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RDR2 Bad Lagging During Story Mode


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Really need some help with RDR2. Game was working fine for about a week, then last night started severe lagging in Story mode. So far I've done the below:

  • Update Graphics Card Driver (NVIDIA)

  • make sure game is highest priority in task manager

  • change to full-screen mode

  • turned Sync off in settings

  • verified game integrity on Steam

  • Checked Window's Updates

  • Uninstalled and Re-installed Game

  • Turned off Firewall 

Nothing seems to work. Other Games including GTA V working fine.

PC I'm using is brand new Alienware R13, not even two months old running Windows 12.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

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Windows 12, am i missing something from Microsoft!? Uninstall video drivers with ddu and try.


  • KEKW 2
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Game doesn't run well on Windows 12, upgrade to Windows 13


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Damn, y'all still using Windows 12? I updated to Windows 37 over two months ago.


You might have to delete your settings folder. That's "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Settings". Delete everything in that folder except for "system.xml" and see how it runs then.

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