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[MP] Killing Instinct


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We Back to this Topic Later..


Hello! We Say (We back to this Topic Later) i'm back with my First Project ''Killing Instinct'' Who's Make me to Complete this Mission Pack Your Commentes Guys Like @Yasir_RFL he give me a backup And thanks to @Horus Publishing

To Record My ''MP''  Well.. thank you! 



"Killing Instinct"








There is Three Brothers Evan,Walter,Steve 

Walter are the Big Brother in Wilson Family And they father Love Walter So much and Of course he love Evan and Steve 

Evan all the time hate Walter for his dad give him all of his money! Evan Don't Like this So he do BIG FALS Grap a gun and take Walter to "Mount Chilliad" and kill him there! And then the next Day The cops heard about this In here The Good cop! Lawrence "The Hero Of The Story" Wont to find the killer he take a help from "Steve Wilson" to help him in this Massacre...


[MP] Killing Instinct [Search] Part 1



[MP] Killing Instinct [Search] Part 2


[MP] Killing Instinct [Search] Part 3+4


[MP] Killing Instinct [Search] Part 5


[MP] Killing Instinct [Search] Part 6


[MP] Killing Instinct [Search] Part 7


[MP] Killing Instinct [Search] Part 8



[MP] Killing Instinct [Search] Chapter 1 COMPLETED




[MP] Killing Instinct [Justice] Part 1


[MP] Killing Instinct [Justice] Part 2


[MP] Killing Instinct [Justice] Part 3


[MP] Killing Instinct [Justice] Part 4


[MP] Killing Instinct [Justice] Part 5


Part 6 coming soon...








Edited by MonsterHG
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On 4/2/2022 at 11:04 PM, Darrick17 said:

GoodLuck man! 

i love your MP So much!



Thanks Man!

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I'll play Justice both part today :)

keep up the good work, loved your action placements


Edit: The prison mod does not work

Edited by Yasir_RFL
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Just now, Yasir_RFL said:

I'll play Justice both part today :)

keep up the good work, loved your action placements


Edit: The prison mod does not work

Oh my god the same problem of @Horus Publishing i dont know what's the problem man :( I Hope the Author fixed for i want TO PLAYED! 

Edited by Darrick17
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  • 1 month later...

Hello Guys the problem of the Prison i think i fixed for I Use the same prison of Zeko from his MP "Katabasis"

I Hope that work! :)

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