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Red Dead Redemption II Expanded Soundtrack


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I finished a complete collection of the story music (well almost complete barring a few short cues). Here's a link.



They're stems ripped from the game files, mixed and edited into individual songs for easier listening. All FLAC files. 399 songs. About 13 gigs total. Alternate versions of some songs included. All files are organized with track numbers. Custom artwork by me. If the link croaks let me know and I'll fix it. Hope you guys enjoy. Took me a year to make.


I plan on completing the ambient music as well sometime in the future. I've got a majority mixed and edited but need to go over them for quality's sake.

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I'm currently downloading this bit by bit due to bandwith limitation, but from what I've heard so far, I can already thell that the level of quality exceeds the level of quantity by far! You've done a remarkable job here. I know from experience what it means to work on a gigantic project like that for such a long time. I've made hundreds of cover artworks for Ron's optical recordings back in 2019 and, although it was a wonderful collaboration I wouldn't want to miss, it also was a ton of work. Yet beside that I even made a sh*tload more of RDR2 soundtrack covers, because the game just means so damn much to me and I just couldn't stop working on it.


Go check it out here in case you haven't seen them already: https://hqcovers.net/2019/11/05/red-dead-redemption-2-by-woody-jackson-various-artists/


I really can't wait to dive into your soundtrack release, it's almost like a pre-christmas gift to me! The game really means to world to me and the soundtrack as well (even been in contact with Woody Jackson for a while on Instagram when he shared my soundtrack covers).


It's sad to see that there are no replies on this thread, but I guess RDR2 has lost quite a bit of its steam over the last years. Especially when Rockstar decided to abandon RDO entirely. But I'm sure  nontheless that you've made lots of people very, very happy with your expanded soundtrack.


I'll come back when I gave this an in depth comparison to Ron's equally incredible optical recording.



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