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So, the idea behind this sketch was essentially "What if I took the basis of the Perennial from GTA 3, and combined the proportions of that with the features of the GTA 3 Perennial?" which resulted in the sketch you can see below.



As you've probably noticed, I've also added the "Declasse" manufacturer name to this as the basis of this is the 1966 Chevrolet Chevy II/Nova station wagon. This just helps flesh things out a little bit, and isn't meant to be a serious "HD-era" style name for it. If I was to give a “proper” HD-era name for it though, it’d likely be a variant of the Declasse Vamos, seeing as how they’re both based off two generations of the same car.
Maybe the Vamos 800? I’m not too sure.


I plan on doing the same with other 3D-era vehicles in the future. The next one is the Barracks OL and that'll be posted as soon as I've finished sketching it.

I also thought I should add that this was inspired by @SilentSoul21’s work, so please check his work out if you haven’t already!


Thanks for viewing!

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