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GUI Input text (DYOM Addon)


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This plug-in allows you to write text through the ImGUI interface. It also simplifies some aspects.


The plugin was originally created to simplify input for the SanLTD localization. But later on, the functionality was extended with snippets.



Insert - open a window
Ctrl + A - select all text
Ctrl + C - copy
Ctrl + V - paste
Ctrl + (R, G, B, Y, H, L, P, W, S) - insert colour
Ctrl + N - new line
Ctrl + M - insert snippet
Tab - apply text



Demonstration of the snippet function



Drop into the game folder.




Edited by SKIC
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"Upgrade to LDYOM"


I saw what you did there 👀



Great job btw! I used to edit my mission text in the DYOMtemp.txt because the input ingame is pretty bad, but with this addon it will make things a lot easier and faster.

Edited by Toriality
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Huzaifa khan

SKIC, my man need some real shout-out! 💯🔥

Edited by Huzaifa khan
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4 hours ago, Yasir_RFL said:

So, this does work with DYOM V8.1 right? Or just LDYOM?

This one for DYOM 8.1 and IX

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On 4/12/2022 at 11:16 AM, SIZZZ said:

This one for DYOM 8.1 and IX


From the video we guess that you can put it in Any Moment (because it's an objective) - that's good


@SKIC - make some Tutorials so people will switch to LDYOM. It's not user friendly for basic DYOM'ers - it has more features, etc but more tutorials needed in English.

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On 4/29/2022 at 6:25 PM, Toriality said:

Hey @SKIC I just tried to download the addon to use it in my mission but the link is broken or deleted.


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