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One of Wisemen

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One of Wisemen

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They are the three trophies everyone seeks here. But this is no longer about winning them, this is all about weaponizing them as a means of winning.


Catch Me If You CanHustleLeverage, and Hollywood flicks with classy aesthetics are the most visible inspirations. LIGHT & SHADOW offers a stylish, caper-themed story parodying the modern-day's world where the differing border between truth and lie blurs. Your adventure plays out in an alternative rendition of Vice City, different from the base Grand Theft Auto VI, which also includes the surrounding locations of Evergreen, Keys, and the Bahamas.


Unique to Light & Shadow is the primary focus on confidence tricks, where words are mightier than bullets. An idea previously appeared in many Rockstar's video games, most notably in Red Dead Redemption II. It is now reintroduced as the third fundamental gameplay element next to driving and shooting.


You follow three manipulative protagonists. Each represents one of the above rewards and a different art of psychological manipulation: A deceitful hustler, a distracting assassin, and a dirty ex-lawman. They start up as another impossible trinity, before eventually forming a talented, but unstable team of grifters. Story moves from one con to another con, and the open world offers optional vulnerable marks as well. Every con is constructed by branching pathways, how quick you complete or screw it up depends on your choice.



Make yourself comfortable. Be sure to tune in the soundtrack first.

  1. Introduction All you need to know
  2. The Negotiator Making the world go around
  3. The Seductress Practicing the oldest trick in the book
  4. The Intimidator Becoming the big bad wolf
  5. Confidence Tricks The core
  6. Soundtrack Original score and radio stations
  7. The Playground More than just one Vice City
  8. The Players An underworld that really runs the show
  9. Gameplay The mechanics
  10. Vehicles & Weapons It's Grand Theft Auto after all
  11. Story & Missions Three chapters of many con games
  12. History & Timeline In-game lore and related discussions







When it comes to everyday scam, dollar is arguably the easiest, most popular lure ever used.


He’s gifted with a libertarian economic degree and a short entrepreneurial career. He dresses like a legitimate American industrialist from self-help book covers: handsome suit, clean face, and ringing smartphone. Thomas Kingston knows how to profit himself from exploiting seemingly-bright, visionary problem solving or money-making opportunities.


He’s been one sly grifter since in Phyllis, Shawnee. Unlike most people living in this city with a high crime rate, Thomas avoided violent confrontation and embraced creativity. He started by selling cheap watches, then he used a complicated pickpocketing style, then he experimented with rigged backdoor card games. He was arrested, investigated repeatedly for low-level frauds. But he got away clean after disposing or misdirecting his evidence. He crossed paths with a fellow conman named Cyrus Forsell in 2011 during his first attempt at a long game of stealing money from Nassau hotel’s bank account. It was a bust for both, but he found a better friend and teacher. 


The two specialized themselves in more daring cons. But their different ideals catch up. To this day, Thomas is brilliant and calm, but egotistical, ignorant towards friends without benefits, and counting too much on spontaneous decisions. Cyrus never let him shine because of those mental weaknesses. “It could drag them into trouble,” he thought.


Eight months ago, another botched game enraged the Phyllis Mob. Thomas fled and embarked through different metropolises of the East Coast. From posing as a stock broker in Liberty City’s stock exchange to a government insider in Smithsonia DC. Nine of ten times were humiliations. He lost his luck and motivation. Vice City might’ve been another failure so far, but he might’ve been blessed with a second chance in disguise.



∎ Cyrus Forsell

A fellow conman, Thomas' mentor in Nassau. Ego made him overlooked the genius mind in Thomas. Perfectionist, planning his move before execution first in contrast to Thomas' impulse-reliant show. After surviving the incident, Cyrus isn't the same man that Thomas last knows. Losing the touch of con, Cyrus becomes a nomadic mercenary in rage; brain only thinks that his protege has betrayed. Now on the way to track down Thomas’ footprints to Vice City.


∎ Leandro Gomez 

Small-time drug dealer, a cautious genius who’s limited by uncontrollable addiction to own products. Free from the Mexican prison, three travel buddies persuaded Leandro to go there before stabbing him in the back. Now a solo, he gets a few lucks, even more lucks with Thomas who fails to scam him. Wasting this con artist’s talent can be more regretful, so Leandro spares Thomas life, only if he spells magic against the three treacherous inmate friends, and makes the ‘Leandro Gomez’ trademark big.


∎ Laura Mortes INTEL

Who is this bartender from a random bar in Encantador? Unless you’re Mexicans like Leandro, you won’t know that Laura is the sole daughter of a high-ranked honcho of Ocean Cartel. She disdains all the crime lifestyle she’s born within, so she sets a distance by living far away from the Mortes’ estate. She expects peace, but Vice City is not a clever idea: many players, from DOA to El Rubio syndicate, target her for intelligence to combat her father’s cartel.


∎ Jan Daniels PARTNER / INTEL

Typical tourist scammer who knows how the city breathes. From a small office in ViMo District, he owns Sparrow, a private tourist agency that helps the city’s independent players to smuggle illegals. His staff: pickpockets and watch stealers. Mr. Daniels specifically targets wealthy tourists and claims his actions are justified, saying "All they do is partying and wasting productivity, what I do here is making natural selection". ViMo District is attractive, but not as tourist-infested as the Versace Boulevard, the one street he always dreams of at night.


∎ Neil Shackley PARTNER

A week ago he’s still studying in Tequesta College, until he promoted gambling to lecturers. That’s who this kid is: gambling habitue. Now dropped out, unemployed, hated by own parents, Neil stays delightful as he can do whatever the f*ck he wants. From joining the Vice Beach Boys surfer gang raid parties to overspend money on Seminole Park’s horse betting and poker table. Jan sees potential and hires him. A student needs a mentor, and Thomas will be that mentor.


∎ Gloria Delaney

Losing funds from unpopularity, Gloria, the art director of a gallery in Avant-Garde walks into the dark pathway. Anything to satisfy her classist lifestyle of jumping between five-stars hotels and restaurants. After meeting the positively-talkative financier from a German aristocratic family named Marius Fritz, Gloria rips off struggling artists, discredits their works, then brags how the paintings are priceless treasures, not worthless trash. In one of the biggest art frauds in American history, one and two buyers slowly doubt, including Rafal the Jewish Connection mobster. Instead of being honest, she doubles down the lies.


∎ Gunawan FIXER

Gunawan’s journey goes like this: small dinners in Bali, auction in a cruise ship, and a private cellar in North Vice. Wines are served to the finest high society in Vice City, hence why Gunawan, the Indonesian-Malaysian so-called “beverage king” comes here. He reaches out to reputable connoisseurs, showing bottles that they’d been searching for years and selling them for millions. Sample tasting would say it’s off, maybe because of poor storing condition? or maybe because Gunawan just slaps fake labels into those bottles? Whatever the answer is, the GD Treasure Fleet knows and agrees to protect his life if the wines get sour.


∎ Rafal Grossman

Rafal is a soldier and “merchant” of the Jewish Connection. His Israeli ancestry has allowed him to abandon the shopkeeper job in Downtown’s Bejeweled Quarter. Under Levy’s family banner, Rafal is the middleman in million-dollars worth gold deals between illegal Peruvian mine owners and the city’s cartels: Céntricio, Ocean, and Vasquez-Gallardo. Secretly a greedy bastard, Rafal seeks more from the gold trades, so he conspires against his bosses. How? The FIB has offered him a “Get Out of Jail Free” card if he assists the bureau’s sting operations against the Connection. He sees it as a perfect getaway.


∎ Diego Pascoal PARTNER

Recruited by the Da Silva Enterprises from the tough favela-neighborhood in Brazil, Diego is the company’s security and bodyguard. With the company’s direction shifts to a more illegal direction, he is assigned to carry out plenty of dirty work: retrieving and delivering illegal merchandise with fast cars, and becoming the enterprises’ spokesperson for VC’s underworld players. Self-described expert of firearms, capoeira, and soon enough the art of lying.


∎ Francis & Felipe Da Silva

Like father, like son. Francis is the owner of the Da Silva Enterprises, infatuated with appreciation from fellow Brazilians. His son, Felipe, is a pure socialite, decorating the city’s glamor scenes even though pretty much everyone dislikes him. The two expend too much of the freight company’s profits into self-branding that they fall into deep debts for another notorious Brazilian named Bernando Ferreira. To pay them, the Enterprises begin to transport illegal valuables for illegal clients under Francis’ management. Meanwhile, Felipe lacks business knowledge, but he insists on taking part, causing him to make risky decisions without his father's consent.


∎ 'Wildcard' Zheng

General manager of the GD Treasure Fleet branch in Viceport. He doesn’t welcome an extra competitor for the Macau shady freighter company, provoking the tension with the Da Silva Enterprises. Coming from the Asian capital of gambling, Mr. Zheng gets his moniker from a love in mahjong games. It’s a disaster that neither Seminole Park nor the Atlantic Racino offer a space for the specific Chinese board game; and he is determined to get it by investing in the casino by force.


∎ Quincy 'Lilo' Young INTEL

Born in Broadway, Lilo has experienced all the sh*ts in the ghetto: drive-by shooting in bus stops and police falsely profiling him as a coke dealer. Like many young black kids, his hope is to leave Broadway Juniors clique for better living through the hip-hop game; he’s got the freestyling skill as provision. Uncle Deshea urges him to bury that burning passion, however, especially after the 6th Millions label suddenly wants his signature.


 Deshea 'Dipso' Marshall

Ambitious founder of the Broadway Mob, commonly seen playing pool with corrupt street patroller Harold Moore. The near catastrophe of almost losing his historic apartment to decorated broker Hernán Ruiz inspires him to look after the high-stake property business-one shortcut of attracting power in Vice City-starting by forming a group of violent volunteers to serve the city’s property magnates. Lilo says he has just returned from a booze rehab in Bowers Hospital, but Thomas still sees him drowning in the alcoholic temptation.


∎ Ruben Kocharyan

Armenian real-estate mogul who heads the Byzantium construction company. Many reasons why he’s here: to evade Russian taxes, to construct Nikolai’s requested asset buildings; to please his energetic lawyer and trophy wife Irina Alyenova; and to add more antique cars into private collection. Ruben is one of the first to invest in the Bratva’s extensive developments of Riviera, even residing in a six-hundred square meter apartment space in the Cleethorpes Suite with dear Irina and his dubious-looking staff and bodyguards from Yerevan.


∎ Yusuf Amir

Yusuf is an epitome of middle eastern excessiveness. Born wealthy in Dubai, he's been obsessed with the color gold since his childhood. He dreams of appeasing his father through the Amir renowned real-estate developments, but all his achievements were stained by childish antics: toys, drugs, guns, hookers, and no pants. Nine years have passed since a short trip of consecutively renting Viktor’s girls for two weeks. He returns to oversee a new, near finished project: Mistara of Paramount. While Yusuf is still a fun friend in spare time, Yusuf is no longer the same crazy individual. He’s more sharp, more mature, inheriting his father’s conservative legacy. Has a younger cousin named Jamal who’s into automotive parts.


∎ Irving Easton Belfort

Money monster who knows money controls all human beings. Mr. Belfort is a bona fide stock predator. With disposable crooks and equally gullible brokers, he runs The New Wizards. It’s an exchange syndicate where he optimizes stratagems to hit maximum sell value, such as promising a 500% profit conversion rate from investment in encrypted emails and projecting suggestive light show to company towers. He curses intellectual inferiority. “It’s not one else’s fault that you are financially ruined,” is what he would like to write in autobiography, a book he’s working on amateurly. By 2017, his deposits are closing in on $1.5 billion.




Even the government knows the power of seduction in manipulation. How likable personalities and sex appeals weaken you in love and lust.


She elegantly struts towards you; you’re awestruck at the sight: a blue-eyed blonde, an almost supermodel-esque figure, and that warm smile or mysterious smirk painted on her face. You suddenly want to know everything about her, to be close with whoever this young lady is. You regret.


That’s what you can expect from Maria Ilyinichna Vinogradova, a naturally alluring hitwoman hailing from Rostov. Had a dysfunctional family that she lost contact with later. Post-secondary school legal tavern and dinner jobs did not last long. She knew how shaky her survival was, so she took a common, but unethical life-changing choice like many hopeless young city girls. She was an independent call-girl at first, until new prostitution management exploited her: snatching three-per-four of her cut from servicing the elite class. She lost her liberty.


A client bought Maria to distract an assassination target. It was inspiring, she had sold her looks, why not weaponize it? From attending erotic stervologiya classes to volunteering herself to spy for clients, she leveled her professionality as a manipulatrix, a honeytrap agent. Added with firearms training from local mafiya, she became an assassin for hire, offering a two-in-one package. She thought such a role, which was dominated by male species, would award her liberty back, but she only became pawns of many unpleasant individuals within the upper-echelon underworld politics.


Maria’s ears always desperately listened to less-tightening opportunities. Only one offer promised a full-time work abroad and she quickly accepts: an oligarch named Artemiy Yelagin who needs infiltration operative in Vice City. Exactly what she’s built for, but she isn't ready for what ahead.



∎ Yelena Maximova

Living outside of the Bratva's sphere, coincidentally next door to Maria's first safehouse. Andriy loves her, but he loves his job even more. He never cheats her, but he never satisfies her. While he puts the drug trafficking adrenaline rush first, Yelena suffers, disappointed at the lack of care and child. After the first meeting, Maria can visit her for much personal heart-to-heart conversation.


∎ Brandon McCallan INTEL / PARTNER

Brandon’s presence in the middle of Eastern European gangsters feel out-of-place. He’s Irish, born and grew up in Steinway, Dukes, where he affiliated with the McReary Family before working as hired gun for the powerful Russian mobsters of Liberty City from 2011. Brandon was imported to VC after impressing Artemiy. The move made him bitter of his own Ireland heritage, wanting to be acknowledged in the new circle as a full member of the Bratva. He can’t have the membership, but he can pull a fake Slavic accent to act like one, which epicly incomprehensible for native speakers.


 Manuel Ortega

Ortega has had a liking in firearms trade since his youth in Brannigan. He makes up a ‘wise’ philosophy, explained in soft-spoken words politely, that tensions between customers will not be a boundary in his gunrunning operation, as long as they don’t impede him directly. He imports from militia groups in Africa and South America that ship gun crates weekly. They are then distributed to literally everyone in Vice City and the Bahamas: street hoodlums, organized crimes, and private gun stores with legal licenses.


∎ Solomon 'Solo' Bradley INTEL / PARTNER

Ambitious fresh hitman from Vice Gardens. Money from his Connor Town gangbanging crimes can’t sustain the increasingly expensive price-of-livin, thus he kickstarted the career as contract killer to fund himself, a brother, and a future wedding with a girlfriend Juelle. Leaving his comfort zone, he is a frequent in Ortega’s arms deals, where he can expand his network, meeting unique faces like Maria. Solo hopes she can train him how to behave and dress like a legit hit professional, while Maria needs someone who’s familiar with the city. Solomon assures Juelle there’s nothing romantic between the two assassins, only mutual respect.


∎ The Curator 

An enigmatic and secretive assassin contractor only known by his slick nickname, the keeper of a collection of Vice City’s finest hitmen. He has managed his notorious hit service since the 80’s drug war, when the widespread conflicts between the Medalla Cartel and other players profited him. For the safety of the aged man, his phone-line is untraceable for both clients and employees. The most trusted workers are able to meet him in person at his hideout in Maratha, Tequesta Keys, in a small house that’s cleaned frequently to keep trackers and wiretaps away.


∎ Nikolai Kirikov

In the story, he never appeared in person nor voices; only photographs, footages, and statements that show you a glimpse of his immense influence. The megalomaniac pakhan of the Vice City-based Bratva with a powerful friendlist, mostly foreign industrialists and capitalists. They have helped his organization to be a global brand beyond America. To anticipate conflict between the hardened, original Bratva members and the rich investors, he occasionally hosts court to settle any issue between them. However, he is biased towards the latter side too much.


 Kirill Zverov

American-born Russian with a made-up Russian name that he descends to his daughter. Unable to speak Russian. Never set foot in Russia. Was the first to roll the red carpet for Nikolai in Riviera, now a second-in-command hierarchy-wise. He’s concerned about the oligarchs’ puppetry and its impact on the organization’s internal solidarity. Pragmatic to the southern hemisphere, and very much into superstitions, his apartment skips the 4th and 13th floor numbers.


∎ Artemiy Yelagin

An oligarch who sells expensive boats and yachts for tertiary needs and clandestine smuggling. At some point, he formed a triangle partnership with megabillionaire Eduard Borodin and Azerbaijani eco-businessman Tahir Javan to fund terrorism and criminal activities. After the assassinations of his two partners, Artemiy is unable to overcome the high demands from his clients and is becoming increasingly insecure, fearing the bullet will hit him next. Always escorted by presidential-level security.


∎ Maksim 'Maximus' Ivanovich

Manager of Gostinaya, a fancy nightclub in Faena Beach where  Bratva's members hang around at night. His problem: the competition from other franchise owners like “Gay Tony” Price and Nikolai’s new associates from Moscow with grander proposals. A pervert who surrounds himself with younger B-girls, hired to rob his customers; and a closest comrade of Andriy.


∎ Andriy Maximov

Formerly a key figure of Kirikov’s drug network in the East Coast, now responsible for a much local level network. From late 90’s, he went back and forth between Vice and Liberty using a drug-loaded submarine and speedboat. Starting from 2008, he got arrested more frequently than usual, prompting Nikolai to entrust Artemiy and his cutting-edge transportations to run the East Coast network, something he cannot accept.


∎ Georgiy 'G-Man' Tokhtakhunov

An old-school mobster who was once falsely identified to be a government agent during an extraction duty. Make no mistake, he looks like one from contemporary Vinewood’s political thriller when donning the black glasses and black tuxedo over his heavy build. Everyone in Bratva knows he’s not one to mess with. He’s martially talented, at one time slapping an enemy’s face to death. Kirikov himself took him from a pub in Dagestan to the sunshine state for a proper job. Working as a wet-worker by day, bouncer for Gostinaya by night. Surprisingly simplistic, never gaze lustfully into the glitz and glamor.


∎ Lazar 'Prince' Petrenko

Bratva's golden boy. The son of high-ranking member Vasily Petrenko, who’s an advisor to the VC Bratva’s millionaire associates with international connections to Kiev and Rostov. Lazar’s a big-mouthed kid who’s too confident that he’ll take the higher position soon, yet everyone above recognizes how undisciplined he is. Vasily gives his son the trust to run Bratva’s chop shop, but he more often neglects the business to race super cars, snort cokes, and party with random chicks.


∎ Viktor Lubarsky

In the more suburban section of Vinewood is a middle-class apartment. This is where Viktor and his small Ukrainian crew control their prostitution and human trafficking ring, and home-made p*rn industry. Kirikov must take half the cut and half the girls in exchange for the crew’s existence, but Viktor often manipulates the statistics.


 Rebecca Dumont PARTNER

Among Viktor’s most complicated sugars. Youthful Canadian deceived by a modeling vacancy, coerced into signing a contract in unreadable cyrillic. She wishes to be free and headstrong like Maria, but too stubborn to pull the trigger as of now. Depressively faithless, been converting between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam but unable to locate God’s revelation.


∎ Saul Rodriguez FIXER

Ex-Vice New Wave journalist turned all-round internet swindler. Tired of producing daily straight news about property frauds, Saul moved to write fake news and opinions during the presidential election. Now fired, he expresses his machiavellian ideal through elaborate social media and dating scams. From using cheap social apps like Love Meet and Lifeinvader, he manages to infiltrate the elitists via Golddiggers. By disguising as a close friend of Lazar Petrenko, whoever he befriends or dates via his fake accounts got their wallet drained. In the days of online honey trapping, his usefulness is exactly what Maria needs.




Traditionally used in the criminal underworld, intimidation is a quick tool of persuasion.


Vice City is no stranger to these fear-inducing practices. They used to call it the murder capital of America where body bags were stored in ice cream trucks. The cartels might be maniacs, but second to them are crooked law enforcers. They abuse their higher status, knowing they will get minimal consequences. Cesar Álvarez is one of many who understands this power. He doesn’t have the shiny silver badge anymore, but he remembers well how to convince his superiority.


The Álvarez immigrated in the late 70s from a Venezuelan coastal town, living near Lake Mayacco. It was a childhood dream for Cesar as a Tequesta native to serve justice. He left his lakeside cabin to Vice City for high school, then formally joined the city’s department after graduation, assigned to the narcotics division. He was part of operations against the first generation of Fraternite’s drug boat raiders and what’s left from senior Cuban’s crime lord, Jorgito Guerra. Apart from that his track record wasn’t impressive on paper, and that affected his income.


High living taxes. Gifts to respect his family. A future plan with a fiancée who died from a traffic accident. Cesar eventually couldn’t resist the temptation of squeezing the deep pockets of street-level mules. He was joined with Freddie Newman, a loyal companion with a longer history. He never touched any pill, powder, needle, or bong, but he increasingly acted more vicious, according to Freddie.


Cesar ran out of patience. He himself was afraid that he’d be in danger if he didn’t punch the sack hard enough. Fred warned him once, twice, anytime possible, he didn’t listen. News arrived to his subordinate and they discharged him recently. The cover up story to avoid bad publicity: a “controversial political debate” in office about the ongoing Venezuelan crisis.


Complications arise even more when the DOA investigates the division's corruption. Cesar realizes there’s only two ways out: surrendering himself or reaching out to major city players who can shield him.



∎ Freddie Newman PARTNER

The other half of Cesar in the VCPD narcotics division. As two sleazy cop buddies, Cesar and Freddie ran a show in the drug market of Vice City’s lowest level. The agency hasn’t discovered Freddie’s record yet, possibly because he stays low-profile and cool-headed, unlike his colleague. He often criticizes Cesar’s intimidation strategies as a bad omen, but he’s aware that with the agency’s heat closing in, he won’t survive the sh*t alone without Cesar. 


∎ Harold Moore INTEL / PARTNER

Dirty street cop, guru of street rhythms. A polyglot who knows Spanish, Creole, and African-American gangsta slangs and codes, granting a leeway in the city’s ground level underworld. A childhood friend of Broadway mobster ‘Dipso’ Marshall, a friend he’ll protect with his badge and life. A more ruthless variant of Cesar, no hesitation in slamming the mark’s hand with a baton during the first phase of intimidation games.


∎ Marlon Ramos

A street racer with membership of the Spanish Lords in El Barrio. First arrested by Cesar and Freddie for smuggling drugs with a modded Dundreary Crescent, a crime he repeatedly commits until now. Marlon wants to get free from the two crooked cops’ payroll, but is too afraid to lose pride if he asks the Puerto Rican gang’s help. Even his closest friend doesn’t know and mistaken Cesar as a friendly street cop. Speaking of which, he has zero idea that Cesar has left the department.


