10:45 AM, YusufAmirsBF said:

Something for us pilots pls.


New planes and jets.
New air activities like air time trials, stunts etc.

It's never too late to also add RC Baron and RC Raider (I feel that on a map that's more detailed than 3D GTAs these toys will be perfect).







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Here are draft summaries of a couple of recent and past content ideas of mine, possibly to be amended and or expanded at a later point in time. In a chronological order:


The Securoserv Situation


Inspired by a mention of putting up smoke in a public place, a sporting event is taking place at the University of Los Santos and the supposedly secure network has some involvement in it. First, an available player with some affiliation is contacted so called randomly and more or less everywhere, and has to rush to the sports field outside (or the sports hall). This more or less is the previously existing part of the idea. An addition might be for a certain preparation to be carried out while on the way there. The mission then would revolve around observing or collecting a person, information or an object. It should be obvious but in this game might warrant to be emphasised, perhaps explained as an additional challenge, that there cannot be a reckless busting in or a bursting out while blending into the crowd. Instead of being brought to someone and the mission completed and forgotten about, ideally what was observed or gathered would lead to an additional part of the mission, at a later point in time and possibly requiring a preparation to be completed. A twist to the known formula would be that this would (possibly at a first glance) altogether lead to nothing. If really nothing, the mission would appeal with its atmosphere and the usage of locations in new ways. The word location is in plural because it could rotate the sports field or hall with the two amphitheaters.


The Los Santos Arts Center


Have you ever wondered where the artwork in the artwork section of the casino store, or its vault, may be coming from? Introducing the Los Santos Arts Center, located in a hall underneath the main hall at the Betsy O'Neil Pavilion (for the Performing Arts). Maintained by the Foundation for the Exhibition of the Arts, Culture, History and Natural Sciences. Abbreviated as "FftEotACHaNS" by what may seem to have been penned by a dear teenager, but is pronounced similarly to its founder and director, Hans Ftéotač. Although, thanks to a longstanding partnership with its directress, the mentioned Miss O'Neil, if necessary, the main hall is used as well in between performances respectively during periods when no performances are taking place. It functions as a large gallery with an array of periodic exhibitions (mainly paintings/sculptures/installations, cultural heritage/historic events and skeletons/fossils) in the mentioned fields for players to experience, interact with each other as well as other visitors and staff. Aside from a bistro, it also houses an auction hall, a new feature where players and other characters may participate in auctions and bid on exclusive artwork, which then could be used to decorate certain properties of theirs and which later may even be auctioned there to others. In addition, the director or directors may have some interesting assignments for players. 

As alluded to in a race revolving around the tunnel underneath which I created a few months ago. And what about the sneaking in during the late night part, you ask? The directors both vehemently deny any such notion as defamatory rumours!


Another Cayo Pericoloso


Inspired by the races taking place on the island, this represents an alternative to the now seemingly established heist and its tendency towards a particular approach, which I admit to like to participate in as a member. It focuses on the (to me equally fascinating, atmospherically) portion of the island other than the estate, which is locked and inaccessible in this scenario. And especially on the sheds and storage buildings and what may be lurking there. The existing contents there could be left unchanged or expanded upon. There could be additional content even outside of the sheds such as vehicles to gather and sell illicitly (blame yourself for adhering as much to a commercial market system of tendential exploitation and negative dependency) only in this way. Although this would raise the question of why it could not be done as part of the existing methods.

There could be multiple ways of gaining access, a more basic one would be a new option to travel there in order to attend the party, although this might collide with the existing approach of allowing this only for scoping out. Alongside this, somewhat more elaborate access options could be to apply as a bartender, as a general worker (maintenance, in quotes agriculture) or even as a pilot. It would not be possible to immediately repeat an approach as an employee, mind you. If and how this would work as part of a group is an open question.


About the Bar Resupplies


I happen to like resupplying the bars of the motorcycle clubhouses of some of my characters. Not for the alcohol but as this activity is kind of stimulating to perform in sessions with other players due to its relative discretion. And aside from the question of whether the developer still works with the voice actress of Sindy, to me there seems to be an intriguing element to how the characters programmed to attack the player character approach them respectively you. Namely without appearing on the map or at least not appearing there before attacking you. As it should be implemented throughout the game.


