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GTA 3 Car headlights not working


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(Image below shows how it looks like in the game for me)


So ive been searching around a bit on the internet, and apparently this has been an ongoing issue since forever, so essentially when i play the game the cars dont have that glow on their headlights that makes it look like theyre turned on, they still emit light but without the glow its much less atmospheric and looks objectively worse. So my question is: is this even fixable? if so how do i fix it?  unknown.png

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@Stahli Tried it, doesnt work. everything is the same, am i supposed to change something with the silentpatch? or should it work right when i install it.

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Normally it should work as soon as you have installed the silent patch. I have also just tried it again. It worked for me.


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@Stahli Pretty late response due to me being lazy, but anyways. Ive tried playing thrugh both the 1.0 and 1.1 version to see if that was the issue, simply said the 1.0 version doesnt change anything about my problem, and the 1.1 version refuses to launch due to an error. I researched a little bit about that error and i didnt really find any way to fix it so i gave up on that. ive tried reinstalling and replacing/removing multiple files multiple times... and still with no success. The only thing that i feel like is the issue is some sort of file making the headlights not work, maybe something overlapping with another file which made the headlights not work. Heres an image of my GTA 3 folder, if theres anything i should change/remove then tell me, if you want me to open a folder to see whats inside also tell me, this time the response wont take days... rather a few hours at the very most.




Edited by Dtomis
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@Stahli Reinstalled the game with the original .exe and no mods, essentially a fresh install. Now the issue is that apparently my .exe is an "unknown version". spacer.png

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Oh sorry, you don't need to install patch 1.1 if you have the Steam version of GTA 3.


@Dtomis Does it work?

Edited by Stahli


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@Stahli Well... the issue is not quite solved yet, however i figured out the exact issue. The issue is with these 2 files which i used for changing the frame limit in-game, so that i could play the game at 60 FPS so i could have a playable experience, however with these 2 files the headlights stop working. im not sure if theres something overwriting it, but if it is and i havent noticed it yet, then i will definitely inform you. We are getting 1 step closer to figuring this out.spacer.png

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@Dtomis Did you configure the III.VC.SA.LimitAdjuster.ini or did you leave the default settings? I can't reproduce the bug on my GTA3 versions.


You could try another gta3.exe.


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@Stahli (havent tried a different gta3.exe yet) but the only thing i configured was the frame limit, which was set to 30 by default. I configured it to be set to 60 so that i could actually have a decent experience while playing the game, thats all i modified. no idea why that makes the headlights not work tho...

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@Stahli No, the headlights dont work when i set it to 30 FPS. It's an issue with the file itself, whenever i add the file into the game the headlights disappear. The image below shows everything that can be altered, if you know of anything that can be causing the headlights to stop working, then please let me know.spacer.png

Edited by Dtomis
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  • 4 weeks later...

@Stahli So a quick and final update on the situation. I gave up fixing these issues and just finished GTA 3 on 100% eitherway, however at the moment (because i have decided to fix GTA VC) i tried my luck with GTA 3 again, and it actually worked. I have fixed the forsaken headlight issue, and many other issues (like offroad missions having no visible checkpoints). I am beyond glad i have gotten this to somehow magically workspacer.png

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