 Pelegrín ‘Vigo’ Jaén

When Cesar and Freddie first met him, Vigo was a small-time, unaffiliated goofy drug dealer who quickly fell under their power. Marlon’s rebellious behavior, however, has ignited a fire in him to change. By grinding his way behind the scene, Vigo takes notes from rising cartel leader Horacio Vera and implements it when joining the small Colombian Gutierrez Cartel, then he rises to a greater fame that attracts El Rubio’s league. Freddie worries that an improved Vigo will oppose him and Cesar harder than Marlon.


∎ Walt O'Donnell

Overweight, hawaiian-shirt dressed racketeer in Vice City since 2003. He used to collect the protection money by himself before opening recruitment for anyone interested, including bent cops like Cesar. The Italian Barattieri Family, as a quick, instant solution of balancing their bank account, entrust him to be a direct associate, as a ‘manager of extortion operation’ or whatever it’s called. Walt will pay the family’s trust, provided that they tolerate when he visits their dinner and card games with a bottle of beer in hand.


∎ Giancarlo 'The Clerk' Azzopardi

Semi-retired capo of the Barattieri Family, running the small and forgotten branch in Vice City and reporting back to the barely-alive Tocobaga central. He lives in a secured mansion in Campanili, where he overworks his ass, welcoming visits of active members, associates, and finished mobsters of the five families, as Tequesta has marked to be the Italian’s open playground.


 Juan 'El Rubio' Strickler

Independent Colombian narcotrafficker, main archenemy of the Céntricio Cartel and their incument drug baron Romero Valdez in the transcontinental cocaine trade route. Known for a lavish, socializing lifestyle where he rarely sets foot outside of his ‘mini paradise’, a fortified island near the Colombian’s coast, except for wild vacations and cartel gatherings. Also known for being extremely demanding in the market; won’t hesitate to blackmail bigger syndicates that turn down his requests.


 Alejandro Mendoza

A golf patron in Leaf Links with a small share of the country club’s ownership. In reality, he’s El Rubio's right-hand man, handling practically every of his master’s affairs in Tequesta. Aside from acting as a diplomatic intermediary, he's piling in dossiers of freebasing associates for coercive purposes. Not many know he's also masterminding the cartel's gruesome interrogations and tortures. He has learnt from many cartel's "kitchens" in Mexico, which degrades his humanity. He's cynical and bloodlusted, and haunted in dreams at night.


∎ 'Don Valerio' Reyes

The name says all, all hail the king of the city. Not an easy path for him to be above everyone. He was adrift on a fishing vessel during the Mariel boatlift. He felt the disheartening treatment in downtown’s tent city while selling cokes. He inspired prisoners of USP Argonaut to protest. He returned to Vice City with respect and honor from the Cubans. He became the founding and current ‘don’ of the Reyes Crime Family, a Cuban organized crime heavily influenced by his love of Cosa Nostra cultures and histories. Despite his age and inability to walk without a cane, Valerio’s still rotten to the core, never once wanting to lose his grasp over Vice City’s kingdom. He’s a sadistic, yet environmentalist gangster; he pets alligators in a top-secret Evergreen’s private wildlife preserve, used for corpses disposal, punishment, and torture.


∎ Oscar 'Little Rascal' Barrueco

One of the Reyes Family lieutenants with an epic, long history in his lifetime. True outlaw: growing marijuana at home, kidnapping a kingpin in Mexico, stealing gold from an Ocean Cartell-Jewish Connection deal, and more unlisted records in VCPD database. Oscar is too independent, as what the Reyes’ high seats agree with, because his wrongdoings are mostly self-benefit, not for the family. His escapist skill, however, is downright awful; police busts him more often than loses him. Only with Don Valerio’s influence, his charges are dropped.


∎ Thiago Alarcón INTEL

Infamously known as "El Solucionador" or "The Solver" for his excellence in defending the Reyes Family and their underworld allies at the court. Thiago is the go-to lawyer who’s never ashamed to mess with corrupt jurisdiction if the price is right: money suitcase. He’s serious only when it’s serious, when he speaks at the courthouse or when he plans backup cheats to win cases: silencing witnesses, tampering juries, or destroying evidence. When it’s not, however, he’s an irritating, over-the-top guy living an extravagant life in his Vizcaya Island’s apartment.


∎ Rodrigo 'Rodri' Sandoval FIXER

Flamboyant forgery master working under the Reyes Family. Extremely skilled in producing fake patches, badges, ID cards, and documents in his workshop in Tarbell Heights for the family’s affairs. With his impressive talent, he has access to almost every exclusive event in the city, from feasts and weddings to exhibitions with nobody bats an eye. In an unfortunate twist, Rodri is appreciated only by customers outside the Reyes’ circle; Don Valerio and the high seats barely valued his hard work.


∎ Claude Geffrard INTEL

Sergeant of VCPD narcotics division, serving as Cesar’s subordinate in the past. A Haitian-American who cares too much for his law career for a positive reason: he aims to change the consensus’ perception of his country. He has one-hundred-percent commitment to the righteous job of fighting the drug flows. As the honest beacon in the middle of the thickly depraved division under decorated chief Lawrence Ford, it’s hard for Claude to forgive Cesar after his discharge, but with a little persuasion, he requests a favor from the ex-cop: aid the search on Nelson Dulysse.


∎ Andrea Genovese

Rumors said he's a former Italian Mob's soldato from Bison who sold himself to the law in the 90s. Whether it's authentic or a completely fabricated exaggeration, he's a full-time DOA field agent today. Intimidating with a 6ft tall body, a cold stare, and a loaded Assault SMG beneath his jacket that he'll fire when running out of patience. He is dispatched here to spy over the suspected crooks of VCPD narcotics division, active and former.


∎ Nelson Dulysse

Ultimate fearmonger in the streets of Vice City. A menacing bully, Nelson is one of the leading gangsters of the Haitian F.R.E. who's the mastermind of his small heist crew, raiding hundred-thousand dollars drug boats that happen to pass the Vicio River. To whom it belongs doesn't matter, what matters is the sales' yield when exported to his home country.





It's about your wits, not only bank frauds or Ponzi scheme.


Gameplay has been reconstructed from ground-up to sustain the new focus. Less missions involve bloodstained confrontations, and there are less enemies in every encounter. However, your behaviors on and off-missions are carefully calculated. For each new identity taken during a con game, it follows with an image statistic. The more out-of-character actions you do, the more chance your mark able to identify you. For example, mindlessly killing Bratva's members in the open as Maria will alert her Bratva’s targets, thus permanently softlocking her story progression and forcing you to regret and restart. Preserve a low-profile. Use your silver tongues to fight. Because that, my friend, is how grifters operate in real-life.


Expanded from RDR II, con relies on interaction. The protagonists can interact with any pedestrian of distinct personalities. You have two choices in interaction: chat or scam. Chat opens casual conversation about everyday topics, gifting you less-reliable intel. Scam lets you build up lies through choices of action/dialogue, which allow you to obtain resources (reliable intel, material gains) or ask commands (permit access somewhere, do something). If successful, targets will fulfill your requests. The possibility is limitless. You can get free money from suited businessmen, escort from gang members, or pass from police officers through misdirections or bribes.


However, this doesn’t automatically mean you’re allowed to break all rules. If you run too many lies or attract too much attention in an area, people around will be more aware of your presence. This heated area is marked on the map as expandable red shade similar to lockdown in RDR II. Everyone inside a heated zone will more likely avoid you, or worse, call the cops before you speak. If it’s a gang territory, better watch out for gangs attacking you on sight. Stop and wait till the heat goes down. Think before act.


Inspired by Hustle, all protagonists have an eagle-eye-like ability called observation. Activate this before approaching a mark and catch various bits and pieces, such as clothing accessories or facial expression. The more you find, better action/dialogue options are revealed and weaker options are removed.


The keys of interactive scam are to stay consistent and balanced. No contradictions such as saying you came from LV, when a minute ago you said, “LS is my hometown”. Second, know when to push the right trigger. As Thomas, offer smaller investment if he rejects a larger. As Maria, promise more fun when he flirts back. As Cesar, smash his favorite vase when he doesn't comply.


Language is vital part of cons. Thomas doesn’t understand Spanish in the beginning. He learns Spanish gradually as the story progresses, which will be reflected with varying-level of on-screen dialogues/text translations and spoken dialogues. You can optionally accelerate the process by reading dictionaries, watching telenovelas, or attending classes. Maria will keep her slight Russian accent and learn Spanish the longer she lives in VC. Cesar is already fluent in both English and Spanish, nothing special.


As elaborated earlier, each protagonist specializes in a particular artstyle of con:



Thomas Kingston is your average conman: will offer what the mark wants/needs, but never what they expected. He baits an antique car lover with the collection they longing for, except it's stolen from the other. He walks in to a business that needs better accountant, and walks out with their profits inconspicuously. Thomas' language is reliable, professional, suave, as if he belongs to that profession since his birth. Negotiating the right deal, right time, right price to the mark that won't come twice.



Before dragging them to their demise, Maria Vinogradova will make the mark loves her: as friend, work partner, or lover. He likes poker? then she likes poker. He's just broken up and now drinks alone in specific bar, then she sits next to him as a cliché loner who captivates him. Her language ranges from innocently friendly to naughtily sultry, depends on what personality the mark enjoys the most. Any provocative tactics, like going as far as sleeping with the mark, is for last resort only. Is it really necessary to satisfy their fantasy at the end?



Cesar Álvarez is the true opposite of Thomas and Maria, because he will make the mark fears him; no positive imagery, only negative from the get-go. He terrorizes a fugitive in hiding as bureau agent. He fools a slick store owner by masquerading as brutal cartel enforcer. His language scales from very hot-headed to very cold. The right scale exerts his dominance over the mark, and sends a clear message, “Obey me or you’re f*cked”. In this type of intimidation, violence isn't a wise move, well unless the circumstance forces him.



Hitting (deserved) opportunities with certain significance, like wealthy brokers to evil drug barons, require more preparation than usual. Con Games replace heists from GTA V. Given by particular clients or orchestrated by yourself. Some are integrated directly with the main story; some more are optional side quests.



You’ll be informed about a mark through words from your connections. Potential target names are listed in your smartphone’s notepad app for you to tackle anytime. Next you gather as much as encyclopedic knowledge about the selected prey: their dream, personality, daily schedules, favorite pastimes, etc. Gathered by eavesdropping conversations, spying the mark from afar, or stalking their internet profiles. The more intel recorded, more scenarios open to choose.



After connecting your intel, you set up the convincers: from fake ID card to fabricated office interior set. You can prepare the resources yourself, or invest upfront money on fixers. Professionals tech guru like Saul Rodriguez can design fake social accounts to hook through the internet. Forgers like Rodri Sandoval can forge a police badge for a lawman disguise. There’s an underground counterfeit money factory that can hand you a suitcase of fake dollars. And so much more.



Depending on which scenario you pick, you can establish a crew with one to four supporting players: your connections with useful skill and degrees of experience. For example, Thomas has the street-smart Jan Daniels, Portuguese speaker Diego Pascoal, and enthusiastic but inexperienced Neil Shackley.


You and the partners will be allocated to different roles. Roper makes the first move, leading the mark's way into the trap. Inside man awaits in the trap. Shill encourages the mark to trust the inside man. Obstacle acts as a fake to distract the mark into another trap.



Scenarios are the plays. They mirror Lester’s heist approaches. However, they are more dynamic and you can pick alternative routes if something goes off-script. There’s no restart option if the mark suddenly behaves oddly or calls you for a private schedule, the show must go on.


There are two scenario variations: a simple one-mission scheme (short-con) or an intricate multi-parts operation, played out like Niko’s date with Tom Rivas (long-con).




Originally created on 30 December 2018 in GTAFanon Wikia

Not to be confused with a similarly-named concept by universetwisters






Mehmet Hanifi (Vehicles)

Not hans5073 (Vehicles)

 Mr.Korean (Side Missions)

Raniero R (Weapons, Worldbuilding)


Special Thanks/Credits to following




H. Roosevelt

The Coconut Kid



The Nefarious

The Made Man


Thanks for reading!

Enthusiasm and feedbacks are appreciated!


Edited by One of Wisemen


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Looks amazing so far. Totally looking forward to this one


Edit: Had a more thorough read through it. The Con minigame reminds me in some way of the interrogations in LA Noire, albeit with more sweet talking than shakedowns. Really interesting mechanic but I'm just wondering how it might differ from protagonist to protagonist. Thomas is obviously a masterful conman and Maria's the classic femme fatale/honey trap but I'm not too sure how Cesar would approach it.


The music sounds really promising so far, but I'd definitely increase the number of songs for each station to maybe at least 15-25 songs per station like in V. Definitely include stations that play Soundcloud Rap (or partially containing it), EDM and modern Latin music (similar to Motomami Los Santos) since these genres have a large footing in Miami today. A phonk, lofi house or hyperpop station might be good as well to set your concept apart from the others.


The graphics are really nice, there's sort of the whole minimal vibe going on which I think is really cool and fits that classy, high society modern-day Miami atmosphere that you're going for. I liked how you didn't just go for the same old neon synthwave aesthetic that plagues a lot of the other Vice City concepts, so hats off to that.

Edited by sabitsuki
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Finished the V1, it looks fantastic. A more subtle approach to GTA, I like it. From what I understand, modern day Miami (and by extension Vice) is like, Bratva Headquarters or paradise or something, so I eagerly await once again for the clusterf*ck that is Russian Mob politics to come back in full swing.

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That was a good concept I love Vice City in modern times better 


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One of Wisemen



Welcome to the new world of Light & Shadow, almost forty years after the original Vice City. Tracks are dominantly modern; retro stations are available for those searching nostalgia.


Also featuring an original score by returning composer, Michael Hunter.

Butches Brew | Dubs and Rarities | Echo Tone Defeat | State of Flux | Turntable Technology



Classic and Contemporary Hip-Hop, Soundcloud Rap


  1. 9TAILS - "Comatose" (2017)
  2. Baby Soulja - "Feel So Good" (2017)
  3. Chevy P - "So Lonely" (2008)
  4. C Murder - "Thug in Yo Life" (2000)
  5. Denzel Curry - "Gook" (2016)
  6. Fayn - "Game Changer" (2012)
  7. Flo Rida - "Good Feeling" (2011)
  8. Jay Electronica - "Exhibit C" (2009)
  9. JERHELL - "Love Unconditionally" (2017)
  10. Jim Crow ft. Sean Paul & Jazze Pha - "Holla At A Playa" (2002)
  11. Kodak Black - "Down South" (2017)
  12. Lil Peep - "Honestly" (2017)
  13. Loyle Carner - "Ain't Nothing Changed" (2017)
  14. Rick Ross ft. Trey Songz - This Is The Life" (2008)
  15. Rizzle Kicks - "Down With The Trumpets" (2011)
  16. Smoke of Field Mob - "Backseat" (2006)
  17. SpaceGhostPurrp - "Pheel Tha Phonk 1990" (2011) 
  18. Trick Daddy - "I'm A Thug" (2001)
  19. Zoey Dollaz - "Hottest In The City" (2015)
  20. Z-Ro ft. Trae - "1 Night" (2005)


Alt/Indie/Folk Rock, Reggae Fussion


  1. Big Sugar – “Turn The Lights On” (1998)
  2. Dispatch - "Con Man" (2013)
  3. Ed Hale and The Transcendence - "Here It Comes" (2011)
  4. Garbage - "Push It" (1998)
  5. Gin Wigmore - "Kill of The Night" (2011)
  6. Imagine Dragons - "Friction" (2015)
  7. Jáfumega - "Latin'América" (1982)
  8. Kan Wakan - "Like I Need You" (2014)
  9. K-Flay - "High Enough" (2017)
  10. Kidneythieves - "Before I'm Dead" (1998)
  11. Nil Lara – "Money Makes The Monkey Dance" (1996)
  12. Nothing But Thieves - "Wake Up Call" (2014)
  13. Nuclear Valdez - "(Share A Little) Shelter" (1991)
  14. Radiohead - "Just" (1995)
  15. Sien - "Holograma" (1997)
  16. Straw - "Wake Up (Miss Venezuela)" (1999)
  17. Tabula Rasa - "Atlas" (2016)
  18. The Neighbourhood - "Wires" (2014)
  19. Warbly Jets - "Head Session" (2017)
  20. White Rose Movement - "Girls In The Back" (2006)


Progressive/Alt Metal


  1. Above Symmetry - “Traces Inside” (2010)
  2. Agora - “En La Nada” (2011)
  3. Bad Salad - "Crowded Sky" (2012)
  4. Creed - "Bread Of Shame" (2009)
  5. Devin Townsend - "Greetings" (1997)
  6. Dynahead - "Eventide" (2011)
  7. Karnivool - “Set Fire to the Hive” (2009)
  8. Leprous - "The Price" (2015)
  9. Megara - "Héroes" (2016)
  10. Mon Laferte - "Hey hey" (2013)
  11. Muse - “Supremacy” (2012)
  12. Oblique Rain - "Dealing With Lies" (2007)
  13. Sunburst - "Out Of The World" (2016)
  14. The Pineapple Thief - "Simple as That" (2014)
  15. Voyager - “Ascension” (2017)


Dream/Indie/Power Pop, Ambient


  1. Beacon - "Escapements" (2016)
  2. Cat Power - "Cherokee" (2012)
  3. Cocteau Twins - "Crushed" (1991)
  4. Conor & Jay - "Femme Fatal" (2008)
  5. Dream Academy - “The Love Parade” (1985)
  6. Galaxie 500 - "Another Day" (1989)
  7. Goldfrapp – “Black Cherry” (2003)
  8. Hooverphonic - "Mad About You" (2000)
  9. Julee Cruise - “Falling” (1989)
  10. Joy Crookes - "Sinatra" (2016)
  11. Lana del Rey - “High by the Beach” (2015)
  12. León Larregui - "Rue vieille du temple" (2016)
  13. Malcom McLaren – “About Her” (2004)
  14. Mkrni - "Inercia" (2014)
  15. Pet Grief - "The Radio Dept." (2006)
  16. Sunday Munich – “Her Name” (2000)
  17. The Antlers - "Refuge" (2014)
  18. The Primitives - “Ocean Blue” (1986)
  19. Two Feet - "I Feel Like I'm Drowning" (2017)
  20. Whissell - “Get Free” (2015)


Contemporary Pop, Electroswing, R&B


  1. Alice Francis - “Too Damn Hot” (2017)
  2. Amy Winehouse - "Rehab" (2006)
  3. Breakbot ft. Ruckazoid - "Fantasy" (2011)
  4. Deladap ft. Saedi - "Cash & Chaos" (2015)
  5. Earl - “Tongue Tied” (2017)
  6. Jade Baraldo - "Brasa" (2017)
  7. Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z - “Suit & Tie” (2013)
  8. Michael Bublé - "Sway" (2003)
  9. Mis-Teeq - "Scandalous" (2003)
  10. Newborn - "Honey Trap" (2017)
  11. Nite - "Dreamer" (2017)
  12. Parov Stelar ft. AronChupa - “Grandpa’s Groove” (2016)
  13. Pixie Lott – “Boys And Girls” (2009)
  14. Saint Motel - "My Type" (2014)
  15. Temptress - "What I Want" (2017)


Soft Rock, Chill R&B, Folk


  1. Daryl Hall & John Oates - "Sara Smile" (1976)
  2. Jason Scheff & Mica Okudoi - “Till The End of Time” (1998)
  3. Jorge Palma – “Deixa-me Rir” (1985)
  4. José González - "Every Age" (2014)
  5. Kumbia Kings - "Why Did You" (2001)
  6. Kehlani ft. Chance the Rapper - "The Way" (2015)
  7. Lighthouse Family - "Run" (2001)
  8. Lord Huron – “Into The Sun” (2010)
  9. MC Magic - "Lost in Love" (1995)
  10. Nana Mendoza - "Estaré" (2017)
  11. Planet 3 – “Tonight You’re Mine” (2004)
  12. Sabrina Claudio - "Tell Me" (2017)
  13. Sinead Harnett - "Don't Waste My Time" (2017)
  14. Toto – “Rosanna” (1982)
  15. Yuri Buenaventura - "No Estoy Contigo" (2005)


House, EDM


  1. Angelika Dusk ft. Playmen - “Beautiful Love” (2015)
  2. Arty & Mat Zo - "Rebound" (2011)
  3. Arva ft. Risky Kidd & Iro Legaki - "#Bang" (2016)
  4. Duke Dumont - “The Giver” (2012)
  5. deadmau5 & Kaskade - "I Remember" (2008)
  6. Gromee ft. Wurld - “Who Do You Love” (2015)
  7. Hardwell ft. Harrison - "Sally" (2015)
  8. Lennard, Gabriel B, Cloud 9+ & MC Fedora - "Love Can't Destroy" (2016)
  9. Michael Calfan - "Mozaik" (2012)
  10. Morgan Page ft. Lissie - "The Longest Road" (Vicetone Remix) (2012)
  11. Ocean Drive - "Whatever" (2012)
  12. Provenzano & Masullo - "What About" (2016)
  13. Swedish House Mafia ft. Tinie Tempah - "Miami 2 Ibiza" (2010)
  14. The Bloody Beetroots & Greta Svabo Bech - "Chronicles of a Fallen Love" (2012)
  15. Weird Genius - "DPS" (2017)


Electronic, Techno, Synthwave


  1. Boys Noize - “Alarm” (2014)
  2. Carpenter Brut - “Le Perv” (2012)
  3. Daniel Deluxe - “Breakout” (2017)
  4. Dimension - "Hydraulic II" (2016)
  5. Dirtyphonics - "Tarantino" (2011)
  6. Ezavskih - "Out of Trouble" (2013)
  7. Gesaffelstein - “Viol” (2011)
  8. Justice - "Waters of Nazareth" (2005)
  9. Kavinsky - "Roadgame" (2012)
  10. Le Castle Vania - "Play Loud" (2013)
  11. Madeon - "Imperium" (2014)
  12. Mr Flash - "Motorcycle Boy" (2014)
  13. Power Glove - "Motorcycle Cop" (2015)
  14. Sebastian - “Tetra” (2012)
  15. Survive - "Copter" (2016)


80's Time Machine: Classic Pop, Synthpop, New Wave, etc.


