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Any update on the broken dialogue?


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So we are all aware of the broken "Greet" dialogue that has plagued this game for years, once you have an Epilogue save then any future playthroughs you do the unique "Greet" dialogue no longer plays. I am very well aware Rockstar never bothered to fix this so I am not asking for that but I am asking if any of you managed to come up with a new reasonable

 way to fix this issue. The two workarounds that I currently am aware of are...


1. Delete Your Saved Data: I am not doing this since I have a true 100% save file

2. Make a new account on your Xbox or PS and you're good.


I am looking to know if anyone managed to find a new way to keep your Epilogue saves and get your dialogue back without making a new account?

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Unfortunately I haven't found a "non-destructive" way of fixing this bug anywhere. I also had a 100% save when i deleted my saved data and, honestly, I was relieved once it fixed the bug. I thought it was a reasonable price to pay (considering rockstar will probably never fix this). 


I think the second solution is worth trying, however, i don't know if you'd have to a new one each time this bug happens, since I suspect the game saved data will be saved together with your other account files (could be totally wrong here).


I think this bug happens cause the game "remembers" which dialogue you had, in order to not play them again. The problem is - somehow the game still remembers you had those dialogues in subsequent playthroughs, which leads to them not playing. I did some testing with this and it seems to be the case. In chapter 1, after rescuing John, there's 2 ( 1 or 3 for some) lines of extra (non-generic) dialogue. I intentionally only played one of them and, after finishing the game, i started a new game and, like i expected, it skips that first dialogue and plays the second one instead.


The sad part is that this is probably something only rockstar can fix. I think most people are not even aware of this issue, which makes it even harder for rockstar to do something about it. I contacted their support twice about this and they had absolutely no idea of what I was talking about 😂.


Sorry that I can't be of more help. I really hope someone manages to find a fix for this in the future, since waiting for rockstar won't work.

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