Lemeur and Marnie (or Marnie and Lemeur... Marmeur! Mmh, cake!?)


A spontaneous idea, but a relationship evolves between these two, a sincere one which moves both, regardless of how this may sound nowadays, with Marnie somehow also introducing some humbleness to the tendential grandeur and Lemeur somehow also contributing to a desire within Marnie to think more for herself. And in addition to how she treats or used to be treating herself and others intimately, this could lead her to reflect upon certain spiritual respectively political or in other words, perhaps, philosophical aspects of the supposed community which she is part of, which likely would be attempted to be countered.

Edited by xaml
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Why not GTA Online protagongist, buy:


Los Santos' PANIC Basketball Team. 


Like in GTA IV with Ray Bulgarin, who wanted to buy Liberty City Rampage





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Online dlc "law abiding citizens"


X amount of players pretend to be npc's against x amount of players hunting them down. 


The npc's have tasks to do and the hunters get a txt message once an NPC has completed a task.

Edited by 1whitebuddah
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I just think running your own AI gang is long overdue. I want to feel like a kingpin instead of a errand boy.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The Contract II coming in early February... with an updated contract main mission and pre-missions, as well as a vehicle warehouse/theft/Simeon update and a business at the Casino to turn passive. Make the new car work an option to choose either stealing and selling parts actively or pulling parts from cars in the warehouse that are hard to find to put in the Car Shop and kax tf out of the value. Just some ideas...

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Hey rockstar can we have more slots for custom outfits? Maybe on E&E pc version  or a next big update?pls?

Edited by 44Orca
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I'd like a new career path to be added to the Career Builder called Pilot Smuggler, which would involve running an Air Freight Cargo business from hangars.

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Holidays in Ludendorff


It may be common knowledge now, but before cheap flights or bus travels for the price of a handful or two of local public transit tickets taking up fourths or thirds of your holiday, those who were privileged enough or those who had to decide to enter financial misadventures in order to vacation abroad or overseas, with funds then lacking elsewhere, many of them know that when you get there, sometimes you just want to stay!

(And continue to spend time with, or stare at, this member of another family, other guest or employee which you have fallen in love with.)

And now you can. For the very first time in this instalment (well, other than some who could be regarded as permanent residents of certain southern islands), permanent residence is the sweet placed on your pillow before your arrival. At the resort that you will be staying at, whether only at first or permanently. The Ludendorff Inn. Introducing the meticulously enhanced and in faithful boldness expanded original expansion which was there all along.

Now with much more North Yankton!


After indulging yourself in the steamy thermal water pool outside (champagne, anyone?) or resting after an extensive tour of ski, snowboard or snowsled, have a walk through the main village and its shops. And if there is that feeling of excitement in you as well, consider the available apartments and or garages. I already look forward to contemplating on which tone of green, dark red, silver, brown or dark blue to paint that classic Range Rover or Land Rover Discovery adaptation in. Although, what about a plain black? And then there are the snowchains... but the baked treats at the local bakery, which is looking for a delivery and logistics/transportation (trucks, the train, the newly introduced smaller airfield) expert, oh the baked treats! Having been restructured following a bloody raid on a financial institution years ago, the local sheriff's office could do with some support in regards to a number of recent topics, including human trafficking. In case that the local ranger's office is not occupied, put those puffy winter gloves back on and head out and you may encounter them in the woods, providing you with the possibility to apply to assist them such as in the wellbeing of and research about plants and wildlife as well as avalanches and frozen lakes awareness.


Naval Adversaries


A new adversary mode far into the ocean, pitching teams of submarines and other naval warcraft to working it out peacefully... and you thought that a light rain was a terrible forecast?!

A variation would be to have to take over an aircraft carrier. The fighterjets are lacking explosive rounds but could be used nevertheless. A relatively lengthy procedure is necessary to activate the carrier's functionalities, however. A seemingly obvious choice would be to interact with its computer interface in both of the tower offices.