  1. A-ha - "You Are The One" (1988)
  2. Alaska y Dinarama - "Perlas Ensagrentadas" (1984)
  3. Bad Boys Blue - "Lady in Black" (1989)
  4. Charly García - "No Me Dejan Salir" (1983)
  5. Figures on a Beach - "No Stars" (1987)
  6. Heaven 17 - "Let Me Go" (1982)
  7. Heróis do Mar - "Paixão" (1983)
  8. Johnny Hates Jazz - "Heart of Gold" (1988)
  9. Les Rita Mitsouko - "C'est comme ça" (1986)
  10. Malcom J Hill - “Take a Chance (High Energy)” (1988)
  11. Maria Vidal - "Hands Off!" (1985)
  12. New Order - "Bizarre Love Triangle" (1986)
  13. Oviformia Sci – “Fashion Magazines” (1981)
  14. Randy Newman - "Miami" (1983)
  15. Russ Ballard - "Voices" (1984)
  16. Saga - "On The Loose" (1981)
  17. The Kane Gang - "Gun Law" (1985)
  18. Thomas Dolby - "Dissidents" (1984)
  19. Until December - "Secrets (I Won't Tell)" (1986)
  20. Visage - "Beat Boy" (1982)


Contemporary Latin Pop/Pop Rock


  1. Ada Reina - "Chocolate Y Miel" (2016)
  2. Anitta – “Tá Na Mira” (2013)
  3. Eiza - "Te Acordarás de Mí" (2012)
  4. Enrique Iglesias - "Dímelo" (2007)
  5. Ha-Ash - "Superficial" (2016)
  6. Jacob Forever - "Hasta Que Se Seque el Malecón" (2015)
  7. Los Chinchillos Del Caribe - "Pelao" (2016) 
  8. Luis Fonsi - "Explícame" (2011)
  9. Natti Natasha & Ozuna - "Criminal" (2017)
  10. Nayer ft. Chacal - "Yo soy lo que tu quieres" (2017)
  11. Piso 21 - "Delicia" (2015)
  12. Santana - "Saideira" (2014)
  13. Thalía - "Sabe Bien" (2005)
  14. Yina Rose - "La Vida" (2010)
  15. Zoé - "10 A.M" (2013)


Merengue, Bachata, Latin Hip-Hop


  1. Aventura - "La Pelicula" (2003)
  2. Con Calma ft. Elio "Mafiaboy" - "Consculuela" (2013)
  3. Daniel & Desiree - "El canto de la Sirena" (2017)
  4. Fulantino - "Guallando" (1998)
  5. Grupo Mania - "Marialola" (2008)
  6. Joan Soriano - "Vocales de Amor" (1997)
  7. Jossie Esteban - "El Cantinero Rap" (1992)
  8. Miriam Cruz - "Salí de ti" (2016)
  9. Ñengo Flow - "El Cacerio Esta Caliente" (2008)
  10. N.O.R.E. - "Oye Mi Canto" (2006)
  11. Renier - "Enamoraro" (2015)
  12. Salva Ortega - "Atrapados" (2017)
  13. Tego Calderon ft. Julio Voltio - "Julito Maraña" (2011)
  14. Tempo - "Conozcan Otra Parte De Mi" (2016)
  15. Zion y Lennox - "Enamorate" (2004)


Everything Cuban: Son Cubano, Guajira, Jazz, etc.


  1. Afro Cuban All Stars - "Amor Verdadero" (1997)
  2. Asere - "Luz Que No Alumbra" (2007)
  3. Buena Vista Social Club - "De Camino a La Vereda" (1997)
  4. Campina - "Havana Lounge de Cuba" (1999)
  5. Compay Segundo - "Chan Chan" (1997)
  6. Ibrahim Ferrer - "La Chica Del Granizado" (2005)
  7. Jóvenes Clásicos del Son - "Ahora Tú Verás Como Se Baila el Son" (2003)
  8. La Media Naranja - "Varón" (2007)
  9. Lorenzo Hierrezuelo - "Amor Silvestre" (2001)
  10. Los Van Van - "Chapeando" (2004)
  11. Marcelino Guerra - "Buscando la Melodía" (1995)
  12. Nico Saquito - "Que Lio Compay Andres" (1982)
  13. Ricardito y El Monarca del Son - "Guantanamera" (2009)
  14. Rubén González - "Choco's Guajira" (2000)
  15. Vieja Trova Santiaguera - "Se Paró la Moto" (2000)




  1. Damian Marley - "Everybody Wants To Be Somebody" (2016)
  2. Dennis Brown - "Rocking Time" (1983)
  3. Hollie Cook - "Milk & Honey" (2011)
  4. Inner Circle - "Rock With You" (1992)
  5. Ini Kamoze - "Clown Talking" (1988)
  6. I Wayne - "Living In Love" (2005)
  7. Jah Bouks - "Love and Unity" (2013)
  8. Jesse Royal - "Modern Day Judas" (2012)
  9. Keida - "Ganja Tea" (2012)
  10. Koffee - "Burning" (2017)
  11. Los Cafres - "Nice Time" (2004)
  12. Lutan Fyah - "Get Out" (2015)
  13. Musical Youth - "007 (Shanty Town)" (1983)
  14. Richie Spice - "Lay Back" (2015)
  15. The Skints - "Tomorrow" (2015)



Compile your own. Pick up to 30 favorite tracks from any radio station or from your personal playlist. More about this right here. Click the spoiler tab below for submitted playlists:






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One of Wisemen





When first founded, this plot of land in South Tequesta is nothing but humdrum swampland. With the innovative and ambitious mind of Uncle Sam’s real estate and railroad magnates, the same land is known as where Vice City Metro Area stands tall today. From a thousand beachside houses to an Algonquinized skyscrapers and retro neon-lights. From housing World War II vets to accommodating Hispanic majorities. In fact, that defines Vice City the most: Capital of Latin culture, strategically located in the Caribbean.


What brings people here? The tropical weather and beaches, better living conditions obviously. But it is the opportunity, in a magical place. Though it’s not until the 80’s when people started to really think of the opportunity. When cocaine flowed into the arteries of America through this city, things got worse and better at the same time. The bad? Cuban prisoners immigrating, cartels moving in, and new gangs entering the cut-throat underworld. As result, daily newspaper is full of murders and overdoses. The good? Economic blooms, drug money is laundered as properties: Downtown, tourist attractions, exclusive residentials, and so much more for VC’s development.


Thirty years later, the light and the shadow stays on. The light? Superficial glamorous high-life as shown in the second season of I’m Rich. Ah, the privilege of millionaires, playboys, celebrities, and model-level boys and girls. Tourists flock in, falling for tourist traps and overpriced nightclubs of Versace Boulevard. The shadow? Aside from sly scammers (and shady corporations like everywhere else in the US), drugs, violences, and corruption are still there, you can’t get rid of them. Don’t forget the deepness of disparity, which promotional divisions try to hide from visitors and investors of gentrification projects.


It’s deceiving. However, forget those plastic societies and baddies. The gray area in-between is what to beware. As exaggerating as it sounds, everyone can fake their facade in Vice City. Cuban elders smoke cigars and play dominos in bars. Urban artists spray over the bland walls. Salesman with cheap deals. Normal life, nothing wrong, but you sure they’re all genuine?



To survive the city, speak Spanish; the bus driver you encounter barely knows English. Next, memorize all the different slangs, because these Spanish speakers come from many countries and slight interpretation errors may bruise your face. Different neighborhoods are home to different cultures: Haitian in Little Gonâve; Cuban in Little Cuba, Riverfront, and Haiyakpo; and even more Caribbean and Central Americans in Encantador, Tarbell Heights, and Little Dominica. Like the mildly-industrialized areas of Wesley and Gladeville, all of these names are just the suburbs. This is just the introduction. Seriously, Vice City hits your entire checklists as long as you’re not triggering the anti-tourist locals, or as long as you cancel a night out in gang hoods: Freedom City or Broadway.


For a more universally appealing escapade, head east and you’ll encounter three aesthetic districts. In D’Amico are historic gated communities and mid-rise ViMo-styled buildings. The other two are intensely competing: Avant-Garde with luxurious shops and El Barrio with its colorful walls and galleries. A little trip south past the construction-site packed Paramount takes you to the heart of Vice City’s commercialism. That is, the Downtown and Brettle, where businessmen and beggars wandering around the concrete jungle for dollars. Too bland and needs fresh air from tropical greens? drive through Craig Road or visit the open-air parks and castle museum in Peacock Grove.



Sandy palm beach’s a holiday spot, ranked by the Overcrowded Earth as America’s #1 most overrated destination. Hell, perhaps half the mainland’s dwellers haven’t crossed the Liberty Causeway in their lifetime, aware of the procrastination there. Between the two are artificial islands: marina and yacht clubs in Marina Bay Village, as well as secured mansions in Campanili and Alphonse. The tunnel in Brettle would bring you to the busy Viceport: servicing cruise ships and cargo ships 24/7.


Vice Beach is roughly the same size as AlgonquinStretching from north to south: rich Jews in David Beach, grass-fenced houses in Millenium, iconic hotels like the Thonnoir in Faena, and picturesque art deco architectures riddled with scammers and nocturnal partygoers in Gleason. A ferry south takes you to Ventura Key, a small island with seaquarium, abandoned stadium, and waste treatment plant. A ferry further south takes you to the isolated Vizcaya Island, the costliest settlement for sparkling celebrities immune from gossip seekers.



Outside of the city in the north are densely populated areas. Bordering the land and ocean are Pine Grove with lush housing and Vinewood with downtown-ish financial buildings, beachside food trucks, and the construction of Tequesta V-Rock. From the latter, a straight line of high-rise condos is drawn across the Atlantic; residing inside are Canadian gamblers in Provenzano Beach, wealthy Latino and Jews in Imperio, and snazzy Russians in Riviera. The skylines end in Hauleta: recreational park, gay beach, vast Leaf Links golf course, and a bridge to Vice Beach. Nearer the city are more blue-collar and mid-classes: automotive-centric North Vice, village-like community of Verona Shores, Moorish-influenced and ghetto Cordoba, worse ghetto in Vice Gardens, the home of Mambas football team.


From the southwest, there are two primary gates to enter the city: Tampico through the Tampico Trail that stretches like forever, and the Frank Taylor International, an airport with everyday problems of drugs/arms smugglers and delayed flights. Surrounding that Caribbean’s busiest place are pueblos in Vice Springs, shopping malls in Floral, and the go-green campus of Tequesta University. Further south, however, is where sh*ts hit real. Needless to say, you still have the flourishing sceneries such as tall Mediterranean buildings in Ciudad Belleza and solitary mansions with large yards in Serpentine. Beyond that, though, are rural communities, farms-plantations, unrepaired houses from last hurricane season, and run-down buildings between the usual business offices; namely: South Vice, Acropolis, Brandall, and Pioneer. The last is mystical for myth hunters with its strange limestone structure and abandoned UFO houses.





Filling up almost two-third of the entire map, in the west is a vast flat area of swamps, prairies, and mangrove forest. Intentionally made this big so you can feel the scale, feel immersed when you got lost there and call for park guard's helicopter for rescue mission. The Evergreen National Park is isolated from the blinding lights in the east, bordered by water preserve areas and rural communities. A dangerous, rarely-explored area with wildlife, drug stashes, and redneck hideouts. Some people around the city pay off the alligator preserve; don't ask what for. Aeroboat tours and small trails that connect observation towers are available for traversing through the wilderness. Three important points of interest here: the small city of Calusa in the west, the abandoned Evergreen Airport in the middle of nowhere, and the ghost town of Cuthbert in the south.


Meanwhile, in the southern portion of the map, is chain of islands known as the Tequesta Keys. A short drive from Pioneer is the Overseas Highway that connects all the islands. The route stretches from the mainland to Cayo Grande, Taberna, Maratha, and finally, ends in Cayo Frontera, the southernmost point of the United States. With a calmer atmosphere and cheaper prices, it’s an alternative for tourists that cannot stand the flashy and expensive world of Vice City. For illegal racers, the lengthy highway that includes the Expansionist Bridge is a perfect adrenaline pump.





The Bahamas, secondary setting, featured in several missions and accessible by sea/air once unlocked. Historically a popular hangout for Caribbean pirates, not much change in the present-day due to its gang violence. The setting amalgamates various places in the country into one major island, surrounded by smaller archipelago. The Meropis Heaven Island five-star resort and casino lies north, where high-valued fugitives hide from American feds. Outside of it is a colorful port town; a secret cannabis plantation and old ruins; and an empty beach with bunch of tents for the upcoming Fuego Fest. Many international syndicates rumored to store their luxuries in the Bahamas, securing them with help of local mercenaries. With the increase of crime reports to the embassy, US authorities have alerted their citizens to be very watchful when visiting this country. The best tip is to avoid certain corners when alone or at night. Visitors should watch the weather too as the country is prone to hurricanes.



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20 hours ago, wise_man said:

A quite extensive updates today with updated format and descriptions. Finally finished naming all the neighborhoods, only need to put on their description. I don't really think I need a map, pictures are enough to imagine the settings. Also adding new characters with temporary image link, will be replaced with links to their detailed profile later on. Hey, it's started to take some shape now. 


By the way, I've just watched Runner Runner, the movie mentioned by @The Notorious MOB while ago. Not really enjoying the story and characters, but the exotic style and presentation exactly match my vision on L&S. Honestly I'd recommend it for the atmosphere alone.



Kinda reminds me of RocknRolla and Layer Cake vibe wise, both good films as well.

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The Coconut Kid

This really is an excellent idea. I'm glad you've been able to port it from the Wiki post so seamlessly! The topic looks terrific.


I'm going to have to make time to go through each section of this individually. For the moment, I'll focus on the Con Games feature because I know Confidence Tricks are the core of your concept. It's also something I can tell you're really enthusiastic about.


The main draw here has to be our opportunity to essentially create our own story. We decide which protagonist to approach a con with. We choose the mark. We control our approach to the con by building our own identity and doing our own background work. Our chances of success are directly affected by our choices.


It's a fantastic direction - and one that is completely new to me and unique to this concept. 


It also isn't lost on me that the Confidence theme plays out with a lot of the same logic as Heists in GTAV. It's not just a gimmick. You've put a lot of thought into how this can actually work gameplay and story-wise.


My question to leave you with has to be this - are you planning on posting any story missions at all to show us how these dynamics work? I'd love to see 'em. Show us how a couple of cons play out!


This is a very enjoyable read. It reminds me almost of an interactive Elmore Leonard novel. I'll come back and focus on your location work and your supporting characters soon... but you can be very happy with this. Great work. :^:

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One of Wisemen
On 4/29/2022 at 11:35 AM, The Coconut Kid said:

My question to leave you with has to be this - are you planning on posting any story missions at all to show us how these dynamics work? I'd love to see 'em. Show us how a couple of cons play out!

First of all, thanks for the comment.


The story will indeed be non-linear, but it'll always lead to a same conclusion. Thomas could end up fail to persuade Cyrus. Maria could end up losing her ties with the Russian mob. Regardless of what happen individually, the story always ends with the main antagonist being dead, and the protagonists reconcile despite still not trusting each other.


The full story itself will be presented like this. I doubt that a story structure like Mob Rules can be conveyed in mission by mission format. I've also planned some con missions, though they'll take more time for me to develop, as I'm aiming to have a comparable open-ended complexity to Hustle (not for all the missions, but majority of it).


I must said that your Liberty City 1978 concept with @Akaviri also inspire some of L&S mechanics, considering that's the first concept to actually introduce a conman protagonist. 

Edited by wise_man


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The Coconut Kid
On 4/29/2022 at 9:45 PM, wise_man said:

The story will indeed be non-linear, but it'll always lead to a same conclusion. Thomas could end up fail to persuade Cyrus. Maria could end up losing her ties with the Russian mob. Regardless of what happen individually, the story always ends with the main antagonist being dead, and the protagonists reconcile despite still not trusting each other.

This is interesting. It makes me wonder about the possible consequences of a failed con.


It seemed like consequences were completely absent from the heists in GTAV. It doesn't matter which way I prepare or execute a heist. The outcome will always be the same. Some crew members are programmed to die and I'll lose a tiny amount of the take, but there aren't any real consequences.


Which brings me to another thought - are you planning to feature crew members who can be brought in to assist with a con? You've assembled a lengthy supporting cast, and I'm assuming many of them will take this role. But I'm interested to hear your thoughts either way.


I'm glad you're planning to post a summary. I'm familiar with Hustle from my days in the UK - it's an understatement to say I'm looking forward to your examples.


On 4/29/2022 at 9:45 PM, wise_man said:

I must said that your Liberty City 1978 concept with @Akaviri also inspire some of L&S mechanics, considering that's the first concept to actually introduce a conman protagonist. 


Thank you. The big inspiration for me to include con was the film Trick Baby. I'm sorry about the quality but the first ten minutes are golden - they're exactly what I was going for. There's a second long con to complement the first short con later in the film. Might be worth a watch!

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One of Wisemen
On 5/1/2022 at 1:46 PM, The Coconut Kid said:

This is interesting. It makes me wonder about the possible consequences of a failed con.


It seemed like consequences were completely absent from the heists in GTAV. It doesn't matter which way I prepare or execute a heist. The outcome will always be the same. Some crew members are programmed to die and I'll lose a tiny amount of the take, but there aren't any real consequences.


Which brings me to another thought - are you planning to feature crew members who can be brought in to assist with a con? You've assembled a lengthy supporting cast, and I'm assuming many of them will take this role. But I'm interested to hear your thoughts either way.

Honestly, having every cons "irreversible" sounds ambitious, but also complicates me in designing the story, so only few that can be "missable" due to player's failure.


It works like the killing choices in GTA IV. Sometimes they cause minor outcome (becoming random characters when spared) or major outcome (killing Derrick/Francis leads to a funeral mission). If the cons alter the story in major scale like that Derrick/Francis scenario, then there's possibility that it cannot be repeated.


Yes, there's ability to optionally call some connections for some cons. A single team, however, is limited to two to four members (including the protagonist). I feel like GTA V's crowded heist team lacks some bond, specifically between the trio and the crew members. Apart from that conversation in The Paleto Score, nothing really interesting happened between Michael and let's say, Karl Abolaji . A small crew is enough as long as there's some proper chemistry.

Edited by wise_man
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The Coconut Kid
On 5/1/2022 at 5:48 PM, wise_man said:

Yes, there's ability to optionally call some connections for some cons. A single team, however, is limited to two to four members (including the protagonist). I feel like GTA V's crowded heist team lacks some bond, specifically between the trio and the crew members. Apart from that conversation in The Paleto Score, nothing really interesting happened between Michael and let's say, Karl Abolaji . A small crew is enough as long as there's some proper chemistry.


This makes sense and I'm glad it's the direction you've chosen.


It actually reminds me of Burn Notice and how closely the main characters operate. They take care of business, but they also aren't afraid to chill around the hotel pool.


Which brings me to your work on the location. You've done a really good job of bringing contemporary Miami to life. You've even fleshed out the neighbourhoods! I got a giggle out of your references to people who've resided in this part of Florida over the years -- Versace, Jackie Gleason, and Alphonse Capone himself.


You're probably going to know already how much I love Miami. But it takes a lot to convince me that I'd enjoy it as much present day. You do that. You also go above and beyond with the surrounding area. It's important that the Bahamas and Keys are in a re-imagined Vice City map.


I'm also interested to know. How much research did you drop on the location? I know you've mentioned City-Data forums in the lounge. Where have you been looking? And where would you recommend we look if we want to learn more?

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One of Wisemen

Haven't watch Burn Notice yet, but have seen some clips and trailers. Such a promising show about modern Miami. Not sure if I have the time to watch all 100+ episodes, though, maybe only a couple later.


1 hour ago, The Coconut Kid said:

I'm also interested to know. How much research did you drop on the location? I know you've mentioned City-Data forums in the lounge. Where have you been looking? And where would you recommend we look if we want to learn more?

Youtube helps me alot in studying Miami with countless documentaries and blogs. Among them I'd recommend The Field: Miami about the hoods and hip-hop scene, Miami Nightlife Guide about the scummy practices in Miami's nightlife, and this real estate agent talking about the luxurious side of the city.


That City-Data Forum was found by accident when I was looking for info about Westview. Wikipedia lacks the info needed sometime, so diving into that forum can fill the blank spaces. The forum is helpful enough to learn cities from locals' perspectives, but the web design makes it difficult to search topic by publish date.

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On 4/16/2022 at 2:06 PM, wise_man said:

Nice. One of my favorite dream pop songs in there.


I recommend adding songs by Cocteau Twins or Electric Youth as well, I personally think they're good fits for the vibe of the station.

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My favourite thing about reading concepts is the unique ideas people come up with. Con games and confidence tricks sounds very novel and fun. Like you mentioned a markedly different approach from the usual GTA power your way through approach, I'd say so much of a deviation it almost appears like a different game to GTA but it's good to shake up the formula makes things more interesting for sure. 


I like how you combined GTA IV and GTA V's approach to the multiple protagonist storyline. The seperate stories that intertwines into one large story in the latter half is probably my preferred approach to see too. Having the three protagonists play differently is a good touch too, it's something I think many have been asking considering how IV and V's protagonists play more or less the same. (Also Cesar being the worst driver means the driving will be like GTA IV for him😂 i like that though I imagine GTA IV fans wouldn't lol)


I'm a bit mixed about having the different grade weapons to be bought in different places. On one hand it feels more convenient to buy all in one place but on the other it makes more sense that an underground store won't have the quality merchandise that the top gunrunners have. It's definitely more immersive this way though. 


Good job on making Vice City look bleak, the whole tourist traps and only the wealthy enjoy the city... it really feels like a city of vices heh. 

Edited by AkshayKumar
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One of Wisemen



The coke heyday is long gone, doesn’t mean the city is cleaner now. Every city has their rulers, and behind the glitzy scene, there are the gangs, organizations, cartels, businesses, law and order:




African-American gangs

Many low-income neighborhoods in Vice City house African-American majorities. Since not all get the fair-share of the city’s magic, streets become ghettos. In Vice Gardens, Connor Town gang spreads fear to Mambas' supporters. In Independence and Broadway respectively, are the 14th Blocks and Broadway Juniors. Couples are also active around Cordoba and Vice Beach. They are burglars, carjackers, crack/coke dealers, Vice Bass and soundcloud rappers. Whoever the personality they have from those four, do not provoke.


Cuban gangs

Castro invaded America in early 1980’s with thousands of Cuban refugees: pleasant and unpleasant. The latter is the problem; they were hardened ex-prisoners, eager to start afresh in the land of opportunity. Members include seniors of Mariel boat lifts and juniors, native to American land. They hang in dark corners of Haiyakpo, Little Cuba, and Riverfront: extorting locals' money and organizing underground gambling tables.


Dominican gangs | Patriotas

Little Dominica alone is home to many families from Latin American and Caribbean: Nicaraguans, Salvadorans, Mexicans, but as the name suggests, Dominicans overrule in many blocks. Patriotas are known for taxing local shops and dressing as vigorous pimps that run street-level prostitution.


Haitian gangs | F.R.E.

The Haitians have settled mainly in Little Gonâve from 1970’s. The poorer migrants make gangs, and one stands out above all: F.R.E. or Fratènite, translated as the ‘brotherhood’ in Creole. As prideful as they are feared, known for home invasions and boat raids, the latter is lately popularized today by Nelson Dulysee and his small, but brutal crew. Packs of coke, heroin, and weed are snatched from any factions and sold back to Haiti. 


