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I Think I've Lost My Way...

Kudzu Kid

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Howdy Pardner,


My first post here, please go easy on me!   Skip to TL;DR if you don't care about system or background notes. 

Background:  Not a gamer!  Just retired in November.  Never had burning interest or time.  Now, after seeing some video clips and having the time, I figured it might be fun. 
So I'm VERY new to RDR2 PC.  The interface strikes me as a bit odd.  The game was showing me things like "LB" - that I had NO WAY of knowing what that meant.  My son, a much more savvy gamer than I, suggested I get a USB X Box controller.  A quick visit to Walmart fixed that. So now, I use the USB controller, a wireless Kensington Trackball as well as a wireless Kensington Keyboard. (Yikes! I think that's enough IO devices for 1 game).  So I've got maybe 5 hours in to the game. 


TL;DR : I had a very short stay in Valentine.  As I recall, I might've killed a couple guys, robbed a few saddle bags, etc. But had to leave in haste because The Law was after me. 
I now find myself right outside "Heartland Oil Fields".
I have an $85 bounty on my head. I presume I can pay that off at the Valentine train depot - Once I have the $$ (Which I don't at the moment). 
I see Javier over in Valentine.
I see Reverend in Flatrock.
Uncle is at Horseshoe Overlook. 

It seems every time I approach the Oil Field stuff I'm gunned down in a blaze of glory with the guards.

Where do I "want" to go?  What do I want to do next? Quickest way to get enough $ to pay off bounty?


Happy Trails!

Edited by Kudzu Kid
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This is by far the most fitting dad gamer stereotype thread... ever.


The oil fields are a "guard zone", meaning most anyone there will be hostile towards you regardless if you draw first or provoke them. There are other guard zones, but I won't spoil them since you're new to the game and all.


Quickest way to pay off a measly $85 bounty? Could sell cougar and panther carcasses/pelts, but those are hard to come by even if you know where to look. Primarily up in northeastern New Hanover, from Deer Cottage up Willard's Rest and as far east as Manito Glade.


Other things to do for quick cash are looting high value items. Gold bars, jewelry bags, etc. Those can be found in select lockboxes throughout the world. Items in lockboxes and chests respawn every in-game week. Some items of lesser value, like canned goods, respawn as early as three days in-game.


You have a slight chance to loot a gold nugget from every horse saddle bag, but that's quite a chance especially if you get spotted and can't escape.


Also, robbing trains is very much bullsh*t in RDR2. It's lucrative, sure. Jewelry and money from most everyone on board. But, even if you kill the guard(s) before starting the robbery, you'll still get wanted shortly after starting the robbery.


I have my own notes on GitHub. Some spoilers here and there. Nothing major story-wise, but read at your own spoilage risk. Images included in the releases are maps where I've verified certain animals to be. There's a cougar map in there as well.



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