Another variation or twist to this mode would be that the sonar system of the "Kosatkas" is not working (or was disabled by the or an other team) and so the submarine team depends on support from the aerial team and the observations and surveillance which they provide in vehicles such as an "Annihilator Stealth", "Alkonost", "Avenger", "Bombushka" or "Volatol".

Edited by xaml
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GTA Hurricane

I know this is a niche QOL request, but I wish we could have the option to end the signal jammers setup mission that's part of the Bank Contract (Auto Shop) early. You really only need to plant 2 jammers, because in the finale you're not going to be able to rob more than 2 Fleecas within the 2 minute window the signals are jammed before police start responding. But it still makes you continue with the signal jammers setup until you plant all 6 signal jammers or you run out of time, and I'd rather end the setup mission at 2 signal jammers so that I can start the finale ASAP.

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Better sounds for existing cars, some need a revamp a few have when the new console versions came out for example the infernus has a completely different sound on the PS3/x360 versus ps4/x1/pc. A few examples I feel need a tune or even a swap, is the kanjo sj, not fartcan or loud enough imo, the jester sport, the sultan, Blista, and especially the coquette d10 which sounds like a typical Ferrari v8, which I feel should go in the carbinozzare. 

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GTA Hurricane

I know others have suggested this before, but I really wish we could call Lupe to get her and the other warehouse assistants to source crates for us. Or add a button to the SecuroServ network page on CEO office computer/Arcade MCT/Terrorbyte to have them source crates. Having to visit every warehouse is annoying.

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I apologize in advance if this isn't the right place to post this, but Rockstar should definitely add these existing Benny's vehicles to the Tuner class (making them eligible for use in Auto Shop Contracts):


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7 hours ago, Mutsor Tima said:

I apologize in advance if this isn't the right place to post this, but Rockstar should definitely add these existing Benny's vehicles to the Tuner class (making them eligible for use in Auto Shop Contracts):



Yes please!


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On 8/28/2022 at 8:09 PM, éX-Driver said:

Colours update


Throws out all colours and redoes them from scratch. Adds the ability to put pearlescent on matte paint. Adds a custom RGB colour generator for gloss and metallic paints. Makes all standard colours and metals available on wheels. (I’m including hexes for easy identification)