Spanish Lords

Dominating the prisons of Tequesta are the Spanish Lords members. Dangerous, tattooed, gold-black-uniformed multi-cultural (mostly Puerto Rican) street gang with different clans worldwide, including one in Vice City since the 90’s. Active in El Barrio, where they paint original murals and graffiti. and surrounding neighborhoods of Hermosa, Paramount, and Little Dominica.


Jamaican Posse | Yardies

Spread across the northern outskirts and numerous streetsides Jamaican Cafes. Their advantage is no secret: marijuana, both home-grown at basements and imported from Kingston or the Bahamas. Weeds are marketed cleverly at their cafe as different products, not just bongs, but also gummies and cookies in green-labeled jars.



The very root of Tequesta’s face on the digital world. They are loosely-tied lawless bandits, mud swimmers, and Southern cowboys. Commonly found around rural Evergreen; often hiding around ugly-looking ruins, trailer parks, and farmhouses. These locations can be meth labs, once responsible for the collapse of the metropolitan’s cocaine business in late 2000s. Outside they drive in convoy with trucks, off-road bikes, and airboats. Wild battle cries, races, parties, hunting, and smuggling activities. Eccentric styles of living, such as running naked while high, hence the internet dubs them the prototypical Tequesta Men.


Vice Beach Boys

When you’re throwing private parties in Vice Beach, make sure to hire enough bodyguards to handle these raiders: all-can-join surfer gang that attacks parties in packs like wild geese. Half-naked in flip-flops, sometimes weaponized with their own surfboards, ransacking everything for money and food.


Motorcycle Clubs

Three entities roam South Tequesta’s roads. Angels of Death are white supremacists from San Andreas; hanging out in a clubhouse near their disrepaired theme park attraction in St. Vitus Bazaar. The president is against immigrants, expressing his xenophobic view against their main enemies: Los Incendios and Uptown Riders. The Fires are local Hispanic bikers, anti-law and anti-society, residing in Cayo Frontera’s Devlin Street. The Riders are African-American urban riders with stylish sport bikes with a clubhouse in North Vice City.




Reyes Crime Family

From all the Cubans boarded in Tequesta, a young Valerio Reyes rose up, taking advantage of the Colombians’ drug game to enrich his own empire, which structures and lifestyles inspired by the Italian Mafia. He’s 60 years old now, resting his ass in a Mediterranean mansion in Ciudad Belleza. Hard work pays off, his wealthy dynasty now controls the city with corrupt politicians, judges, and officials, powered by lawyer Thiago Alarcón. Members got incarcerated? Someone speaking bad about them in public? The Reyes have nothing to worry.


Castaneda Crime Family

Another Cuban Mafia with majority shares over the Seminole Park Racing & Casino. Very minimal influence outside of it, in a cold war with the Reyes.


Kirikov Bratva

A mafiya organization, founded by Nikolai Kirikov after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. In the last seven years, Nikolai reaches out to elites like the Cleethorpes Family, and terraforms his home, Riviera, with condos and high-rise offices that house ex-Soviet states oligarchs. With powerful connections, come powerful business: large-scale money laundering via splendor amenities, leading-edge coke/heroin smuggling with Latino cartels, and hot rods imports with Petrovich.


Petrovich Bratva

Kirikov’s twin brother. An even more influential mafiya organization in America headquartered in Liberty City with a medium presence in Riviera. Konstantin 'Kenny' Petrovich's cold hand formulated his Bratva into a country-wide powerhouse, first through car smuggling, then drugs and arms. Kirikov used to be a harmless underdog to Kenny until his rapid evolution. War only wastes resources, so they decide to collaborate for welfare.


Jewish Connection

Possibly the oldest organization to claim territory in Vice Beach. The Connection is a collective of three different Jewish mobster families: the Venezuelan Sharansky, the Israeli Levy, and the orthodox Russian Yakobovitch. From the penthouses of David Beach and Imperio, the connection facilitates trading of luxuries, golds and diamonds from illegal mining operations in South America's rainforests or robberies in Europe.


Barattieri Family | The Commission

Tequesta is a free Italian estate. Tocobaga has its own since 1920s: Barattieri Family. Despite the disturbance of mob hearing and Cuban's revolution, they regained momentum in late 70s by assisting the five families in the Cocaine boom. The senior mobster Sandro Barattieri and Gambetti’s underboss Sammy Bottino made them a force to be reckoned with. But when Sandro died, Bottino persuaded the inner circle to "open the door wide", demoting the family as non-profit mediator for the Commission's self-interest. In Vice City, Barattieri is consulting from a Campanilli's mansion.


Broadway Mob

The near takeover of his apartment prompts 'Dipso' Marshall to enter the city’s real-estate hustle. He invites the most professional of all Broadway Juniors gangbangers and assembles a little group. Together, they seek wetworks for property magnates: protecting their construction sites or sabotaging the others, in exchange for legal defense of their turf.


Ferreira Organization

Secretive Brazilian money launderers and loan sharks led by ex-politician Bernardo Ferreira. Develop their own online loan app to find victims.


Human trafficking syndicates

Smaller crews of Latinos, Bahamians, and Eastern-Europeans that are responsible for missing person’ posters around the world. They smuggle victims with boats or lure them here with scummy online offers. Working in the dark, they’re hard to spot. Who knows the apartment next to yours is their stable. A notable example is the Viktor Lubarsky’s Ukrainian crew that also controls the high-class prostitution under Kirikov’s order.




Céntricio Cartel

By avoiding the overly dramatic killing sprees made by the Medalla Cartel, the Céntricio managed to keep their seat since 1986. The method? investing heavily in modern infrastructures and using them to form bonds: help outside cartels to launder their drug money, transport their commodities, and hire paramilitary mercenaries as muscle. Cocaine production is peaking at their home country, so the cartel’s baron, Romero Valdez, declares, “Time to flood the market again!”. Easier said than done sadly.


Cartel De Los Valles

In 2014, Cartel of the Valleys was exiled to America because of Venezuelan government’s monopoly over the country’s drug business. Led by the husband-wife pair of Thiago and Antonella Valladares, the cartel quickly hijacks many export shops in Floral for laundering and drug operations. FIB’s investigations suggest blood money alliance with the Mexican Cartels; something yet to be confirmed by the Valladares in front of the underworld congress.


El Rubio Cartel

Arguably the most notorious self-sustained drug cartel out there, no political ties to anyone, only open for trade agreements. Despite its small size and small territory that only encompasses Cayo Perico island, opa Juan Strickler or “El Rubio” makes his syndicate respected through the art of blackmailing. He has trusted connections in the DOA, and a disagreement can prompt him to send the agency priceless intel. How he somehow obtains them is a mystery.


Mexican Cartels

Tequesta isn’t as lucrative as the main US borders for Mexican Cartels. Their arrival in VC is limited to usual money laundering or smuggling tons of fentanyl and meth for one-time special orders. Living permanently here are diplomats, ambassadors, associates of Ocean Cartel and Vasquez-Gallardo Cartel that supervise their partnerships with all the city’s underworld players. The insignificant Madrazo Cartel from San Andreas also sends the leader’s son Miguel to negotiate with El Rubio as their primary supplier.


Other Cartels

Ever since the Haitian F.R.E. plunder many drug ships, smugglers and dealers combine their powers to face that challenge. Countless new smaller drug crews are formed, but only two worth mentioning main story-wise: the Vera Enterprise formed by Panamanian ex-con Horacio Vera and the Gutierrez Cartel formed by Colombian street gangbangers in Brandall.




The 6th Millions

The hip-hop record label in Vizcaya Island selects lucky rappers with poverty issues. Young artists are forced to waste the given budgets on cribs, cars, and gold chains for ‘personal branding’. The artist is then expected to return the investment with their album’s profits. They are unaware of the scam until brutish gangster-like debt collectors chase them behind with their fast cars.


Byzantium Construction

Armenian-Russian construction company with ex-Armenian prisoners and mobsters hired as extra manpower: workers and security forces. That idea is too fishy for Russian investigative reporters, dubbing the company as “Armenian Mafia”. While the media and public are too busy speculating, international Russian organized crimes are enthusiastic to permit Byzantium Construction develop their buildings. 


Da Silva Enterprise | GD Treasure Fleet

Two freighter companies from Brazil and Macau, respectively. The Da Silva is new to white-collar crime and illegal goods transporting. No other choice to pay the reckless spending that's intended to make them look good instead of work good. Meanwhile, the GD Treasure Fleet has been in the game since the formation, operating more like typical Triads that deliver and protect Chinese’s exports, legal and illegal.


Hernán Ruiz

Not a company, but this specific individual deserves a shot. A property conglomerate who nominates himself for the next Vice City’s mayoral election. He wants a city free from slums, tents, and homeless, then turns it into the next Ferrum Canyon. Public outrages and protest signs mean blank to him, as long as he's able to invest in FirstDime crypto project by a Balkan ex-glam queen. Well-connected with SecuroServ, whom he uses as backup plan if he can't win clean.



Thousand reasons why scholars agree that Vice City is one of the most corrupt cities nationwide. Politicians spend public funds for their own yachts, anti-corrupt officials become the thing they’re fighting against, and controversial figures maintain popularity in keeping their seats. They allow Latin governments to hide their assets here, from laundered taxes to corruptors in exile. They think they’re untouchable, but as conmen, remember how the FIB’s illegally tricked the American statesmen in late 70s.


Government Agencies | Police Departments

The FIB and IAA are competing in wars against terrorism, never tired in the race of serving America. The Drug Observation Agency keeps themselves on high alert for forty years. The city itself is guarded by VCPD, VBPD, and other private security firms. In reality, though, the two departments are under the control of other players, especially the Reyes. They extort, launder, and take cuts. Some officers even flaunt the dirty money like nothing. The DOA has recently recovered shady evidence of the VCPD’s narcotics division, setting in motion of our Cesar's adventure.



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One of Wisemen



All three protagonists display different backgrounds, skills, and physiques, crafting an extensively diverse gameplay.


Each protagonist has different playstyles, and has access to varying features and activities. The attributes of driving, shooting, and strength are unalterable. You must adapt with the distinctful perks and weaknesses; use the gyms, shooting ranges, and driving schools for training.



Related to his confidence profession, Thomas has the ability to pickpocket pedestrians by bumping into them or unleashing his inner Artemis Jacobs to misdirect them with quick hand tricks. The particular skill, however, is also a curse. He rarely uses firearms, influencing his poor shooting skill. Reloading/switching takes longer, recoil is more noticeable, and blind-fire cannot be performed. Gun modifications, like muzzles and extended clips can resolve this weakness. His second expertise? driving, shaped up by his liking on street races back in Nassau. Thomas is able to take turns easier as land vehicles feel lighter, in between GTA IV and V, except for larger cars such as trucks, buses, and heavy-duty industrial machinery.


Street Race | Export/Import | Car Theft
Take part in challenging tracks through the nostalgic night in Vice Beach streets, long drives across the Tampico Trail, jumping between bridges of Tequesta Keys, and more. Looking for profits but street racing isn’t your forte? Deliver on-demand vehicles to an opened container in Viceport. Monetary reward depends on condition and once the cargo ship sails away, the vehicle is purchasable online. The former two are available for all protagonists, but Thomas has supplementary: special carjacking missions targeting luxurious, rare wheels for car connoisseurs around the city. Their exact whereabouts won’t be given nor dotted in the map, find it with your wits.


Car Service | Transporter

Car service involves deliveries of passengers from point A to B. Get in any yellow cab and play the role as taxi driver. For more class, apply yourself to service the elites. Not a scratch left in their classics, exotics, or limousines, then you’re set for a high payout. As a transporter, Thomas can also deliver sleazy cargo between underworld clients. Items range from drug bags to stolen artworks, to kidnapped mistress for ransom. Won’t go smooth all the time, curious rivals and police may intervene.


Robberies | Shoplifting | Market Sabotation
Around you are mom-and-pop stores, laundromats, and groceries. Point a gun and the counter will hand their cash (and threaten you back in some cases). Thomas doesn’t really favor stickups, but he would take a pack of chocolate and walk away without paying when he’s hungry. Be sure the owner is distracted when you hit the ‘pick item’ button. To shower Thomas with money, instead, hit the stock market. Though unlike GTA V, you’ll work together with Irving Belfort and The New Wizards to sink rival’s stock price and get a cut.


Chaos: Walking Target
Your latest mark happens to send hit squads after Thomas for revenge, knowing well he won’t stand in a gunfight. Prove him wrong by fending off the attack.



Thanks to her assassin background, Maria has the best marksmanship skill. Faster reloading/switching, better recoil control, increased aim and precision, and able to blind-fire while crouching. When wearing a dress or skirt, she’ll conceal small items and handguns underneath them in a thigh holster. Meanwhile, for obvious biological reasons, she is also the weakest in strength, and starts with a low stamina. Maria’s unarmed combat moves, based on Krav Maga, are more defensive-oriented, intended to escape, NOT to initiate. Damages from close combat drains extra health points, and recovering hit points from injuries take longer.


Contract Killing | Bodyguard

Various contacts provide Maria with hit targets throughout her story, especially The Curator. They’ll communicate the details via phone, mail, burner phones left in a hidden room, to an old dusty telephone in an antique shop. Many tactics can be used: stealthily sneaking into the target’s room, sniping target from afar, setting up fake accidents, or using her feminine wiles for short-con, lowering the guard. Or, do the inverse, be the guardian angel: protect media stars, brokers, or kingpins from any potential harms, at all cost. Most clients will view you as one-dimensional human shield, but high payout awaits regardless in the end.


Gunrunner | Russian Roulette

Hang around Manuel Ortega and he’ll request your sincere assistance for his gunrunning business. Driving a van with guns in the trunk, your job is to sell them for buyers around the city; some are waiting paranoidly, some are moronic enough to buy in open public area, some have a chance of inviting ambushers. For an extra money gain you can grab the revolver for a high-stake deadly game of luck; a bullet respawns you somewhere random.



Two protagonists will have different roles in blackmailing. Maria is the gatherer for her clients: photographing the target’s secret handshake from afar or stealing sensitive documents with signatures from their mansion at night. Meanwhile, Cesar is the blackmailer, collecting those materials indirectly from the hitwoman to be exhibited in the target’s face. Your recurrent employer is no brainer: El Rubio.


Chaos: Lovely Sandbag

Not everyone in the city welcomes girls like Maria properly. There are locals who hate foreign newcomers, misogynistic A.O.D. bikers, or third-wave feminism protesters; and they’re all aggressive, wanting to punch you. It ain’t happening today: survive and escape the brawl.



Having trained boxing back in the VCPD, Cesar has the best brute strength and can perform unique boxing techniques via button combinations: from uppercut to haymaker. This allows him to participate in more masculine activities of arm wrestling and underground cage fighting, if the gym’s ring isn’t challenging enough. In line to his prime build are boosts on stamina and lung capacity since you first play him. Meanwhile, Cesar’s driving is arguably the worst of three. Do you miss EFLC’s full boat-like experience? drive any land vehicle as Cesar, it’s a lot heavier. No clear reason why his driving is awful aside from “bad driving instructor, like every driver in the city”.


Racket Collector | Loan Shark | Insurance Fraud

Each provided by different connections, but all have a theme in common: non-lethal damages for cash. As a staff of Walt O’Donnell, Cesar must extort protection fees from shops under Walt’s racket ring by any means-including smacking the keeper and smashing the goods. Later on, Cesar will be introduced to Bernardo Ferreira to collect unpaid debts from people in his logbook. No hard cash after you beat up the debtor? Ferreira is happy enough with anything valuable, like a jewelry box or a car. As Cesar’s rep climbs up, shady real estate agents will approach him to damage expensive properties for insurance money.


Private Security

Apply to work for club managers and event organizers, most clustered in Vice Beach. Make sure the night runs smoothly from troublemakers-Vice Beach Boys invaders are one to most worry about. Varieties include, but not restricted to: throwing out intoxicated patrons, standing in the entrance as bouncer and checking out entrants’ identifications, and chauffeuring VIPs to their destinations. 


Drug Bust

Disguise yourself as a cop or DOA agent and intercept one of dozens drug transactions across the city, from small deals between gangsters of Vice Gardens to the Colombian’s large-scale smuggling operations in Viceport. Steal the drug and money briefcases while everyone involved is panicking.


Chaos: Road Rage

Engage a destructive demolition derby-esque car chases against Vice City’s wildest drivers: from ferocious street racers to henchmen of a major drug dealer you’ve ripped off earlier. Lose all the pursuers to win.




Borrowed from RDR IIthere are three cores outside of the three permanent attributes above: health, stamina, and lung capacityDeveloping a certain habit gradually improve the first three e.g. doing sport activities add to stamina, and diving increases lung capacity.


Your current fitness and mental states affect them. Eat and sleep well to avoid fatigue. Take a break from con games and suspenseful actions to relieve stress. Combat, shootout, or car accident may result in injuries of different severity levels and gameplay drawbacks depending on which body part is affected (head, torso, arms, or legs). After being hit by a bullet, treat yourself by visiting hospital/doctors or doing own risky surgery. If not handled right, these variables will limit your cores, movements, dialogues, blending-in abilities, and creative choices. 




To quote Jan Daniels words, "No paradise here, unless you pretend you owe one". If you want to forget the gloomy reality of Vice City, there are plenty of diversions around: magic shows, fortune tellers, nightclubs, strip clubs, hotels with jacuzzi, the Leaf Links Golf Course, or whatever.



First thing that comes to mind when talking about the city. Relax yourself after a tiresome mission. Take a seat and sunbathe while listening to Lord Huron, play beach volleyball, parasail, Blazer race, aquatic sports like flyboarding and windsurfing, or do any leisure activities you can imagine from the words “Vice Beach”. The rules: beachwears, shorts, bikinis are restricted to this area; and only one weapon/item possible in inventory.





What a con-themed video game would be without poker card games? Horse betting and drinking games? Slot machines and roulette tables? Blackjack and good old' Texas Hold'em? Sure it ain't the Strip, but in Vice City, people play anywhere and bet money and drugs.


Pack up some cards and play while in a boat trip, in a nightclub, or in a Jamaican cafe. Explore the map and you'll end up finding illegal backalley gambling spots, street gangs running blood sports, or strangers playing three-card Monte trick. Go to Little Cuba's domino park and place bets on rounds of dice, domino, and chess. For a Deep Inside fantasy, visit the Haiyakpo's Seminole Park Racing & Casino, the Atlantic Racino up north, or the Meropis Island Casino in the Bahamas. Score a losing streak and everyone underestimating you; while winning streak opens higher-stake games, and invites more accusations of cheating.


Play honest or manipulate the game for your favor. Master the sleight of hand tricks to change cards, sabotage the roulette machine, or break the horse's leg in the race. Remember, if you can cheat, so do your opponents; and getting caught may culminate in a fight or a temporary ban from the casino.





Whatever combination you wear for the trio, their style persist permanently unlike in GTA V.


The city hosts many fashion outlets. Streetside stores of different names sell low-priced clothes. SubUrban and Binco sell fresher casual wears. ProLaps sells trendy sport kits. ZIP and Modo sell mid-range wardrobes. Didier Sachs and Perseus sell must-have tailored luxuries. Other sophisticated stores offer more specified style: leather items in VCTM; classy/trendy 80s and 90s looks in Breakstone; unique outfits for disguises in various costume shops; and Hawaiian shirt, sundress, plus other beachwears in various beachside stores.


Barbershop returns to switch different hairstyles. Hats, glasses, and masks can conceal your identity. Jewel stores sells accessories. Wearing a watch reveals current in-game time above the minimap. Having an earphone allows you to listen to radio broadcasts on foot. Jewelries enhance your social value, but also attract thieves.


Maria has wider options to embrace her femininity: skirts, dresses, pantyhoses, flats, and high heels. She can apply makeup from Pharaoh Cosmetics by interacting with the safehouse's mirror, where Thomas and Cesar can modify facial hair instead. And for any creep fans out there, no, you can’t remove any parts of her clothes, and neither do for the two boys.


The game features a visibility meter, which determines how well you’re blending in with your surroundings. This works hand-to-hand with the confidence trick gameplay in a sense that out-of-place dress code raises people’s suspicion faster. For example, hanging around in an expensive suit in Downtown and Freedom City result in differing NPC reactions.





A realistic overhaul from LSPD’s atrocity. Public responds to your crime and suspicious acts only if noticeable enough. Along with the 5★ measurement (or 3★ in the Bahamas), three new statuses are introduced:


When you're trespassing in more restrictive areas, such as a crime scene, nearby officers will warn you to leave. They don’t bite, only bark. Resisting a warning grants 1-2★ where they make moves to arrest, but not to kill. At first they will use batons and tasers, then they will shoot your foot or car wheel to slow you down. Beyond that, they’ll come for your head with helicopters and road barricades. NOOSE will be dispatched at the highest levels, complete with armored trucks and snipers at rooftops. No escape.


After evading the stars, law and civilians within the wanted zone will remember your characteristics, thus opening an investigation. They’re not dumb anymore, they will follow your trail by completing puzzles of clues. Think smart: change clothes, switch cars, avoid crowds, or just lay low at home until the cooldown period is over.


You’ll be punished for high ★ or for acting unpredictable in the street repeatedly. As the penalty, a larger sum of money is deducted and you’re locked in an interrogation room ala Red Dead’s jail cell.



As you make a walk around Vice City, you may encounter unique person of interest. Some provide unique interactions, stories and informations to tell. Some other seek for your favors in form of short side missions. Some are just freaks you'd expect in Tequesta.

  • Adegoke - Missing Nigerian “patriarch”. An online scammer who makes fortunes from recycling e-wastes and spamming scummy emails begging for monetary transfer. He tells different tales of how he ends up in Vice City’s scrapyard and how he’s unable to return to Lagos.
  • Dean Caine - Plain-looking forensic detective who investigates his own crime scene. Committing serial murders of city’s most deranged criminals in the most Tequestan modus operandi possible, such as stealing a crocodile from Evergreen with a trashmaster and releasing it into his victim’s bedroom.
  • Gabriela Roncancio - Fellow female assassin. Contracted full-time by Céntricio Cartel’s drug lords. Consume diverse drug substances to sustain her sanity and emotion. Rescued by Thomas in a bloody shirt from fierce gunfight in the first encounter. Phone Maria for assistance in subsequent meetings.
  • Jerry Kapowitz - From poorest to the luckiest man alive. The owner of Gun n’ Wine in Gleason Beach, a place to get drunk and practice shotguns under the same roof. Score high points for discounts. Seen scavenging trash cans around every morning, hoping to unearth more diamonds.
  • Kevin "Crow" Ull - Failed country singer who always jogs shirtless through the entire length of Vice Beach. Bound and determined to not miss a day since 1975 against all odds: trolls, stormy winds, or bone spurs. "Don't stop," his trademark motto said.
  • Tijs Bergling - Religious believer of ‘brawn over brains’. Narcissistic bodybuilding persona who shows off his muscles in a beachside gym near Versace Boulevard. Used to have excellent television fame before scandals in San Andreas and arrests in Las Venturas. He critiques Maria for distracting his grind’ and challenges Cesar for planche push-ups.
  • Xavier Menendez - Exiled from Cuba in 1978. Everyday dice and chess player in Little Cuba’s Domino Park. In for the fun, never bets. Poor eyesight and prone to cheating.



