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Do weapon pickups permanently disappear?


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Say you go and nab the katana pickup in the mall.


Then you decide you'd like to go play with the Chainsaw so you drop by apartment 3c and replace your katana with the chainsaw.


NOW - here's my question - can you still go back and pick up the katana later on, or does this pickup permanently disappear - as in you only have one shot to grab and keep it?


I would expect that with immediate game memory you maybe wouldn't be able to go directly back and forth between the two, but maybe after you load a saved game you could go get the katana if you want that instead.


Chime in here.  I think in GTA3 it was gone for good, BUT - in GTA3 you didn't have exclusionary weapon slots.  So it didn't matter that it went away, you still had it. Not so here in VC.

Thanks for your input.

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Now see - it appears there's some confusion here - I posted this in PC chat and someone commented that they regenerate after a while, like cars.  


Does anyone know which one it is?

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don't cross post questions.


ok this might fit better in general discussion so here goes:


weapon pickups do not disappear (that's what the earlier guy said if you look closer), but if you replace your current weapon picking up another, the old weapon pickup won't be where you dropped it, so no way getting back your katana where you picked up a chainsaw.



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1) I cross posted to make sure I was getting the right answer - I apparently needed to since there is STILL confusion on this subject.


2) I don't want to pick up the katana pickup where I left it at the chainsaw. (again this is for illustrative purposes) I want to know if I can pick it up again at ITS ORIGINAL LOCATION.


This is important to know, since otherwise, once you pick up a weapon via one of the known locations, you can't drop it again and go back and pick it up again if it's not there anymore after you pick it up the first time.  You'd either have to go buy it or get from killin someone.  Those are important distinctions to make, since it's much easier to go back to a known weapon pickup than it is to cruise around trying to find someone who has the weapon you want, or buying them back unnecessarily.(If you can find what you want on sale, I don't know if every one is available at Ammunation yet).


Essentially I'm trying to avoid dropping a weapon and having a hard time getting it back again if I want it, esp earlier in the game, when I might not have access to Ammunations that stock everything etc. That and I don't know what weapon loadout is best yet, so I hesitate to do anything that will have an impact on my game permanently.



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