Brushed aluminium

Brushed steel

Brushed black steel

Brushed copper

Brushed gold

Polished copper

Polished gold


Black chrome

Candy Apple Red chrome

Cyan chrome

Lavender Pink chrome

Lime Green chrome

Sunrise Orange chrome





Dark Grey #363738

Primer Grey #6D6C6B

Light Grey #92989F


Dark Red

Bright Red

Dark Blue

Baby Blue


Bright Green

Dark Purple

Bright Purple


Earth Brown #76543C

Foliage Green #45433D

Olive Drab #544F3D

Desert Sand #AB9381



Ochre #CC7722

Gold #D4AF37

Construction Yellow #F7B500

Lemon Yellow #FFFF00

Benefactor Butter #FDFD96




Vermillion #C63927

Burnt Orange #BF5700

Caution Orange #FF2300

Tangerine #DB6A5

Progen Orange #F09200



Oxblood #402225

Ruby Red #8D1D2C

Race Red #D40000

Flame Red #AB2524

Coral #FF7F50

Bravado Magenta #FD6C9E

Rose #C08081

Princess Pink #FFC0CB



Midnight Purple #301934

Wine #691639

Bright Purple #992572

Neon Purple #DF00FF

Pegassi Violet #86608E

Lavender #B57EDC

Mauve #E0B0FF



Midnight Blue #1D1F2A

Navy Blue #000080

Steel Blue #232C3F

Marine Blue #0B4151

Teal #008080

Racing Blue #318CE7

Sky Blue #72A0C1

Electric Blue #7DF9FF



Bottle Green #151C14

Racing Green #004225

Olive #6D712E

Forest Green #0F4336

Pfister Green #008754

Emerald Green #50C878

Avocado Green #B2C248

Lime Green #32CD32

Fluorescent Green #00F700

Turquoise #40E0D0

Mint Green #98FB98



Black #000000

Raven Black #170120

Gunmetal Grey #2A3439

Battleship Grey #848482

Fog Grey #9090C0

Puce #CC8899

Concrete Grey #928E85

Silver #C0C0C0

Platinum #D3D3D3

Off White #FFFFF0

Pure White #FFFFFF



Coffee Bean #281C11

Chocolate #7B3F00

Burnt Umber #8A3324

Taupe #483C32

Sienna Brown #A0522D

Bronze #CD7F32

Wenge #645452

Sandy Brown #CD853F

Beige #D0B084


•window tints

25% black

50% black

75% black






No. You'll have to claw the worn colors from my cold dead hands. 

More Benny's. New vehicles along with some existing ones like the Emperor, Surfer, Regina, etc. 

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Was just talking to the crew, and we all miss the Maude bounty hunter missions; we need those back with possible extra variations ASAP! 👍💯💯

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I wish for an illegal armory in a shack on the woods of Paleto, where we can reskin our weapons into Bubba Guns. 

Ideal for the post-apocalyptic /prepper /redneck cosplayers. 



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Mmm perhaps a third character slot? And why not bring back romances since they are present in SA and IV.

Also would be cool to have different body types (fat, muscle...) like SA.

Edited by DeathNyx
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We need to have a dlc that massively upgrades/updates the player characters to 2022 standards. So that i might actually have a legitimate reason to spend the money on a Series X. The polygon count needs to be doubled or tripled. The face needs to be almost photo real. Specially the eyes, nose and mouth. The nostrils need to be much deeper. The teeth shouldn't appear to float in a separate inner jaw. The skin should appear smooth and flawless. Unless we want the flaws. The body needs fixing and improvement. Repair and remove the seams in the joints. Specially the shoulders, hips and feet. Again the skin needs upgrading. Muscles and tendons along with ligaments should move, tense and flex realistically. The character should breathe. Add breast and butt physics. All should move properly and should be customizable. Breasts should change shape depending on the clothing worn. With and without a bra. The body should react when wet or cold. Please fix the neck. Sometimes it looks like the head is going to break off.

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I can’t be the only one who thinks this. We need another large capacity property for our cars. Like another 60 slot ceo. I doubt we get anything that big again but I can dream.

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I was thinking about which existing buildings would work for a heist, what would you think about a Race track or Maze Bank arena heist?

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For the next update and/or DLC, I would definitely like the inclusion of a Master Control Terminal version 2.0 (or MK2). One where I can do ALL of my businesses, heists and other missions from (Agency, Kosatka, Terrorbyte, MOC, Avenger).

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Ability to:


- Have finger gloves with electricity.


- Shot with a minigun from the car.


- Use two knifes in two hands.


- Lay down on the ground and pretend that you dead and there would be a icon that player is dead (GTA Online).


- bombs with laser lights that you can throw like a net.


- new badass metallic, technological parachute that you can open up and close all you want


- body armor, that when you are shot, cause a technological noise and you can tell by it, how much armor you have


- have a boots that will give the ability to run on the walls and jump very high.


These boots will need a new animation, like stepping on the wall and running on the wall.


If you want to run on the wall, you will need to tap "run" button.


When you step on the wall or car you will need to press the "jump" button, to jump pretty high.


There would be some technological lighting, on the base of the boots.


You will have a choice of the direction by pointing the "Left stick" and then tap "run" button or "jump" button.


Animation would be very realistic and at the same time would look badass. 



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I wish we could get more balances to buisness and selling.. and supplies...


Especially for stuff like biker buiseness, i find the resuply missions fun, but they are terrible when you need to do like 5 per 1 business. I think it would be better if entire bar could be filler with 1 resupply mission each, would make it even more fun to have businesses in non optimal locations... same rebalacing would help a lot with the crates business too.


Also we got cool V neck sweaters.. wish we could  get versions where you can use business shirt under it though

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On 12/3/2022 at 2:21 PM, Erased said:

I can’t be the only one who thinks this. We need another large capacity property for our cars. Like another 60 slot ceo. I doubt we get anything that big again but I can dream.



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