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I've been lurking this thread from time to time and I gotta say, the amount of work you put in and updated in this is incredible and pretty admirable.


Really great attention to detail and graphically pleasing while staying true to that classy rendition of 2017 Vice City you went for. Makes me wish it was actually a real game.


Keep it up man 👍

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One of Wisemen



From vintage classics to advanced supercars, a vibrant mix of classic and modern automotives.


Legally, cars and bikes are purchasable through dealerships and online websites. Illegally, you can simply jack one. Hijacking an unoccupied automobile requires you to bash the window or use a slim jim. Depending on the vehicle, you then need a screwdriver or immobilizer bypasser to actually start the engine. Hijacking from traffic is equally risky as you may never know the passengers’ self-defense moves. Stolen vehicles will always be marked for search until you abandon or modify at least its plate number.


Around the map are mod garages and automotive communities. Head to Vice Vinyl or Pay ‘n’ Spray for a quick paint job and repair. Pimp up in Raj’s Motor Works or other garages with Los Santos Custom-esque components, now expanded to add motorbike customizations. Around the city are also clubs that hold unique races, wagers, and auctions. You can enter provided your ride is relevant, like a hydraulics-attached car for El Barrio’s lowrider meeting.


The trio starts with one personalized vehicle, replaceable with any vehicle of the same class and vehicle seats: Thomas has Leandro's grullo Declasse Fiorento, Maria is given a navy Übermacht Sentinel SN by Artemiy, and Cesar owns a silver Albanny Pierre.






Benefactor Feltzer Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG

Benefactor Schatten 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Coupé

Benefactor Schwartzer Mercedes-Benz 63 AMG Edition 507

Bravado Banshee Dodge Viper (ZB I)

Dewbauchee SuperGT Aston Martin DB11

Dinka Blista Compact 1983-1987 Honda CR-X

Grotti Carbonizzare Ferrari F12

Grotti Vitelia Ferrari 458 Spider

Karin Calico Toyota Celica GT-Four

Karin Kuruma Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Karin Sultan Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Pfister Comet Porsche 911 (991) Carrera 4S Coupé

Schyster Fusilade Chrysler Crossfire Coupé



Albany Manana 1971-1976 Cadillac Eldorado

Declasse Tornado 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air

Dewbauchee Pagnell 1978 Aston Martin V8 Volante

Grotti Cheetah Classics 1984 Ferrari Testarossa

Grotti GT500 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta

Grotti Stinger Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder

Imponte Deluxo DMC DeLorean

Lampadati Reflekto Maserati Khamsin

Pegassi Fuopenna Lancia Fulvia HF Competizione

Vapid Malaparti 1973 Ford Capri 2600

Vapid Peyote 1958 Ford Thunderbird

Vulcar Fagaloa Volvo 131341 T Amazon B18



Dewbauchee Massacro 2012-2018 Aston Martin Vanquish

Dewbauchee SuperGT Aston Martin DB9

Dewbauchee Wonder Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Grotti Cheetah Ferrari Enzo

Grotti Turismo R LaFerrari

Pegassi Infernus Lamborghini Murciélago

Pegassi Retana Lamborghini Aventador

Rune Moryana 2012 Marussia B2



Albany Hermes 1954-1956 Buick Super

Bravado Gauntlet Classic 1973 Dodge Charger

Classique Stallion 1968–1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Declasse El Viaje 1976 Chevrolet El Camino

Declasse Fiorento 1965-1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

Declasse Impaler 1978 Chevrolet Impala

Declasse Vigero 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe

Dundreary Crescent 1973-1976 Mercury Cougar

Vapid Albatross 1965-1966 Ford Fairlane (Fairlane 500)

Vapid Ellie 1967 Ford Mustang

Willard Eudora 1977 Buick Electra



Albany Emperor 1977-1984 Cadillac Sedan de Ville

Albany Esperanto Lincoln Continental Mark VII

Albany Pierre 2014-2018 Cadillac ATS

Annis Pinnacle Classic 1980-1984 Datsun Maxima (810 Maxima, 810)

BF Tatort 1974 Volkswagen Passat LS B1 (Typ 32)

Classique Oceanic 1957-1958 Oldsmobile 88

Declasse Asea Chevrolet Aveo sedan (T250, US)

Dinka Blista TCL US-Spec Honda Civic Si

Karin Asterope Toyota Aurion (XV40)

Schyster Crestwood 1992-1997 Chrysler Concorde

Übermacht Sentinel SN BMW 3 Series (E90)

Vapid Prospector 2012-2016 Ford Fusion



Canis Mesa 1996 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Canis Seminole 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 

Canis Titanium Jeep Wagoneer (XJ)

Declasse Rancher 1974 Chevrolet K5 Bazer

Emperor LandEater Lexus J201 Concept

Gallivanter Baller 2005 L322 Range Rover

Gallivanter Catalyst 2006-2010 Land-Rover Freelander (LR2)

Gallivanter Journeyman 2008-2016 Land Rover Discovery 4 (LR4)

Grotti Brioso X 2014-2019 Fiat 500X

Imponte Nomad 2000-2001 Pontiac Aztek

Karin BJ Cruiser 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser J200

Maibatsu Monstrosity 1986-1990 Mitsubishi Montero

Rune Medveda 2010 Marussia F2 Concept

Vapid Frontier 2013 Ford Explorer

Vapid Meridian 2000-2004 Ford Escape



Albany Diable 1985-1993 Coupe de Ville

Albany Pierre Coupe 2014-2019 Cadillac ATS Coupé

Annis MT-9 2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata

BF Weevil Volkswagen Beetle Type 1

Emperor Artemis 2001-2005 Lexus SC 430

Fathom FR36 2002-2006 Infiniti G35 (V35)

Karin Fayette Toyota Celica coupe (T160)

Obey Constance 2014-2018 Audi TT

Schyster Bravura 1987 Chrysler LeBaron Coupe

Übermacht B26 2003-2010 BMW E63

Übermacht Metropolis 2014 BMW i3

Vapid Ganton 1969-1970 Ford Galaxie 500



BF Surfer 1950 Volkswagen Type 2 (T1)

Bravado Fargo 2011 Dodge Ram Dakota

Bravado Youga 3rd Generation Dodge Ram Van

Bravado Youga Classic 1969-1974 Ford Econoline

Declasse Burrito 2015 Chevrolet Express

Vapid Novaline 2012 Ford E-Series Van



Principe Runner Yamaha XJR1200 '1996–98

sh*tzu Cassius Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

sh*tzu Dragonfly Suzuki RE5 Rotary 1976

sh*tzu Hakuchou Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa

sh*tzu Hakuchou Suzuki GSX-R 750

Western Angel Harley-Davidson FXSTC Softail Custom

Western Hellfury West Coast Choppers El Diablo

Western Nightblade Harley Davidson Night Rod Special

Western Whitney Harley-Davidson FXDF Dyna Fat Bob 2011

Western Wolfsbane Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob



HVY Dock Handler Taylor TEC950L

HVY Docktug Ottawa Commando 4x2

HVY Dozer Caterpillar 963D

HVY Forklift YaleGLP060VX

HVY Mixer 2011 Oshkosh S2346 Tri/A Mixer Truck

HVY Telehandler Caterpillar TL642C

Vulcar Vedrfolnir Volvo VNX




Police Cruiser 2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit

Police Predator TBA



Bravado Bison Colossus 2006 Dodge Rampage

Bravado Bison Scattista 2010 Ram Runner Concept '03

Canis Kalahari Citroën Méhari

Canis Mesa Desperado 2016 Jeep Shortcut

Canis Mesa Sahara 2015 Jeep Wrangler Africa

Canis Trekker Jeep Trailcat



Aeroboat Airboat

Benedick Azure Lagoon 450 F

Benedick Marquis Beneteau Oceanis 55.1

Dankward Calderone Chris-Craft Stinger 390x

Dankward Dinghy Naval Special Warfare RHIB

Dankward Jetmax Chris-Craft Stinger 260

Dankward Smuggler Fountain 47 Lightning

Dankward Tropic Sea Ray 300 Sundancer

Speedophile Seashark Bombardier Sea Doo RXT

Glaive Formula 16 Catamaran

Surveyor Everglades 325CC

Zenith Beluga Azimut 55

Zenith Hafgufa Viking 80 Convertible



HVY Skylift Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane

Western Seabreeze Seawind 300C



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One of Wisemen



Art of deception alone is never enough, weaponize yourself.


Combat is enhanced: diversity in close combat, deadlier and louder gunfight, strategic inventory system, and a gunshine state market. From wandering junkies to elite police forces, everyone fights differently.


Hand-to-hand combat includes punches, kicks, and dodges with bare hands; plus grabbing, pushing, and slamming opponents into the floor, wall, or table. The protagonists have their own hand-to-hand combat style: Thomas is nothing-specially standard, Maria is defensive, and Cesar is more offensive and martial. 


Beyond this, environmental objects are abundant around. Wooden plank, umbrella, brick, glass bottle, and others are pickable as melee or thrown weapons. Each has varying damage, durability, and noise level when used, depending on sizes and materials. But you can’t pocket them like traditional melee arms such as knives. Cesar, matching his build, can also equip the unique knuckle dusters, metal bat, and heavy sledgehammer.


On-foot pocket size depends on current clothing. Weapons are divided into (1) one-handed, (2) two-handed, and (X) those that require extra spaces. Up to four one-handed sidearms and small blades are concealed beneath your outerwear or on your holsters: belt, shoulder (Cesar), or thigh (alternative for Maria whenever wearing skirt/dress only). The single two-handed arm is slinged, exposed on your back. Extra inventory spaces are provided with a carried briefcase or duffle bag, which store a single heavier weaponry and/or conceal your two-handed gun.


Tequesta permits the sales without license, but bans open carry in public. Vendors are tiered, and each sells different merchandise of different price ranges and qualities. Underground dealers sell cheap but often rusty street-tier pistols, micros, and rifles. Ammu-Nation and local armaments sell fairer handguns and shotguns. Luxury outlets such as Gun n’ Wine sell grade A guns, including more machine guns and a few rifles that are paintable with engravings and plates. Sniper rifles, heavies, and explosives are limited to international black-market merchants like Manuel Ortega.






(1) Knuckle Duster Wore in hand

(1) KnifeDagger, & Switchblade Vary in damage and slash speed

(2) Baseball Bat Home-run with a powerful blow

(2) Metal Bat One hit on head sends to grave

(2) Crowbar To break open locked cabinets, windows, doors, and cars

(2) Golf Club Score a hole in one

(1) Hammer It's hammer time

(2) Nightstick

(1) Scissor

(1) Screwdriver Hijack low-end parked cars

(2) Sledgehammer

(2) Slim Jim

(2) Wrench & Pipe Wrench



(1) Vest Pocket Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket

(1) Cobra .357 Rossi R46102 .357 Magnum

(1) Tschikof 9mm 5th gen Glock 17 9x19mm

(1) Angehen H&K P2000

(1) Silver M1911

(1) SNS H&K P7M13

(1) Desert Eagle Desert Eagle .50 AE

(1) Kryshko Stechkin APS

(1) Kersey Wildey Magnum .475

(1) Grand 9mm Browning Hi-Power

(1) Python .45 Colt Peacemaker .45

(1) Taser Unlimited use, short recharge between shots






(1) Yuli Pistol Uzi Pistol

(1) Sauvage H&K MP7A1

(2) Banning 9x19mm H&K MP5A3

(2) Gusenberg .45 M1921AC Thompson

(2) Seraph 9mm Steyr AUG 9mm

(X) Trojan Case H&K MP5K Operational Briefcase



(1) Cicero Lupara

(2) Huntsman 12GA Ithaca .37

(2) Gotham .223 Remington Model 7615

(2) Gadyuka-12 Vepr-12






(2) Mariachi-14 Mini-14

(2) Mikhailen AK-47

(2) Hermand Carbine M16A4

(2) Breacher-H FN SCAR H

(2) Compassion .308 Savage Arms 10 BA .308 Winchester

(X) Genesis .50 BMG Barrett M82A1

(X) Specialist .50 ArmaLite AR-50



(X) Centurion Milkor MGL Mk 1L Grenade Launcher

(X/X) Rocket Launcher RPG-7

(1) Grenade Obligatory for a GTA game

(1) Molotov Cocktail Home-made incendiary

(1) Sticky Bomb Controlable and attachable

(1) Tear Gas Blind your vision



Modeled straight from RDR II is a second inventory wheel for items. Again, capacity depends on your outfit. Equipments include types of substances and versatility such as binocular. Trickster tools like police badges are used to aid your con. Loots are tradeable in stores and fences across the map. Consumables restore or negate your physical and mental statistics. As you progress through the story, the protagonist may barter both weapons and items to close associates or to each other.




Binocular Sightseeing

Camera Digitally superior to smartphone

Jerry Can Flameable material

Lockpick Break open locked doors and cabinets

Handcuff Modern lasso

Immobilizer Bypasser Hijack parked high-end cars

Sleeping Pill Dissolve into drink

Poison Knock out in a minute 

Lethal Poison Instant death

Sedative Syringe Non-lethal takedown



Magazine Blend in, pretend to read

Mask Balaclava, bandana, or masquarade mask, conceal your facial identity

Member Card Staffs, private yacht clubs, and alike

Identifications DOA, FIB, any government or media institutions

Police Badge Access to police stations, crime scenes, and private properties

Pack of Cards For poker or trick game, anywhere, anytime

Pocket Palette Put on pretty makeup wherever you please

Sensitive Materials Document or photograph for blackmailing



Counterfeit Cash Shoplifting and scam

Credit Card Stolen for spending spree

Cheque Converted to liquid cash in bank

Diamond May be cursed

Drug Small bag of cocaine, heroin, or weed, not for consumption

Electronic Stolen phone or tablet

Gold Chain, brick, and nugget

Imitation Worthless jewelry

Poker Chip Casino's currency

Silver Poorer than gold

Wallet A pickpocketer's payday, may be empty

Watch Show time, show me your money



Alcohol Pißwasser, wine, etc, shaky cam, no health benefit

Bandage Heal individual body part faster, visible

Cigarette Stress reliever, penalty to lung capacity

Coffee Decrease fatigue from lack of sleep

Light Drink Soda can or a glass of juice, slight stamina boost

Light Meal Chocolate bar or snack from vending machine, slight health boost

Heavy Meal Beef jerky or sandwich, moderate health boost

Painkiller Ignore all injuries' drawbacks, but pause the recovery time

Supplement Vitamin pills, slowly regenerate health fully




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One of Wisemen



Not all missions and possibilities are explored here, only few of the full experience. Imagine the rest by yourself.


The three protagonists' stories are very loosely tied. No crossover until the second part. After the prelude, character wheel makes it possible to switch between characters. Loading artworks fill the transition instead of zooming in-and-out map.



Summer 2017.


A troop of Haitian F.R.E. gangsters under Nelson Dulysee plunders trucks and boats that distribute drugs in the ground level. The acts initiate narco freelancers to work together in groups, intensifying the competitive atmosphere. Petty dealer Leandro Gomez dreams to rise up above the competition, so he spares Thomas Kingston after a failed con. As a grifter, Thomas is forced to lobby the city players into elevating Leandro’s uninteresting corner. In the meantime, he reaches out to tourist trapper Jan Daniels, whose connections allow him to exercise his grift touch and to escape from Leandro’s shadow.


Venturing in Vice City’s business landscape, Thomas and Jan participate in the higher league’s schemes, from mentoring Jan’s rookie boy Neil Shackley by rigging casino games to aiding Delaney-Fritz and Gunawan in offering paintings and wines, respectively, to aristocrats and underworld players. As more projects completed, the negotiator is approached by more desperate faces. The Da Silva Enterprises need him to delay their bankruptcy. The Broadway Mob needs him as guider when they work for real-estate moguls like Yusuf Amir. Jewish mobster Grossman needs him to extract more ill-gotten gains from the Connection’s gold deals.


Speaking of mobs, the Russians in the north are reshuffling their internal seats. Pakhan Nikolai Kirikov favors the wealthy associates to directly operate his Bratva. The consequence? long-time established members feel endangered, such as star trafficker Andriy Maximov who plans to blackmail oligarch Artemiy Yelagin for ‘stealing’ his responsibility of east coast drug routes. In response, Artemiy plants two agents to check the rabbit hole within Kirikov’s organization: Brandon McCallan the Irish muscle and Maria Vinogradova the spy. The deeper she descends into the conspirators’ circle, however, the more reluctant she becomes.


Outside the Bratva, Maria secretly launches her own hitwoman service; to taste a bit of her longed liberty. A side gig for gunrunner Manuel Ortega introduces her to better contacts, including "Solo" Bradley, a fresh assassin from Vice Gardens’ hoods, whom she finds to be a reliable platonic partner with a common dream. Many clients across the city underestimate the seductress, but the endeavor proves her values.


Meanwhile, a recently fired Cesar Álvarez still acts as if he has the badge: extorting money out of Spanish Lords smuggler Marlon Ramos and underappreciated dealer Vigo Jaén, as well as laboring for racketeer Walt O’Donnell and his Italian network. Buddy Freddie Newman warns him about the Drug Observation Agency, a government agency competent enough for addressing the dirty sh*thole of their VCPD narcotics division. Even when Freddie assures that only the flashy lawmen are being investigated, fear strikes. Cesar refuses to feel safe.


Cesar’s hero preference is the notorious lawyer, Thiago Alarcón the ‘El Solucionador’. The Reyes Crime Family that employs him is unquestionably pressured by the agency’s mission too, and the intimidator can step in as solution of that problem. But if the path to the Cuban kingpins is too difficult, maybe Cesar can get close to another major player, blackmailing master El Rubio. Or maybe he can seek redemption to the old boss: sergeant Claude Geffrard, by capturing the aforementioned Haitian gangster alive.

Whatever roads you pick for the three artists, make sure they’re appeased. Keep Thomas motivated with his hustles. Keep Maria’s secret agenda unexposed to the enemies. Keep Cesar protected from the agency’s surveillance.


Some of the Con Games:

  1. PRELUDE: Back To Basics - Thomas recharges his energy by dealing drugs with Leandro's old company.
  2. PRELUDE: Funtime After Dark - Maria plays bowling in her first night in Vice City.
  3. PRELUDE: A Warning Before Sunrise - Cesar visits the park at early morning with some friends and foes.
  4. Parasitic Relationship - Thomas tricks a climbing drug baron into trusting Leandro and a new warehouse.
  5. Angel In Disguise - Maria lures a henchman of Andriy to his death.
  6. Tricking "Goliath" - Cesar blackmails a Cuban cowboy into paying Walt and the Italians.
  7. Paradise Lost - Thomas stages Leandro's destruction.
  8. Our Last Exchange - Maria and Solo visit the bazaar and get involved in a chase.
  9. Only In Vice CityCesar takes a high-speed drive for Thiago.
  10. Ocean Drive T
  11. Young Again M
  12. Haitian Hospitality C
  13. The Rubens Imitator T
  14. Let The Siren Sings M
  15. Mincemeat C



As the three artists make names, overlaps happen.


They share the same client couple of times. Eventually, Thomas is inspired to assemble a team like in his Nassau days. He takes the initiative to invite Maria and Cesar to score their own high risk, high reward cons. “Only three of us, for ourselves,” he claims. This rule doesn’t restrict you from hiring one extra, like Jan or SB, when absolutely needed.


Set up a comfortable hideout, whether it’s a luxury hotel room or an empty backroom, as long as it’s not one of the trio’s safehouses. While the three have their own problematic lives, you can gather them here for collaborations. Set a mark and scenario, prepare, and execute. From each con, 60% reward is allocated as cuts for each participants. The rest 40% is kept in a safe as upfront money for future cons and hideout's maintenances.


First games won’t be smooth. It starts with an uneasy relationship with constant creative differences. The trio never knew each other before, unlike in GTA V. With more successful cons, however, you develop stronger bonds between them. The direction is up to you, each has perks and consequences. Establishing a family-like friendship, for example, lets you witness unique interactions, but the three artists may lose focus of their own personal businesses.


What matters most, however, is the opportunistic antagonist who benefits from those moments. That spoiler-heavy chapter will be explored later, so keep an eye.






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One of Wisemen


Introduction sequence inspired by:The Kids Will Have Their Say” by Raniero R


Skipping the Rockstar's logo, a cutscene is played at the start: the opening credit, always unskippable in the first ever playthrough. "Goes to Pluto" by Pablo plays in background. The camera shows the scenery of Vice City in the yellow sunset. City lights from street lamps, traffic, and the skylines are turned on. The scene then shifts to three scenes of interest, each for each protagonists:


Thomas Kingston attempting to con Leandro in Ventura Key beach park; Maria Vinogradova taking the metro departing from Frank Taylor International; and Cesar Álvarez chilling at the porch of his house in Verona Shores.


Once the music ends, the screen turns black abruptly with the game's title in the center. As the logo fades, the character’s wheel is shown in the down right corner. Whoever you choose does not matter as you can always switch after the opening mission's completion. The preludes are less class, straightforward to teach you the interaction mechanic. What lies ahead that: more class, more complex con games.


Choosing THOMAS, then continue reading this post.

Choosing MARIA, then read here.

Choosing CESAR, then read here.




Credit to @Datalvarezguy for the Spanish dialogues


Another failure meets another consequence. For now, Thomas has no other choice to survive than serving Leandro, the drug dealer he tried to rip off earlier. It’s another spontaneous decision of his to vocally offer his talent for the mark. It’ll give Thomas time to replenish his mind and skill, necessary for him to trick Leandro again, successfully in the future.

Leandro forces Thomas to take rest in his hideout: a small, unexciting apartment in Gladeville with packed drugs and daily stuff scattered around. Thomas has no problem with the living condition, but he does have a problem with Leandro’s laziness and tendency to get high from his own supply. It’s the first impression that Leandro gives that night, after the pair drives away from Ventura Key.




“So, all I do here is carrying a lazy weed-smoker ass up the ladder,” Thomas mutters.


“Don’t forget whose idea this is,” Leandro answers while laying back on his sofa, smoking his weed, “you prove to me how lying is an easy gateway. Few, fabricated words, and people believe ‘sh*t just got real’.”


“Scamming is easier said than done. I got caught this noon, that’s how inefficient my state today.”


“Lucky boy, other thugs would blow your pretty face before you talk. Like ‘em, I hate liars, snakes, but you seem special from the moment we ‘accidentally’ met.”


“There's no accident. Why did I target you? I thought you’re an exploitable prick who’s gonna fall for the simplest Vinewood prop.”


After a short conversation, Leandro says that he needs to go out for some unfinished business. Thomas is left alone, locked in the apartment as Leandro will return in the morning. At this point, you regain control of a tired and frustrated Thomas. 


