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Chapter V is best.


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It took me a couple of playthroughs to appreciate the loneliness of Chapter 5, but "the best"... I disagree.


That said, I think it's the first time Arthur really saw who Dutch is, when he killed that old lady for no reason. Despite the fact that he said early in game that "Arthur will be the one to betray him" and kicking an injured Charles out of his seat after the Saint Denis heist, Arthur saw it first hand and blatantly disagreed with it. Every move from then on was done behind Dutch's back and Arthur constantly verbally voiced his lack of trust publicly and disrespect for Dutch's "plans". Arthur also mentioned that "whatever happened to Dutch, happened before Blackwater". But seeing him kill an innocent old woman the way he did after the whole ordeal in Saint Denis, and losing Hosea's reasoning, was a real turning point. That is what I took away from Chapter 5. A non recovering feeling of distrust.


But after a couple playthroughs knowing you are going to "miss" some things and not come back, you really start to explore as much as possible. I dunno, the whole chapter seems like a bit of a distraction until you really piece it together. Fun, but not necessary and I never looked forward to Chapter 5. I think that's also why there is such a big push early on in game to complete a majority of things that way you can progress through this distraction and regain your footing when you come back without having to grind anymore to complete the ending. Then it's just a casual stroll for the rest of the game. Work hard for everything, lose it all, get it back, devote the rest to the story.

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Buddy Hightower

Best to worst:

  • Chapter 6
  • Epilogue Part 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 1
  • Epilogue Part 1
  • Chapter 5

I love the setting but to me, it's the worst chapter in game.

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