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Script/Addon suggestion


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Hello everyone,


So I was reading the DYOM IX thread and I have saw this post:

It's something I've thinking of while making my entry for DYOM Contest 10, and much probably I also had similar thoughts making other missions since this feature @stepanko101 suggested is extremely useful for most designing choices you'll make in your missions.


It's useful for sound design because then you'll know the right timing to put a sound effect or make cuts on the music of the scene.


It's useful for cutscene dialogues since many of these cutscenes are different dialogue lines but placed in the exact same place, so selecting them is a bit of a pain.


Also, very useful to have an overview of your mission.


But since it's impossible to navigate through the source code of DYOM, and I think asking @Halter to make a decompiler code for the DYOM.dats is too much (probably impossible), maybe we can think in an workaround for this problem. I have thought two possible solutions. The first one is more adequated to be an DYOM# update, I don't know if it's possible for a Cleo script to do this kind of thing, maybe @SIZZZ could answer us. The second solution is more manual, and @SKIC probably will like this.


First solution:


This cleo script recognizes the objective that is being created ingame and writes a .txt output that contains all the information we need (objective type, properties and ID). So in the end we'll have and "dyomx.txt" file (where x is the number of the mission) that contains a list that is something like this:


------------ DYOM1.txt --------------

#1 - CUTSCENE - STATIC - 04:00 - This is the cutscene text!

#2 - CHECKPOINT - INVISIBLE - Go to the ~y~location.

#3 - ACTOR - 127 - 0 - 99999 - 0 - 250 - ...

... and so on.





Second solution:


We can use ImGUI to make a input list.


It would need the user to insert the text he wants manually, and then click in the button [ save ]. Like the first solution, it will save into the dyomx.txt file, adding a new line every new list item.


Downside is, people don't like to do things manually. But well, it's better than alt-tabbing and writing it into the notepad everytime you add a new objective.


Differently to the 1st option, the user would have the freedom to format the input the way he wants, so he can do "objective 1 - cutscene - etc" or "#1: cutscene, etc", it seems a more simple approach.


What are you opinion on this?

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Horus Publishing
Posted (edited)

Nice ideas. Could be possible to do many other things without implementing anything to DYOM IX by Halter (ex.: change Health bar text, etc) and really talented scripters would be able to do soooo much :)


Would love the idea to actually implement special characters from our own language (ex: ¡ from Spanish, letters from Poland or Russia в, П, и). Also, would love an idea to somehow export DYOM menu text, so we can translate it to our own language - that would be nuts. These are wet dreams probably :D 

Edited by Horus Publishing
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Horus Publishing
6 hours ago, Toriality said:

It would need the user to insert the text he wants manually, and then click in the button [ save ]. Like the first solution, it will save into the dyomx.txt file, adding a new line every new list item.


Would be also great if it would inform the player that "he surpassed the limit of the text, mission will have corrupted dialogs" - we never know exporting dyomtemp file if we surpass the limit of characters in dialogs, or not. This can be very helpful.

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