“Think quick, Thomas. How to escape a mad drug dealer?” he can't stand Leandro and can’t think of ways to outsmart him on the second try. No helpful contact on his phone. No suitable tools around for escaping. Police siren is heard from outside, take a peek from the window and you'll see police cars lighting up the dark scenery. Turn on the TV or read the pile of magazines, do something in this claustrophobic space to wait until sunrise or go to sleep on the sofa.


In the morning, Leandro returns and gives further context while he and Thomas chew the bland-tasted breakfast bought from a restaurant nearby. Leandro reveals that he wasn’t coming alone to Vice City. He left Mexican prison a month ago with a trio of prison lads, who invited him here for a fresh drug dealing experience. However, they robbed and betrayed him after a week and ran the business themselves. Leandro then establishes his own venture, small-time, and grabs a few customers from gangbangers across in Independence City.


“Carlos, Lucas, and Rique. Three dumb pendejos I’ve met in prison. We moved here, it was fun and games till these friends stabbed your back for extra cuts,” Leandro says the trio’s name.


“I hear that’s how street norms work,” Thomas comments.


“Being untrustworthy ain’t part of street codes, es parte de tus códigos.”

It’s part of your codes.


Words from the street say that the trio is having an unfortunate time in Little Dominica. Leandro has predicted it: this trio expect the glory will follow instantaneously. With them being in trouble, Leandro looks for sweet revenge. This will be Thomas’ first job. 




Thomas drives Leandro to Little Dominica's hoods in a grullo Declasse Fiorento, a nice ride Leandro hijacked from North Vice City just three days before. After a bit of exploration, Leandro witnesses Carlos and a Dominican gang member in front a house doing heroin transactions. Overhear the conversation and you learn that the trio business went downhill because of a feud with the Yardies. From the way he speaks, his English isn't as fluent as Leandro: saying simple vocabs and mixing Spanish words. As the Dominican left disappointed with Carlos’ overpriced product, you’re instructed to observe him from the car.


Tap (L2) and (R2) to observe


By activating the observation mode, you’ll dig more intel about them. Never underestimate this special ability, it will impact the available dialogue choices and the way Thomas talks. More details mean Thomas will understand him better and more personal, modifying the conversation’s flow. 


Use the analog stick to examine Carlos, who’s standing still next to the house, from head to toe. Press (X) when you catch any interesting bits. 


In this case, you’ll see a desperate facial expression, implying that it’s difficult for Carlos to find a customer, at least for today. A duffle bag flings is hanging on his shoulder, definitely full of heroin. Leandro suspects it’s Carlos' last stock, hence why he sells it at a high price. A dirty Tschikof 9mm can be seen in his right jeans pocket. Wrong steps and surely he'll fire it.


As this is a con game tutorial, Carlos will never catch Thomas and Leandro spying on him. For future cons, however, always consider the distance between you and the mark when observing him/her directly without utilities like binocular. The further, the more time for observation before the target notices, but the less details you can dig out. The closer, less time but greater details are visible.


After quitting the observation mode by tapping (L3) + (R3) again, Leandro orders Thomas to teach him a lesson. Exit the car, go approach Carlos, have a talk. Leandro waits, anticipates if anything goes wrong.


SQUARE to Greet


“Heard you got nice stuff there, mate,” Thomas greets the dealer.


“Heroin, special,” that’s the first two words from Carlos, simple and straightforward.


Afterwards, you’ll decide the direction of the conversation through different dialogue choices. Thomas can act as someone new or familiar to Carlos, and he replies, “Really? never seen you before. Quizás me olvidé de tu cara.

Maybe I forgot your face.


For the latter, Thomas can question Lucas and Rique’s fates, and Carlos tells that they had dumb deaths during their feud with the Jamaicans, as they attempted to rob their weed shipment. Carlos is in control alone now, homeless, constantly moving around Little Dominica. What’s in the bag is only a few baggies of heroin, which Carlos sells highly in hope for a quick buck. By the end, Thomas can pose as either buyer wanting to buy all of the heroin stock or fellow dealer looking for barter. Decide the path, and return to Leandro for a second, “My friend is in the car, hold on."



Leandro reluctantly hands him some cash, less than what was asked by Carlos. Thomas must bargain the price well until Carlos agrees. The deal is done with Thomas holding the bag, but he continues talking with Carlos about his desperate time, his dirty 9mm, or his venture in Mexico (if Thomas pretends to be a forgotten familiar face). It’s a misdirection act to steal the money back from Carlos’ left pocket, unnoticeably.



Leandro hands Thomas the fake cocaine powder he used yesterday. Carlos doesn’t want a coke-heroin barter at first. Thomas must convince him anyway, telling lies like he obtains them from a big cartel in the city, fake it as an A-grade item.


After the short-con, Thomas leaves Carlos politely, “Appreciate it, hope the best for you.”


Take the car and leave the area immediately. Carlos finds out that Thomas has just taken the money back or tricked him with fake merchandise, he’s yelling from behind, “¡Eres un puto estafador! ey! ey!”.

You’re f*cking swindler!


Leandro is satisfied as they speed up, “Ha! good work Tom, know you’ll be this useful,”


“That’s like the first successful scam I've done in ages, jezz. What’s next for him?”


“Leave and forget it, he’ll be eaten alive by the city in no time.”


Arriving back in the apartment, Leandro tells Thomas it’s time for his gig: taking his career up to the sky. Thomas believes he needs more time and research for inspiration, perhaps looking around the city would help. Luckily, Leandro’s in a positive mood after the conman displays his talent. “If that’s how grifters work, fine,” Leandro approves, “...but keep the deal in mind. Again, no third chance.”


Complete free-roam around the map is now possible. Remember, Thomas is still under Leandro’s wrath for now; ignoring his wish for too long will ignite his anger.





Parasitic Relationship

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This is really good. I find the Russian protagonist's role very interesting. Not very original, but nonetheless unique to the GTA setting, never seen before. Makes me very curious what it'd be like in a real game. Keep it up. Very interesting gameplay idea too, with those superficial conning techniques.

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One of Wisemen

Thank you, glad you're enjoying it @E Revere, you're in for a treat :)


It's odd that no existing modern-day concepts so far has explored the Russian mafia's roles in Vice City, and that's what I'm aiming to do with Maria's story. Shady things going on in real-life, news of Russian rich guys buying condos/mansions, and some European immigrants believes a Bratva organization involved behind the scene, but nobody really knows what happened. 


Not only does it fits with the general theme of manipulation, having a honeytrap protagonist fits the situation of the game's setting. In early 2017, Russia was accused for blackmailing Trump, and going back to early 2010s, we have sensations ranging from ''Katia'' Zatuliveter, dating Mike Hancock and safely able to enter the British parliament; to Anna Chapman the spy turning celebrity after release. But why making Ms. Vinogradova a deep cover spy infiltrating US government, when you can make her infiltrating the VC Bratva's politics instead? Lot more interesting to explore than repeating GTA V FIB-focused pattern again.


Still working on the second mission for Thomas, lot better than first in my biased opinion. Then we'll see her in action 😉

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One of Wisemen


Credit to @Datalvarezguy for the Spanish dialogues



Back to Basics


This noon, Thomas goes alone to a bar, one of couple along the street of Encantador. Four days ago he helped the lazy drug dealer fulfilling a vengeance, and the next following days are about walking together with Leandro through the world of Vice City’s lower-class criminals. Nothing  interesting about them apart from being a practice ground to refresh his scamming skill, so he prefers a lone escapade in form of a city tour, familiarizing himself with points of interests like the nearby airport and El Barrio’s artistic district. No crossing bridges to Vice Beach yet, however.


Encantador is not Little Cuba, but as a neighbor of it, the Cuban flavor is still strong. Outside is a band of street buskers singing “Chan Chan”, the melodies echoing into the bar’s room. Taking a seat at the bar counter, Thomas observes the bottle rack in front of him. 


“¿Cómo puedo servirle/s?” asks the bartender: a young short-haired brunette.

How can I serve you?




Akward silence for few seconds.


“Oh sorry, thought you speak to someone else,” Thomas ignores the bottle rack, turning to face the bartender.


“First timer?” the girl smiles warmly, “My bad, apologize if you don’t understand that, most frequents here do. Anything to order?”


Thomas looks back at the bottles and points to an orange bottle under the ‘rum’ label, “That rum over there, how about my first try?”


“Okay, one glass of Ciudad de La Habana.”


Suddenly, a familiar voice comes from the doorway. The man walks in closer to Thomas, “There you are, cabrón!”


Nah, not again.




“You’re hitting her?”


“Translating ‘order’ to ‘flirt’ specifically for a bartender girl? Very funny.”


“Better not.”


The bartender finishes pouring Thomas’ order to the glass, “your order, sir, that’s $7”. After Thomas hands over the cash, the girl’s happiness fades at the sight of Leandro; she looks mad now, “¿Que estás haciendo aquí?”

What are you doing here?


“Es un nuevo amigo mio. Estamos hablando sobre su nueva noviecita. Nada que ver contigo.”

He’s a new friend of mine, we’re talking about his new girlfriend. None of your business.


“¿Bebes o fumas?”

Drink or smoke?


“Ninguna bebida hoy, y tengo mi propio cigarro, Laura.”

No drink today, and I brought my own cigar, Laura


“Ni una sola palabra sobre mi, okay? O llamo a Jose para que os eche ambos de patitas a la maldita calle.”

Keep your mouth shut about me, alright, or I call Jose to kick your two asses out


Vale, chat somewhere else Tom,” Leandro can’t protest much, forced to move with Thomas and his glass of rum to another empty table.



Thomas is full confused, why the bartender has just argued with Leandro, “The hell!?”


“I forgot how sensitive Laura is about this,” Leandro pulls out a pack of 69 Brand from his pockets.


“She knows you?”


“Us, Mexicans, know her dad…”, Leandro pauses to take one cigar, light it up, and smoke, “...someone you won’t mess up with, one of big cartel honchos in Tamaulipas. Ever heard of Ocean Cartel? they’re here in America. If you know Alfonso Vasquez, the drug millionaire who legalized cocaine baron’s job, they make his entire success a joke.”


“Why she’s here then?”


“I don’t know,” Leandro shrugges, “wasting spoiled younger days with daddy’s drug money maybe?”


Leandro catches Thomas taking quick glance back at Laura while drinking the rum, “Instead of staring her, how about you pay my f*cking favor, que te has cocinado exactamente, eh? You think a naughty boy can just go checking out bars, gambling dens, clothing stores, looking for inspiration? or just trying to forget our deal?”

What exactly you cook, huh?


Putting back the half-empty glass in the table, Thomas sighs, “I told you as a non-native guy: let me know ways around, then we move.”


“Vice City is huge, okay, I’d say weeks to see everything. Should I wait that long? absolutely not.”


Seconds passed, the conman gets a spontaneous idea, “How about we pretend you’re on par with Laura’s dad.”


“Excuse me?”


“Spread the word that mister Leandro Gomez is a great drug baron coming from the US border. Perhaps some major players would jump into your boat.”


A decent plan, at least from the conman’s perspective. Thomas drinks the rum back.


“No good. Appearing out of blue as a big name only attracts attentions of established bosses here,” Leandro disapproves his idea, “You know what I think? the con-whatever you call it.. can you make it a motivating story? Like, from a nobody, I slowly live up American Dream.”


“So you wanna act like old-day hustlers building towers till they make millions…” Thomas finishes his drink, leaving an empty glass on their table, “...while you in fact get me stealing bricks of other towers and let me build it alone.”


“Go on and think. Hurry up, it’s a race.”


“With whom? I thought your only issues are those next-door black gangbangers and cholos.”


“Still don’t understand my situation, huh? many new kids in town. I know one Panamanian named Horacio seeking around for recruits and resources for his newborn business. He’s building wonder, only matter before he’s big enough.”


“Bingo. Let’s hijack him.”


“¿Te burlas de mi, eh?”

Mocking me, eh?


“Meet this guy, work together with him, then takeover.”


“Don’t make sense, you think he’ll trust me?”


“Oh, you’ll see, all I need is some setup.”


Thomas and Leandro part ways after leaving the bar. You’re instructed to gather intel about this Mr. Horacio. This preparation work is integrated with free-roam, and not a hand-holding mini-mission like heist setups in GTA V. Gathering intel is entirely optional; you wouldn’t want to waste time on digging everything about the mark, right?


You can decide to assist Leandro tonight, he’ll take Thomas and a courier named Marlon Ramos to a busted deal involving Horacio’s underlings, who call their boss Señor Vera, indirectly revealing the full mark’s name as ‘Horacio Vera’. Outside of this mission, take a listen to street dealers, back alley gunrunners, or groups of thugs. Even when your search results in no avail to Horacio, their words can be useful for future targets. Finally, check the computer of police’s cruiser too, you’ll find Horacio’s police record with a mugshot.


We eventually learn that Horacio Vera is half American, used to be a Caribbean-crossing smuggler for big-shot Colombians in the city: the Céntricio Cartel, before fully motivated to run personal network. He’s in dire need of property assets and extra staffs now. His common recreation is Aire Libre, a rooftop restaurant in Riverfront. Do an unexpected face-to-face meeting, or if you somehow obtain his contact number, arrange the discussion earlier.


Location of Thomas’ mark will always be marked with a ‘golden handshake’ icon in the map. The resto opens from 6:00 to 22:00; he’s likely chilling there around that hour.






In this scenario, let’s assume that Thomas visits Horacio without calling his number first. No planned appointment; the mark is in for surprise.


Get yourself a better outfit and head to Aire Libre in time. You won’t find him among the visitors. Ask the waiter, he/she will lead you to an exclusive table, separated from the public space by a wooden wall and one tattooed bodyguard nicknamed ‘Puma’ (at least as seen from the namecard). You can overhear a conversation from behind the barrier:


“Two cops owe me right now, you want me to be their puppet forever?”


“You see, I can’t do anything yet. Why don’t visit Reyes estate instead?”


“Seriously? I’ll be a living meat for Valerio’s crocs. He won’t sign a screw-up, and I bet those two guys are in his pocket.”


“Stop fooling yourself, if you here to learn, you in.”


The bodyguard interrupts their talk, walks in to the table with Thomas follows him behind. Two of three seats are full: a curly glassed man in Hawaiian shirt (Horacio) and a fatty one.




“Puma, ¿quien coño es este?”

Who the f*ck this man?


“Dice que tiene negocios con usted, señor.”

He says he has some business with you, boss.


“¿Asi es? Never see you before.”

Is that so?


Time for Thomas to introduce himself. What’s he going to pose as now? Look at the bottom-middle of the screen: two dialogue options.


I’m a property broker

I’m a fixer


Nothing to be afraid of dialogue/action picking sessions. Light & Shadow is not an overly complex RPG nor a contemporary interactive drama made by Quantic Dream, even when it works like their Detroit: Become Human: con game is designed as a flowchart, every choice matters, but you can't see that branching tree. There’s no new decision making every single second to the point of oversaturation. You only make choices when it matters to the con’s direction, whether it speeds up or slows down the scheme, whether it increases or decreases your target’s trust. No more than four choices are presented at one time. More intel gathered unlocks better choices that automatically replace weaker ones.


Left stick to navigate between choices, hold (X) to confirm. No time limit.


I’m a property agent

I’m a fixer


“Property broker Ethan Cobb. Your employee tells me you need guy like me.”


“Uh.. Nobody warn me before.”


“Apologize if I forgot his name, maybe he’s dead before calling you. You have shady business like everyone else here, Mr. Vera, I know it. Do you watched TV lately? more drug sellers are killed this month than last year, maybe he’s one of 'em?”


“Probably, police keep f*cking ruined my days, only three of us here alive and kicking.”


“Sorry to hear that.”


“Sit down Mr. Cobb. I assume you already know me as Horacio Vera, remember that name cause you’ll hear it anywhere soon. Puma, get him another drink.”


Thomas sits down, joining Horacio and the other guy whom he introduces as Vigo Jaén, drug dealing rookie. At this point, you’ll be facing more dialogue choices to build up Thomas’ profile: why he isn’t afraid to get himself dirty and how he met Horacio’s henchman. As Thomas doesn’t understand Spanish deeply yet, Horacio will deduce that he’s not from Vice City, to which Thomas must add another detail: where he comes from?


Don't forget your own made-up profile, the game will question that again later on. Luckily, Thomas (and other protagonists) will note details on their cellphones, but you can’t take peek everytime, especially while you’re interacting with the mark. Re-read and memorize at the right time, like in the safehouse or when riding car alone. Write your own physical note on paper if needed. 


Some marks will be smarter than others, realizing when you contradict yourself.


“Okay, what’s your offer?”


Warehouses for your stash

Luxury home, better headquarter


“Storages, that’s what most drug clients ask first to me.”


“Ah, good choice, been looking for days but all owners go wild as I spoke. Just a small one for the goodies so they’ll be safe from those pesky Haitians. Good, where is it?”





Well, what’s your preferred location? (ask location)

*option only available if Thomas ever explores said neighborhood.


“I recommend Gladeville. You may complain it’s close to Independent City, but no street gangs bother to raid, they too focused to protect their own turf. Used to be abandoned, but I recovered it”


“Mind for visit?”


“Maybe other day, I must talk with the busy owner directly, never reply my calls, but he’s a great guy.”


“Maybe you can send the picture first, here’s my number.”


Receiving a small paper with Horacio’s number, Thomas about to reply by giving his number as well. Too bad he doesn’t prepare a name card, so he pretends to reach into his pocket, “Thanks, apparently I dropped my card when on the way here, been the third time I lost it, sorry.”


“Nevermind,” Horacio says as Thomas about to leave; they shake hands, “Nice to meet you.”






With the mark’s hooked, it’s time for the convincer: a warehouse in Brownsville. There’s one on sale two-blocks away from Leandro’s apartment, sole owner, “no intermediaries” as shown in the advert outside. But how to get it? Asking banks a loan of $200k will be difficult right now, the only options are (1) disarm whoever the current owner is before using Horacio’s money to shut his mouth, or (2) let Horacio meet the current owner and convince both sides to have a deal. Let’s see the former:


Thomas has informed Leandro about the con, including what role he expects Leandro should play. Leandro isn’t the best actor, but Thomas has no other talented manpower for the con. The two visit the location, meeting the owner Mr. Hudson inside the empty warehouse’s living quarter, on the desk reading Lords of Vice newspaper. Leandro speaks up first.


“We’re here to meet Mr. Hudson.”


“That’s me, but can’t you guys knock first?”


“Shut up and stop reading, my boss here has business to do.”


“I won’t, be nicer next time, sir.”

Thomas can take advantage of Leandro’s short temper or defuse the situation. If Thomas antagonizes Mr. Hudson too, he lies that the warehouse is now under his control and Hudson must leave immediately. If Thomas chooses to defuse, he warns Leandro to calm down and says something more honest, “I’m here to purchase this warehouse”. A chase sequence will ensue if “antagonize” is chosen or if Thomas fails to negotiate well with Mr. Hudson.


“I ain’t dealing with freaks or scammers!” Mr. Hudson runs away into the back alley via the back door. Leandro draws his silver, but fails to shoot accurately.


“Sh*t! You get there, block his way out!” Thomas chases Hudson from behind while Leandro runs through the front door; he’ll block him at the end of the alleyway. 


Chase down Hudson


Keep running while he furiously reaches his cellphone and attempts to call the VCPD. If you can outrun him, tackle him by tapping (O) when close, hold (O) to keep him on ground, grab his phone and abort the call. If Thomas can’t catch up, Leandro rams his car into him at the end of the alley, knocking him unconscious and breaking the phone.


Getting Hudson’s phone safely allows Thomas to contact Horacio with that phone. As the sign outside the warehouse displays Hudson’s number, Thomas doesn’t need an excuse on why he contacts Horacio with a different number. Regardless of the scenario you get, Leandro knocks Hudson out and ties him up in the car’s backseat.


Thomas then takes a picture of the warehouse interior/exterior and sends it to Horacio, who in response will arrange time for visit: tomorrow at 8:00. While waiting, you can help Leandro cleans out the living quarter from Hudson’s personal belongings; go loot some items and valuables before Leandro finds them. There’s a paper of a blank property contract in the desk’s drawer for the deal.




Convince Horacio to purchase the warehouse


Horacio will arrive with Puma in a black Canis Titanium around 8 AM, be sure to have Thomas in place already before him.


You’ll then set a tour around the warehouse. Make sure to avoid going near Leandro’s car where Hudson is tied up. As Horacio meets up with Leandro, Thomas introduces him as the warehouse’s owner, who’s not only willing to give the property to stash drugs, but also willing to help him in distributions of such illegal goods.


“Tell me, Mr. Gomez, you sure to take part? this always be a seriously dangerous business.”


“C’mon, everyone knows coke pumps up this city’s blood, it’s part of everyone.”


“I guess even with like 200k, you can’t keep up with the price of living here. I believe it’s good investment to stay here with Mr. Vera. You said to me days ago it’s only three of you now, right?” Thomas adds, trying to further convince Horacio to recruit Leandro. 


“You're welcome, I definitely need another face, you’ll do it .”


Horacio is satisfied, he’ll buy the place and let Leandro in. You can ask Horacio to meet the initial price of $200k, but with the right words, you can make it higher up to $220k. Don’t get too unrealistic: hoping he will hand more cash for an overpriced warehouse.


Once the deal is done, Horacio completes the document. Thomas advises him to input names of his company/business, which will be a simple ‘Vera Enterprise’. This organization name is what Thomas and Leandro will exploit to expand their business and network. Horacio and his bodyguard bid farewell, will return in few hours with his products. Puma leaves behind a briefcase, 220k in cash inside.  


Leandro is ecstatic, until Thomas orders him to split the cash like this: $10,000 for Thomas and Leandro each, and $200,000 to Hudson, the original owner. 


“That’s two hundred grand, Tom, I never see that much money forever and you just throw it away?! Are you mad?!”


Thomas assures that he wants to avoid risk. It’ll be enough to shut Hudson's mouth forever, he’s not gonna report the police, and nobody would curiously search for him if the two follow Leandro’s suggestion: simply kill an innocent Mr. Hudson.


“Look, you’ll get rich again.. no you’ll get even richer soon enough. Promise.”




Make sure Hudson never comes back


The final step is to drive Hudson away from Gladeville into somewhere more secluded, the further the better, but just don’t leave him in Evergreen’s swamps alone. One location you can pick is any house on sale, like in Cordoba’s safer part, at night when nobody is witnessing. Thomas unties him, gives him the two-hundred-grands briefcase, and advises him to “go buy new home” or “invest in market” or whatever, as long as he forgets what just happened before.


“I can’t believe we get him (Horacio) that easy, what’s next?” Leandro asks.


“We’ll take him out, it’ll be all yours soon,” Thomas reveals the next plan, it’s going to be part of one long con, so patience is key.




“Don’t know yet, there’ll be chances eventually.”





