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SAMP Objects for DYOM [DYOM Addon]


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SAMP objects for DYOM



Authors: Kumamon (Mod), Kalcor (SAMP), ThirteenAG (Limit Adjuster), Leon_Crain (Idea)







Added a total of about 1500 objects and effects from SAMP.img
- Objects have customized collision and light
- Objects have animation, which is also available in SAMP (for example, flashing lights)
- Effects from SAMP can be rotated in XYZ as you like (effects from DYOM cannot be)

Objects and effects can be taken from this site: https://dev.prineside.com/en/gtasa_samp_model_id/tag/2-sa-mp/

Usage: With DYOM# (when selecting an object, press TAB, enter the object ID from the site and press N)

Installation: Requires installed mod DYOM#. Move content to game folder. (Do not rename or drop into other folders inside the modloader, everything must be located exactly as in the archive)

P.S. It may conflict with other modifications on the theme of new maps, objects, etc., it is not recommended to install with them. Works on any version of DYOM. There is no conflict with the "Limit Adjuster" from fastman92, you can put them together. Installing Limit Adjuster from the archive is required for the modification to work.









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