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DYOM IX (Modification for DYOM)


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i really love your DYOM IX

could u please do new funtion to DYOM IX please


because i use many supercars mod ( not replace but Add on car)i want to use these AddOn mod car in my  mission. As u know DYOM only allows Add Car which limited in range of 611 numbers. With that reason i cant add  my AddOn car in DYOM Mission


Please make new version for DYOM IX which can Add Car from AddOn Car.


If you made this new funtion, your DYOM would be greatest version , which more perfect than other. Because i knew many people want it.

Thanks so much 

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i want to change number of Add cars in Mission from 50 to more than 99

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On 5/21/2022 at 9:23 AM, Toriality said:

DYOM IX use Fastman Limit Adjuster.


GTA Mixed use Open Limit Adjuster.


They are not compatible unfortunately.

im looking for which dyom mod to use and i have gta mixed and im using fastman limit adjuster and i had open limit adjuster in and it was crashing and only worked when i took it out.

so this one uses fastman? im gonna see if this mod will work then on mine.

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If I make a mission in Dyom IX , can someone play it if they download from the DYOM website?

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