Paradise Lost

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One of Wisemen


Credit to @Ivan1997GTA for the Russian dialogues.


Throughout the metro's ride, Maria's mind flashes back to when she talked with oligarch Artemiy Yelagin in Rostov just three days ago. He gave her this new job in America. No doubt about her field skills, but what’s convinced him to recruit her is her knowledge about the country and advanced English skill, despite the slight Russian accent; As if she’s been preparing to go overseas in hurry. Artemiy was introduced to Maria via his friend, Vasily Petrenko, as the two needed her service in Vice City for usual espionage tasks. He was so overly-cautious that Maria was instructed to leave everything home; even her phone, to avoid any tracking bug. 


Well, the richman handles the immigration, giving her a forged passport with fake names and one Moscow-Vice City plane ticket. That’s all, no info of place to stay. She doesn’t like it, the way she’s treated, did he really back her up? Her judgment so far: another day, same kind of client.




The metrorail arrives at the station of Little Dominica, Maria gets off, remembering the license plate of a pick-up car; will park next to the station’s exit. As she heads there, a navy Sentinel SN is the only car parked there, matched license plate too.


Inside the car’s driver seat is a man, around early 30s, in a crumpled suit, eyes locked on an Andromeda Eight phone. Maria knocks on the window.


“Excuse me.” 




The man forgets his phone, whistles as he sees her, then opens the window, “My day just got better. You’re the new girl boss talks about?”


He speaks in Russian accent too, but sounds unnatural and forced.




“Get in,” the man orders. Maria can take the seat next to him or the backseat, up to you, “Name’s Brandon.” 


“Maria,” the two shake hands, “so Artemiy orders you to pick me up?”


“You already know his paranoia. Boss is too scared to get out at night and surely won’t pick young girls personally, fear of getting called a sugar dad.”


“He’s still a horrible miser, сейчас у меня в общем нет дома и мало денег.”
I’m basically homeless and poor by now.


“He’s not, you’re in for a little surprise.”


“Any word from him?”


Brandon hands his phone to Maria. On the screen: a Snapmatic post showing a man on a Marquis


“Oh, this guy.”


“Boss probably have told you the situation, some of his workers acting sus lately, yeah, we’re on to him tonight.”


Artemiy has told her briefly about the circumstances while in Rostov. Like every other Russian businessman coming to Vice City, he hires some people from Nikolai Kirikov’s powerful bratva organization. One of them is this first target. This is Ivan Lifanov, nicknamed “Evan”, a staff worker at one of Artemiy’s marinas in Marina Bay Village. His record: blowing up two boats “accidentally”, including the oligarch’s own; requesting explosives from the bratva’s gun suppliers, and last few days, night out outside his usual club.


Artemiy wants to find out more of Evan’s plans and capture him afterwards. Brandon is masterful at cleaning, terrible at disguising and digging intel directly from source, that’s why Maria is needed.


While Brandon drives to the location, he tunes in Ultra FM. “I Remember” by deadmau5 & Kaskade is playing. Ask him to switch if you don’t enjoy it. Take the time to absorb the scenery of Vice City at night or to investigate more about Evan by stalking his social media account. In GTA IV, only dating and blog websites are fully interactive. GTA V expands the access with Lifeinvader posts that updates throughout the story, but offer no significance to the gameplay nor the game’s lore. In L&S, it’s a goldmine of intel: many marks share their social life on the internet, well, including Evan, who has a Snapmatic account.


Tap Dpad-up.png to bring up the phone, which as usual will appear on the bottom right, then click on the Snapmatic icon, and search for an account with a nearly similar username to his real name. You’ll find one most likely possibility: @EvanLif.



It’s not him in the profile picture, most likely his lover as hinted by the description: One girlfriend. It’s rather important to learn whether the mark is in relationship/marriage already, and whether they’re loyal with their partners, or else Maria’s advance to flirt will be perceived negatively. 


Scrolling through his feeds you’ll find many posts of him playing bowling, alone, with friends, #bowlingnight #bowlingfun, that’s without doubt his favorite pastime. One more frame. Now you know what to exploit: his bowling love.


At some point, Brandon breaks the silence, trying to talk in Russian. Maria, however, isn’t impressed and rather confused at his words, commenting “I got it, but like I say, I only hear gibberish”. Brandon explains that ever since he meets the Russian mobs in LC and VC, he forgets the pride of his Irish heritage, wishing to be born as Slavic instead.




In Marina Bay Village, Brandon stops next to the lighten up palm trees before a three-way junction. Going straight takes you to Vice Beach via David Beach; going left takes you to Evan’s workplace, Artemiy’s marina..


“We’ll wait him here, he’ll leave in couple minutes and we’ll follow him behind,” Brandon says.


“He’s going to play bowling, isn’t he?”


“Don’t know yet, maybe he’ll go home or maybe he’ll hang with the buddies.”


“You know his car?”


“Maroon Prospector, that’s all the boss told me.”


A car matching that description appears in seconds from the left, driving away left to David Beach.


“Gotcha,” Brandon exclaims.




The scene cuts to Brandon tailing the Prospector all the way to, as expected, The Underground in Gleason Beach. It’s a bowling alley situated under a not-so-popular nightclub. The entrance is a down staircase on the north side of the club’s building, next to a dead-end street with couple of cars parked alongside the road, no pedestrians around.


One man, someone who looks young and cold in full navy-colored fancy suit, is standing with hands in pockets in front of the glass doors entrance, next to a white Moryana parked on the side of road. Evan parks his Prospector behind the white sport car, and he comes out from the car with a friend, both in suit tops and blue jeans. Another man, someone who looks younger and colder in a full fancy suit, is leaning against the Moryana with hands in pockets.


Brandon parks across them.


“He’s not alone, can be a problem,” Maria mumbles.


“That’s Lazar the f*cking Bratva prince,” Brandon’s eyes widen as he watches the young man talking with Evan, “The hell he’s doing here?”


Activate the observation mode to overhear the conversation.




“How many time you guys would use my credit card to eat sh*t?” Lazar speaks up in annoyed tone.


“This is our last, promise. We’re good friends, не хочешь присоединиться?” Evan tries to calm him down.
Don't you want to join?


“Я буду занят с машинами папы и игрой в боулинг с другом. You and Donovan only good at this, huh?”
I’m busy with my dad’s cars and with my friends bowling game.


“Эй, посмотри на себя, ты веселишься, как будто завтра не наступит, а у нас.. у нас здоровый спорт.”

Hey, look at yourself, you’re partying like no tomorrow, while we.. we’re having a healthy sport.


Lazar shakes his head and gets in his car, ”Нафиг с этой хренью, я уезжаю.”

Enough with this sh*t, I’m out.


“What’s the matter man?” Donovan finally speaks up. From here we know he doesn’t understand the language.


“Nothing, let’s play,”


Evan and Donovan walk into The Underground, while the white Moryana speeds away from the scene. 


“We shall watch his back after this,” Brandon refers to Lazar, “It’s your show now.”


“So, what should I do?”


“Both of us gonna pretend as casual players there. I’ll watch around, you’ll talk with them. Just attract them with your pretty face till they slip out.


“Oh yeah, you’ll need this, my own valentine gift,” Brandon hands a Tschikof with a suppressor attached. Unlike other modifications, the silencer can be detached/reattached anytime you want.




Maria hides the pistol underneath her leather jacket and leaves the car with Brandon.


Get inside The Underground




The staircase leads to a glass door, which leads to a dimly lit row of bowling lanes. Very few people are playing, including our Evan and Donovan. Brandon will sit in one of the tables away from you to keep an eye. Your two marks are too busy having fun; they won’t notice until you do something. As you get close, a prompt to greet appears. Optional, you can ignore it and just play in an empty lane next to theirs. To attract their attention, you can either: (1) flex your skill by scoring a strike or (2) pretend to play badly by scoring zero, not hitting any pins. Note that the bowling’s control is identical to GTA IV. If you know the technique for “Gobble Gobble” trophy, the former is piece of cake. 


What will happen in (1) scenario?


“Wow, that was sick,” Evan’s attention turns to Maria, praising her strike.





“Thank you,”


“Wait, wait…” two words and he’s already familiar with her accent, “Are you Russian?”


“I am, you too?”


“Yeah, always good to meet some fellow from my country. Иван Лифанов, или просто Эван.”
Ivan Lifanov, just call me Evan.


“Тогда можешь называть меня Алисой.”
Then you can call me Alisa.


“Похоже, мы раньше не встречались.”

Seems like we’ve never met before. 


It’s my first visit

I’m a regular here


“Конечно, нет, я впервые здесь.”

Of course we haven’t, it’s my first time coming here.


Evan will ask Maria’s background next, which is where you’ll construct her disguise: whether she’s a tourist from Moscow, new immigrant, or already living in VC for quite a long time. After introducing her to Donovan, he’ll invite you for a full or half match, up to you.


You’ll learn that Evan is a more friendly and open guy, while Donovan is visibly more cautious, keeping an emotionless face and setting a ‘safe-distance’ from her. You can activate the observation mode on Evan again to see a work card attached to his chest (use this to question his job), as well to know that there’s no signs of weapons in his clothes. Observing Donovan is possible, but doing it too long/often will make Maria more suspicious in his eyes. Luckily, you don’t see any guns in Donovan either. 


While the match goes on, Evan and Maria will have more chat about their bowling hobbies and professions. The latter is where you can question Evan’s relation with Artemiy, whom he describes as “lazy boss, bad job”. He even jokes, “With a boss like that in your office, you’ll probably want to kill him."


“Terrible. What do you do now?”


“I have talked with Donovan and some other friends about leaving. Not really sure what’s next, maybe I’ll be in Gostinaya. Top spot, our favorite not far from here. Y’know how much you can get by just becoming a part-time cleaning service there?”


You can further ask Evan about his friends and the club. For example, they enjoy taking advantage of Lazar’s wealth; while all his other friends use it for drugs bought in beachside cafes or high-class Viktor's ladies, he and Donovan only want bowling and new jobs. He also briefly tells how his friends “from unfriendly rabbit holes/bratva members” hate Russian businessmen as much as the American government.


Keep in mind: your conversation will end once the match finishes. Evan will say something different, depending on how the match ends, but Donovan will be rather mad regardless.


“Evan, you have Lena at home, don’t cheat with that b*tch.”


“Oh c’mon, sorry if I ignored you, but we got a new friend tonight.”


The thing is, there’s no visible ‘like’ meter ala GTA IV that informs you how much Evan trusts you. You can only guess from his facial expression and voice tone. Right now, he has warmly considered Maria as a new friend. Safe to say he’s falling into your trap.


As you guys leave The Underground, Brandon will follow from behind. No guards nor cameras are in the enter/exit staircase. He has locked the glass door into the bowling alley from outside. This is his chance to confront them while they’re taking the stairs.


“Time’s up, boys,” Brandon gets as close as possible to Evan. A silenced Angehen touches right to his neck.


Maria pretends to be freezily shocked as Donovan covers her, sharply looking at Brandon.


“Calm down, the hell is wrong with you?!” Evan attempts to defuse politely.


“Boss won’t be pleased to know what his boys doing at night, definitely not planning a hit.”


“How do you… F*ck that lazy old man!”


“We’re one v two, three if we count her in,” Donovan growls, “Only one gun and we sh*t our pants?”


“Donovan, we can’t carry knives to a gunfight,” Evan argues.


Pull out your gun to surprise Evan


“А сейчас не пойдет?”

What about now?


Maria takes out the pistol from her jacket, pointing it right at Donovan’s chest as he turns around in shock.


“Сволочь!” Evan, glancing behind, is as shocked as his friend.



“Told you not to go into strange b*tch, Evan!” Donovan fumes.


“Shut the f*ck up! you two!” Brandon can’t stand it.


When everyone’s eyes go back to Brandon, Donovan suddenly tries to forcefully grab her Tschikof with his hands. With his strength, it’ll be difficult to break free, so your option is to keep holding (SQUARE) repeatedly to hold your weapon while use your feet to attack, by tapping (O) and use the Left Stick to stomp his foot (move it down) or kick his thigh/knee (move it down then left). Keep switching between holding (SQUARE) and attacking with (O) + Left Stick combination.


He’ll move back after three attacks. As you keep the pistol in hand, tap (R2) to shoot him in the head, therefore killing him; or tap (O) to knock him out, thus pacifying him.


Brandon will brawl with Evan around the same time. No need to worry about him, he’ll knock Evan unconsciously at the end.


“Well, he’s out,”


“You kill him?”


Maria’s answer and Brandon’s response will depend on your choice, “... and Evan?”


“He’s a sleeping beauty now, gonna take him to Artemiy, now get him/his body to their car.”


The two take the passed out marks to the backseat of their Prospector. Brandon says he’ll handle them from here, Maria can take their previous car.  


“By the way, that navy car, that’s yours, as well as the phone, just take it,” Brandon hands her a key, “And.. one second.. boss leaves a place to rest for you in North Vice too,” he hands her another key.


“You serious? He’s really that positive?” Maria is visibly surprised. Her new boss isn’t as careless as she thought before? giving a safehouse and new car right away on day one? 


“He’s a generous lad. Middle-aged, insecure, but he treats us like humans. I got my own free stuff. We’re his special force after all, specially served. Just turn on the GPS for the location. Good night.”





Angel in Disguise

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One of Wisemen


Partially inspired by this Leverage scene


We’ve seen Cesar chilling outside of his safehouse in Verona Shores in the opening cutscene. As we switch back to him, the scene cuts to him sleeping shirtless in the bed. The clock on the table next to it shows 3:58, around three hours before sunrise. Breaking the night’s silence, Cesar's Majava VI smartphone on the table rings. In his half-asleep half-awoken state, Cesar picks up the phone while laying down. His buddy cop Freddie Newman is calling.


“Fred, it’s four AM-”


“Something important, man. It’s Marlon.”


“Sup’’ with him? He’s ghosting us all week.”


“That’s it, has he called you yet? Few minutes ago, he called me, saying he had enough of us-“


“So he’s toying us as usual.”


“That naughty boy really needs some humbling, and we do it.”


Seems like your drug-dealing boy, Marlon Ramos, is acting up again. Ever since Cesar was discharged by the police department, Freddie can’t handle the dirty deeds alone. Cesar rarely sees his friend’s face; he’s more frequent in racketeer O’Donnell’s place where he can feed himself between his weekly extortion on his and Freddie’s boys: Marlon and Vigo Jaén. Luckily, neither of those two know that Cesar no longer has the badge; they’re still afraid of him deep down.


After Freddie tells him that Marlon wants a meeting in Gulfside Park this morning, Cesar hangs up the phone and gets up, dresses up quickly, and leaves the house. As you’re outside, get in his parked silver Albanny Pierre.


While driving as Cesar, vehicles will feel heavier like in GTA IV. Not a problem for now as the traffic in mainland Vice City is very low before sunrise; almost non-existant. Though you must stay careful of wandering beggars and drunkards who cross the street. Also notice how unlike when playing Thomas and Maria in their preludes, a minimap is shown the first time you play as Cesar.


Arriving, you see Freddie and Vigo standing in the entrance of Gulfside Park path.




“You took him here, too?” Cesar asks, referring to Vigo’s presence.


Freddie answers straight, “I’m taking him so he can watch us pulling Marlon’s pants down.”


“Wait, what’s this mission about?” Vigo asks nervously, the two men turning their gaze at him.


“Shut up, it’s about the tiny jits,” Freddie points his forefinger to Vigo, “His try-hard ass wants to kick us the second time, too much believing he’s bigger than us," he believes Marlon’s going to ambush them again in attempt to cut their ties. Last time he did it was a humiliating experience for him, unsuccessful.




The three walk into the entrance. Marlon is supposedly waiting near the fountain in the middle of the park.


“Fred doesn’t give you a hint, huh?” Cesar now asks Vigo.


“I thought you guys gonna reach my pocket for the weekly cut tonight.”


“Ah, good thing you can remember, how much you made?”


“Only a grand.”


“Excuse me?”


Vigo briefly explains how couple of Haitians constantly go after every unit in the city, causing people to form crews of their own and barely trust small-time independent peddlers like him. Cesar already knew the situation, but it’s nice to hear Vigo, despite his goofiness, he still has eyes and ears on what’s around.


As you three walk to the park’s fountain, you see Marlon not in his usual style: in a gray suit instead of the black tank top that exposes his tattoos. By his side are two menacing African-American men in all-black: one in hat and glasses, the bald one inhales a cigar. Next to Marlon is also a black-dressed lady.


Freddie rolls his eyes, Cesar stares seriously in cautiousness, and Vigo tries to avoid eye contact with anyone, looking worried. 



Left to right: Idris, Holly, the mark Marlon Ramos, and Lou


While you’re facing him, take the time to observe Marlon and his entourages. You see that Marlon has a Vest Pocket underneath his suit. The big bald man who smokes names Lou has a revolver tucked into his pants near his crotch; while Idris, the man in hat, carries a wooden baseball bat.


Freddie taunts first, “The hell is this?”


“Our business is over,” Marlon replies mockingly, “You don’t know why I'm off the last few days?”


“Pretty clear, you look for money to pay these human shields and hooker to make yourself a VIP?” 


“No, no, no, I have legitimate nine-to-five in Seminole now, no gambling.


Cesar raises an eyebrow, “You drunk?”


“You ain’t trusting me?” Marlon gestures to Lou to approach Cesar, “Better learn to trust me first! Lou!”


Lou throws his cigar to the floor and stands in front of Cesar, both hands on hips trying to assert dominance. Your observation earlier catches the sight of the handgun in his pants. Here’s some fun choices:


Grab the gun, point at face

Grab the gun, point at chest

Keep the gun, point at his balls


Picking the third option, Cesar’s quick hand reaches the tucked revolver, fingers work to disarm its safety catch and stay on its trigger. Lou looks below, his confidence’s level drops in instant.


“You made a mistake,” Cesar confronts firmly, maintaining his cool as Lou looks back at him, ”He’s not an honest joe to befriend with.”


“Yo, slow the f*ck down!” Marlon draws his handgun, pointing it dangerously too close to Cesar.


“Hey!” Holly, the girl, grabs Marlon’s shoulder, “Don’t do stupid things, honey!”


Meanwhile, Idris remains motionless behind, Freddie’s glare keeps him in place. The latter does have a pistol in his hip holster. After Cesar’s first move though, he doesn’t think it’s good idea to escalate the standoff further.


Cesar doesn’t flinch, “Listen to me or I blow your balls.”


Lou freezes, his blank expression tries to cover the fear, “What’s your problem with Mr. Ramos?”


Taunt and surprise Marlon

Convince Lou of Marlon’s lies


“By the way, your gun is too close to me,” Cesar turns to face Marlon while keeping the grip on Lou’s revolver, “I can break your bones before you shoot, cabrón.”


“Is that so?” Marlon smuggly taunts back, “I dare you.”


Immediately tap (O) and Cesar grabs Marlon’s elbow with his free left hand. Tap (O) again to break his elbow and (optionally) tap (TRIANGLE) to take his Vest Pocket. Lastly, finish him off by a headbut by combining (O) and moving the Left Stick up.


Marlon falls to the ground, holding his pain, “F*ck you, why do you guys do nothing, huh?! Who’s the master here?!”


Holly covers her mouth with her hand in shock.


“He’s not a Hercules, lady,” Cesar explains, “That’s why he’s our jit.”


Lou’s about to step up until Cesar tightens up the grip on his revolver, “Who are you guys?”


Too bad Cesar doesn’t have a badge anymore to show, but he can let Freddie, Marlon, or Vigo who’s only been a silent spectator so far to speak for him.


We’re cops

Let Freddie tells

Let Marlon tells

Let Vigo tells


“Show em’ Fred.”


Freddie pulls out his VCPD out of his jacket. Lou, Idris, and Holly are surprised, while Marlon, still on ground, grits his teeth in frustration.


“Cops?!” Idris shows his disbelief, “For real?!”


“Should we handcuff you to the station as proof?”


Cesar then exposes Marlon’s facts: how he’s under their payroll and how he’s actually a nobody. You can also force Marlon to be honest instead, he’ll tell everyone that he pretended to be a VIP in the Seminole Casino, buying a nice suit with the money stolen from a guy in the casino. He stole his membership card too. With it, he convinced Lou and Idris, average gangsters from Independence to be his bodyguards; and attracted Holly, a random visitor of the casino, to be his girlfriend.


With the grand reveal, Holly slaps Marlon in the face as he stands up and angrily leaves the scene without saying a word. Lou and Idris are about to beat him up, the former points his revolver at him. Cesar stops them, he’ll be the one taking care of the liar.


“You f*cked up dog!” Lou points his middle finger at Marlon as he and Idris walk away.


Cesar and Freddie preach, warning Marlon and Vigo to never be rascals, don’t ever think to betray the two cops.


“Be real, that’s the worst scam I’ve ever seen. You ain’t a pro conman,” Cesar says.


“I say I’m sorry, here’s yours,” Marlon hands over a stack of money as compensation.


Cesar then orders Vigo to take the injured Marlon to hospital or any doctor out there; he’s still useful after all.






The next cutscene shows a quick timelapse to the sunrise. Today's a sunny day. More people flock in the park; sitting down under the sunlight, jogging while listening to music, and cycling their BMX bikes. Cesar and Freddie walk around the seaside's pavement. On their right: the blue ocean with couple of speedboats, yachts, and the apartments of Vizcaya Island on the horizon.


Like the other days, Freddie condemns Cesar for going too overboard with his intimidation back when he's still in the department. They can't hang out together as freely as usual; Marlon's misbehavior today highlights Freddie's weakness: can't manage the dirty works alone. Cesar affirms he'll settle by.


Before parting, Cesar questions his cop buddy about the DOA's investigation in their division commence. How it affects their immoral affairs? Does that scare Freddie? The answer is bold, "I'm not a pussy. The agency only looks at those speding for jewels and whips. We? We just small roaches taking crumbs from those cartel launderers!”


“The bottom of the pyramid, sure. But you know who else likes us? The class of '83, they did the same and their heads were still hunted. DOA didn't care if our police had to outsource for vigilantes as result! You're still in the danger zone."


"Trust the luck."


"If that runs out, you've think of any way out?"


"Not at all. I got a strong survival instinct right here."





Tricking "Goliath"

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One of Wisemen
On 5/7/2022 at 12:07 PM, AkshayKumar said:

I'm a bit mixed about having the different grade weapons to be bought in different places. On one hand it feels more convenient to buy all in one place but on the other it makes more sense that an underground store won't have the quality merchandise that the top gunrunners have. It's definitely more immersive this way though. 

Yeah I just found it weird that while a GTA game can have many gun stores around the map, all of them act almost identical. In GTA III and the original Vice City, aside from the normal Ammu-Nation stores, we also have Phil Cassidy stores where heavy weapons are exclusively available. In GTA V, we only have Ammu-Nation outlets that sells all weapons.


On 4/16/2022 at 4:23 PM, Datalvarezguy said:

Finished the V1, it looks fantastic. A more subtle approach to GTA, I like it. From what I understand, modern day Miami (and by extension Vice) is like, Bratva Headquarters or paradise or something, so I eagerly await once again for the clusterf*ck that is Russian Mob politics to come back in full swing.

What will be explored is an opposite to @Jeansowaty's The Russian Roulette, more about grit behind glitz, high calliber Bratva's figures of wealthy oligarchs, playboy, and high-class prostitution racketeers, where the "American Dream" is alot easier to achieve. Personally I use Dukhless 2 as tone influence, eventhough it's not an action-crime film and I don't understand a single word.


On 4/29/2022 at 11:35 AM, The Coconut Kid said:

It also isn't lost on me that the Confidence theme plays out with a lot of the same logic as Heists in GTAV. It's not just a gimmick. You've put a lot of thought into how this can actually work gameplay and story-wise.

Other than watching Hustle, I would recommend The Confidence Game book by Maria Konnikova for a bigger picture of how the con works. I try the best to keep anything grounded, not too over-the-top and unrealistic.


On 6/12/2022 at 3:11 PM, sabitsuki said:

Really great attention to detail and graphically pleasing while staying true to that classy rendition of 2017 Vice City you went for. Makes me wish it was actually a real game.

Details and complexity have been unwritten goals here. Two things that I find missing from other modern VC concepts I've read. So far, I only know three concepts that are close enough to reach that: Vicio ImperiaVICE, and Vice City True Story by @Jezus Holy Christ (I still own the original savefile before its gone). I would also mention the ideas thread by @The Made Man, though it's not really a concept. They don't influence L&S directly, but still worth some attention.


I also have that thought, I mean an AAA game centering on the realistic side of confidence tricks is strangely yet to be existed. The closest caper simulation I know is The Big Con indie game. It's possible that Rockstar would head to that direction, we have con options during GTA V and Online heists, and we have Hosea Matthews in RDR II as one of fan-favorite side characters.

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One of Wisemen


Credit to @Ivan1997GTA for the Russian dialogues and song suggestions.



Funtime After Dark


A usual 10 PM in Gostinaya, one of the glamorous clubs run by the Bratva. Located in Faena Beach, somewhere less chaotic than the Versace Boulevard few blocks south, the club doubles as a hangout for Russian mobsters and classy entertainment for nightlife enthusiasts and Eastern European immigrants. $50 for boys, free for girls. Everywhere else they always play generic Latin music. Here, it hits home: the DJ plays “Zelenoglazoe Taksi'' tonight. The music eclipses the euphoric screams from the dancefloor as the blue-purple lightning effects go wild.




Meanwhile, two young men are in one of many soundproof VIP rooms. First is the prince, Lazar Petrenko, in white shirt, few buttons undone. With a Fleeca credit card in hand, he sorts the coke on the table. The other is Vadim Zeystev, in black-suit white-undershirt combination. Laughters and jokes are heard between each snort. 


“Я же говорил, что эта хороший кайф!”

I told you this is some good sh*t!


The door suddenly creaks open, revealing a tall middle-aged figure: Andriy Maximov. The scenery inside disgusts him.




“God! you two never had enough?!”


“Старший дедуля уже пришел!” Lazar laughs loudly and points at the older man.

Big grandpa is finally here!


He’s already high, too high obviously.


“Похоже, ты болтаешь с плохим парнем,” Andriy approaches the table, eyes to Vadim, “But no-nonsense, Vadim, you know where Evan is?”

Hanging with the bad boy, I see.


The man in question isn’t as intoxicated as Lazar (yet), but he gives a short disappointing answer, “No.”


Andriy isn’t pleased, “Can’t rely on them exploding the boats to push Artemiy insane anymore. But the show must go on.”


“We stick with plan A?”


“Evan only knew you in this puppet show, not me. Plus, nobody stalks you, right? We’re safe to go without any B.”


“Nothing to worry about, Mr. Maximov. Забудьте про двух новичков, вы можете рассчитывать на меня,” Vadim says before ducking his nose back to the coke on the table.

Forget those two amateurs, you can count on me.


Vadim is reliable and skillful, hence why he’s the man for this top secret assignment. However, his addictions can be very distracting. 


If pub brawling is allowed in the club, Andriy would throw a fist on him, “I’d rather see you thirsting for pussies than my own poison.”


Leaving their private coke-session, Andriy returns to the club’s main public area. He stands still and observes the dancefloor. The light paralyzes his vision, but he recognizes few faces among the crowd: few of his underlings, flexing their awful dance moves to win the ladies’ hearts. From behind, a friend with a girl on his arm comes in.




“You’re not a madman,” Maximus says, “Things have changed. Nikolai won’t be-”


Andriy cuts, protesting, “Money is second on this matter, Maximus. My love was stolen, and they gave it to a new rich kid in town.”


Maximus compares himself to Andriy, “I have competitions too. Not talking Gay Tony here, I’m talking about Nikolai’s imports to replace me, some six-stars club managers from Moscow. Do I wish them gone? I do, but if I ever want to ruin their day, I have to plan it precisely as a long game, unlike your risky short game with instantaneous, unrealistic expectations.”


As a close friend of Andriy, Maximus dislikes his idea to straight up bombarding Artemiy with nightmare after nightmares. He suggests more points: leave the oligarch alone, do the best to impress with what he has today, and nobody is f*cked up in the future. Not to add that Evan and Donovan had vanished mysteriously. His rival could be one step ahead, who knows?


Andriy keeps a straight bored face, he won’t be absorbed by his friend’s preach and critics.


Stopping the speech for a while, Maximus whispers to his girl, “See over there? Get me that shiny Crowex, honey.”


The girl obeys, quickly going after her target.


He basically gives an example of how Andriy is supposed to act against Artemiy: more subtle, less obvious. But Andriy can’t stand it anymore, so he decides to leave through the front door. Maximus follows behind.


“Are you even listening?!”


Outside the club is a line of anxious patrons, waiting to be approved by the bouncer. Working tonight in that position is Georgiy Tokhtakhunov, in an all-black Didier Sachs that conceals his taser, pistol, and brute muscles underneath. Not the suitable kind of person you would mess with, but a blonde lady in a red lace dress is there, arguing with him.


“I fear you got a shady ID, Miss Natalia,” Georgiy refuses to let the girl in.


It is indeed shady, part of Maria Vinogradova’s disguise.




Maximus sees the problem, poor girl must’ve been stuck there for minutes. He calls Georgiy, “G-man, something wrong?”


“Her identity,” Georgiy explains, “Something fishy.”


The design is okay: matched photograph, Natalia Smirnova, age 25, Vinewood; but its material feels off on Georgiy’s fingers. A little softer than standard.


Maximus takes the card, checks it closely for a second, and smiles at Maria, “Let her in.”


The red rope barrier is lifted. The club may welcome her, but Georgiy ain’t giving her a welcoming smile.


“Enjoy your night, madam,” Maximus hands the card back to Maria as she gets in. Turning back to Georgiy, he reminds the bouncer, “You forget our operational standard? Priority on pretty girls.”


“F*ck me,” Andriy takes a smack.


“That slavic hottie is thousand times better than your old horse.”


“At least I respected her while I was gone to LC. You keep changing younger girls as if they’ll be dead tomorrow morning.”




You gain control of Maria as she walks into the club. The objective is to look for Vadim; a name given by Evan during his interrogation. A name who gets Evan and Donovan into this sh*t. A missing link to find the exact mastermind who haunts Artemiy. Many diversions around: guys trying to flirt with you, girls trying to make new friends, dealers selling dope, bottle services... Ignore them all.


You will eventually find Vadim on the dancefloor, dancing energetically alone. The instruction now is to get through the crowd carefully and talk with him. Three dialogue options on the screen as you bump up to him and eyes meeting one another. One option (*) only available if you know he’s into getting high all the time: an intel found by questioning Evan beforehand or activating observation mode to see the grains of coke left in his nose.


[Pretend to be high on coke]*

[Greet seductively]

[Greet politely]


Maria greets him with a smile, “Как дела? Ты сегодня один?”

What’s up? You’re alone tonight?


“Ух ты, рад тебя увидеть.” Vadim’s sweaty face grins in reply while keeping his dance. “Как тебя зовут, красотка?”

Wow, nice to meet you there / Who are you, pretty?


“Natalia, call me Natie.”


“Natie, красивое имя для красивой женщины,” he chuckles, “Vadim.”

A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.


“You all alone here. Need a friend, right?”


“Как я могу устоять?” Vadim keeps his childish joyful expression, “Ты же очень великолепно выглядишь.”

How can I reject? / You look too lovely


“Спасибо. Ты тоже,” Maria giggles.

Thanks, you too.


Have some fun


You decide. Stay on the dancefloor for dancing button-mashing minigame like TBOGT or try other activities: darts on the wall, drinking at the bartender table, air hockey, or pool. Choices will be dotted on the interior minimap once you spot them. Regardless of what you pick, he acts as if he’s good at anything to impress Maria, the hard way. 


Throughout the joy, Vadim asks a lot: Is she new to the club? Since when has she migrated here? But you guide her to not disclose much about your fabricated profiles.


An air of mystery is what makes you alluring.


“By the way,” Maria questions him in turn, “What do you do exactly?”


“I work in Riviera as you know, drug porter. Like everyone else here, we get dirty for the elites there, but the payment worth.”


“So much for an American dream, huh?”


“One can always dream it, but me? Not that far yet. Cars, condos, money, at least I got a woman now.”


Maria blushes, “Don’t tease me like that.”


“Seriously, I haven’t met someone as good as you, I’ll show you to all my friends if I get a chance.”


He’s already invested in your seduction. Time to pull another trigger.


Let’s go to your home

Let’s go somewhere more secluded

Sorry, I need to go, something important


“Vadim,” Maria closes the space between them; inviting him in a seductive low tone, “It’s getting late, Уже поздно, может мы ‘повеселится’ у тебя дома?”

Maybe we can take the ‘fun’ to your home?


Her words make him shivers, “Yeah, давай отвезем веселье домой, Natie.”

Let’s take the fun back home


Take Vadim home


While heading to the front door, Vadim gives her an address: A middle-class apartment, on the right across Matryona in Riviera. Less patrons are on the waiting line, and someone skinnier has replaced Georgiy’s duty in the gate. 


Vadim’s car is being repaired. He came to the club by cab. Had you brought Maria’s navy Sentinel SN and parked it nearby, you can use it as the solution. Otherwise, quickly call the yellow taxi in the street.


You happen to prepare that car. Maria takes the driver seat, and Vadim sits beside her. The best route to Riviera as shown by the minimap’s GPS is through Philly Ave. Left right are colorful lights of city buildings and cars. Don’t get distracted.


“1 Night” of Art O’ War is scripted to play throughout the drive.


“Maybe I should be the one who drives, Natie,” Vadim says, “I will treat you as a tsarina.”


“You should feel lucky to have a girl willing to drive you home.”


“Perhaps you’re spot on. But when I got that two-seated Pegassi, I bet you will force me to drive anywhere you want.”


“Definitely, you owe me that favor.”


Vadim barely speaks anything else afterward. Getting lost to the music, he moves his head and hands in rhythm behind. His eyes occasionally glancing impatiently at Maria whose focus is on the road.


Stop the car’s engine in front of the apartment, Oceanus Tower 18. Nobody is seen outside on the sidewalk at midnight.


“At last,” Maria sighs, “Take me to your room.“


Leaving the car, Vadim grabs Maria’s right hand, and the couple rush to his apartment room: second floor, two doors left from the stairs.


He hurriedly inserts the room’s key. The white wooden door opens, and he abruptly pushes Maria against the door, locking his lips with hers aggressively and cupping her chest with both hands.


While his attention is all on her lips, Maria’s right hand slowly reaches to the slit of her dress, taking out a needle from her concealed thigh holster. A one-time use equipment that must be refilled with bottles bought from a pharmacy or underground doctor after each injection.





Engineered for non-lethal takedown. One hit on the neck for a deep sleep. Make sure the target is distracted when injecting.


Maria wraps her arms around his neck. He drowns too deep into lust (and coke), failing to notice the needle on the back of his neck.


Tap (R2) to sedate


“Ouch,” Vadim gasps, stopping his movement..


“Are my nails that sharp? Sorry,” Maria pretends to look worried.


He ignores the slight pain and kisses her again. It’s all dizzy very suddenly, the sight of Maria gets blurry, then everything goes black.




Vadim has a little recollection of what happened last night when he wakes up in the bed at 6.


I came to Gostinaya, a coke with Lazar, a fun with a girl, and went home. Who’s her name again? Oh yeah, Natie.


Hold on, did I f*ck her last night?


Answering that last question is a piece of paper he found next to the pillow. 


Thanks for the wild funtime

See you tonight

With love, Natalia.


He realizes the only clothing left in his body is his boxer brief. The rest: suit jacket, shirt, suit trouser, socks, and shoes are scattered on the floor.


Maybe I just forgot.


He grabs the cellphone on the table: one unread TexChat message from boss, Mr. Maximov.


/ I’ll be at club at 10. Just you and me talking the plan, Petrenko’s damned son is busy with the wheels. /


No Lazar, no problem. He got Natie for the night.


Same place, same time, different day for your second encounter with him.






You may revisit Gostinaya before or around 9.30 PM. Beyond that, you might miss out one or two important details of the briefing between Vadim and Andriy. Forget waiting in line, Maximus has said: golden tickets for pretty girls. Head straight to the gate. Georgiy doesn’t care about how you had argued with him yesterday and immediately let you in. He’s yet to give you a kinder smile, though. 


“Sladkiye nochi” in the background. The club is as full as the previous visit. Don’t stray to far from the front door so he can easily find your blue eyes. 


Vadim arrives around 9:50. In the same cheap black suit, more ironed than last night. What Maria wears is up to you, though he silently prefers the same luscious red dress. Doing so will prompt a unique response.


Unfortunately, you’re not.


Anyway. he greets her awkwardly, “Hey.”


“Hey, feeling well now?”


“Natie... about last night...”


“Well, I take you home, then you take me to bed. You’re so tired at the end that you fell asleep, so I leave early.”


“Is that so?” He is still puzzled, unable to remember.


“I can remind you the entire sexy details if you want,” Maria gives a wink.


Andriy approaches them, interrupting their talk. Loud and hoarse, friendly greeting, “Вадим! У вас всё хорошо?”

Vadim! You good?


“Все в порядке, Mr. Maximov!”

All is good


Seeing how Vadim is together with Maria, Andriy cracks a joke that he actually took to the advice from yesterday personally in a positive way. Andriy is relieved that Vadim actually hangs out with a girl tonight, not a gram of cocaine.


“I met Natalia yesterday night here,” Vadim excitedly introduces Maria to his boss, “This is my big boss, Mr. Andriy Maximov.”


“You’re welcomed,” Andriy shakes his hand with Maria, “Let’s get our asses somewhere else less noisy. You stay with him, Vadim is in need of an entourage badly.”


Follow Andriy and Vadim


Follow them two to the closest vacant VIP room. The interior inside is the same as one used for Vadim and Lazar’s private coke-session: all-silver.


Maria sits closely to the left of Vadim, right hand leaning on his shoulder.


“What’s the deal, Mr. Maximov?” Vadim asks.


Andriy, sitting opposite to the couple, starts the briefing, “As I said, we stick with the A.”


From the discussion, Maria finds out that Andriy is making use of Artemiy’s paranoia and his sour partnership with his clients: terrorist cells that are upset with the lower financial support. Artemiy is unable to fund their activities as efficiently as when his two partners were alive.


Andriy believes that Artemiy will overthink the destruction of his boats as his clients’ warning, and he is damn sure that the oligarch will be too scared to ask his own clients for confirmation. Maria knows that’s exactly what is happening. Fortunately, Vasily suspects someone within the Bratva itself is behind those terrors; he has convinced Artemiy to plant a spy on his suspicious employers instead of his clients.


Time to escalate the malicious plan, before whoever captured Evan got him. Andriy wants Vadim to organize a kidnapping on Igor Novikov, ex-RUNE naval architect, currently an associate of Artemiy who provides ideal design for his drug transportations. Andriy is confident that Artemiy’s gonna lose his mind, allowing him to persuade Nikolai to reclaim the control over Bratva’s east coast drug network. He will show the mistake of giving his genuine passion to this paranoid old man.


“His workplace is in the lion’s den, Marina Bay,” Andriy explains, “I don’t know where he lives, but find that place and collect him there. He doesn’t have the privilege of Artemiy’s 24/7 presidential security.”


His demand is clear.


“Считаете дело сделанным, мистер Максимов,” Vadim nods.

Consider it done, Mr. Maximov.


“Я верю в тебя,” Andriy gets up, “I leave you two here, have fun.”

I believe in you.


He leaves a printed picture of Igor on the table. Vadim picks it and examines the target closely: Igor has that typical look of a Russian officeman with messy brownish hair and the stressed-out face of someone working as an architect.


“What do you think, Natie?”


“I... I don’t know,” Maria stammers.


“You look cute when looking at this curiously.”


“I mean this is my first time seeing a guy like you work, never knew how thrilling it would be.”


“Welcome to my world, Natie. Wanna help?”


“Helping you kidnap this guy, you crazy?!”


Vadim burst out laughing, “Of course not. Maybe you can find out more about this guy for me.”


“You sure?”


“I’ll be too busy doing the men’s jobs needed, no time for basic scoping, do that for me.”


“If that’s what you want then…” Maria accepts the offer, “I can do it. I’ll send what I got via TexChat.”


Maria cheers him by giving the ‘Natie’ phone number and the promise that they will have another sexy time after the job, “You won’t forget the night this time.”


She walks away, not forgetting to blow a kiss at him.


That ignites the spirit in him. If the job is finished ASAP, Mr. Maximov will be very proud, and he can have fun with Natie again.


She’s already more addictive yet less toxic than coke.




Standing in the severely Algonquinized Brettle, the Brettle X condominium has just been opened three days earlier. Only a handful of people manage to buy the amenities included within, including Igor Novikov. That’s exactly what ‘Natie’ has dug up from the internet: the architect is one of the first residents of the condo from day one; his place: the twelfth floor, number L3. 


Only one of all seven units per floor is filled. A promising situation to extract him without stealing too much attention.


Sunday morning, Igor is expected to stay in the condo, taking breaks from designing Artemiy’s ships in Marina Bay.


Involved in the raid are Vadim himself as the crew leader, and his three Russian buddies: Mitya stands by in a Burrito, parked in the underground lot as getaway vehicle; along with Alexei, Grigor, and Yuli, who follow Vadim to where the architect lives. All crew members are connected via traditional walkie talkies.


Dressed in jackets that conceal sidearms and Yuli SMG, people in the condo mistook their appearances as blue-collar moving service workers for new residents. The crew use the elevator from the underground level to go straight to floor 12.


The elevator opens. In front of them: an empty cream-painted hallway with doors leading to different units, from L1 to L7. Natie has assured Vadim that Igor is the only man living on this floor as of today. 


“Stay here, Yuli, look out for uninvited guests,” Vadim orders him to hold position, “We’ll get to the architect’s place.”


Yuli hides near the L1 door, the closest to the elevator where he can easily sense anyone coming. 


Vadim, Alexei, and Grigor sneak their way slowly to the door labeled L3.


Vadim knocks the door rapidly, no reply.


Vadim reaches the door’s handle, locked from inside.


Igor is most certainly inside.


“He’s here,” Grigor mutters.


“Ready?” Vadim gives a signal to break down the door, “One.. two... three!” 




The door burst open. He enters first, Alexei and Grigor second. Inside is a contemporary-styled interior: freshly-painted gray wall, mirrors and glasses, and bland-colored furniture. In front of them is a glass door to the balcony, a view to the clear blue sky. They quickly notice the oddity: everything else is a mess, broken chairs and tables, papers and shards of vases on the wooden floor. As if somebody else had broken in first and kidnapped Igor before them, or as if it's intentionally made to confuse them.


The intense original score kicks in.


Alexei, in the mix of confusion and surprise, “What the hell?!”


“This isn’t right...” Grigor comments.


“Mitya? Can you hear me?” Vadim attempts to contact Mitya via the talkie, only static noises, “Mitya?!”


Outside, they hear several gunshot before it stops, has to be Yuli.


“This is an ambush!” Grigor says.


Vadim feels a kick in the gut, who else setting them up aside from that girl, “That Natie b*tch must have misled us.”


“The girl you brag to us all the time?!” Alexei asks.


“You’re telling me you fell for a honeytrap?! For f*ck sake!” Grigor scorns.


Silence for two seconds, only breathy noises from all three. They know this is a wrong time to fight each other. They have enemies waiting outside.


“Что теперь делать?”

Now what?


“Забудь про цель, нам пора валить отсюда!“

Forget the target, we must leave now!


“But, how did this room get locked from the inside?” Alexei wonders one last time.


Take out Vadim and his crew


Showing up from the side of the balcony’s door outside is a blonde girl in lavender dress. A black purse is slinged on her shoulder. A Desert Eagle in her hand pointing accurately at them.


The very same girl he met in the club.




“Ты сраная крыса, Natie!” Vadim screams.

You’re a f*cking rat


The three men fire towards the balcony, the glass door shatters. Quickly take cover against the wall on your left. Handle Alexei and Grigor first as they both wield Yuli Pistols. Score a double headshot and they’re out. What’s left is Vadim, armed only with a Kryshko.


A shoot on his right arm will make him drop the gun.


He screams in pain, holding his wounded arm as you walk closer to him.


“Now you regret dividing the task with me,” Maria smirks.


“I knew we never had fun that night,” Vadim curses.


“Really? Just realized that now?”


Execute Vadim


On the top left is a hint for cinematic execution, identical to GTA IV, While equipping a handgun, you can initiate execution on certain characters. Aim the gun to him and the reticule will flash red. 


Tap (R2) to fire and Maria delivers two shots, at his chest first, then his neck, and he falls dead.


A man in brown suit appears in the doorway, carrying Yuli’s deceased body and throwing it to the floor.


"He's heavy."




“Looks like we’re done,” Brandon says, “I’ve taken out the fourth scum down there in the truck.”


“We left them here?” Maria asks.


“Yes. Police would count this as home invasion, nothing special, but we gotta go fast.”


Brandon walks out of the room. Maria stays for a while, looting Vadim’s phone from his pocket. She takes a photo of Vadim’s corpse with it and puts it back in her purse.




Leave the condo


Catch up with Brandon. He realizes that the condo’s security is already alerted and now on their way up with the elevator. The only other escape route is the emergency stairs, which you and Brandon take.


Reaching the underground parking lot, Brandon tells you that he’ll dump Mitya and his Burrito away. He then orders you to leave the condo’s area immediately.


“We’ll meet again soon,” Brandon says.


“Andriy is next, then?”


“He’s the brain. But Lazar is as suspicious as he is. I think we should watch him too.”


Andriy already knows her as Natie, it will be difficult.





Our Last Exchange

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