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Lookin' For Some More FUN


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I finished all the missions, and I own all the real estate.  What other side-missions/quests is there to do?  So far, I only know of the Pizza delivery, Medics, and Vigilante.

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there's actually quite a bit left for you to do...

>taxi driver missions

>fire truck missions


>store robberies


>dirt ring/hot ring/blood ring at hyman memorial stadium


uh...im not really sure if theres more...check here for the full list of what else you need to do...

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I may be stupid, but, I don't understand how to read that "chart".  I'm interested in the 200 health and 200 armor, but I don't understand which mission applies to it?

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look at your stats in the pause menu...it'll tell you what you need...it'll say, like




HIGHEST *insert name of R3 mission here* LEVEL: ?


that should help you at least a little bit...

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Damnit I just made it to the last fire mission and the stupid guy ran underneath one of the overhangs at the airport and I couldn't reach him in the last 5 seconds.  :(

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that really sucks...yeah, the first time i did the vigilante missions, i was on level 10 and i ended up landing in the water :sui:



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Pancho the great

My favourite thing to do rite now is too look for stupud jumps that arent unique but have insane gaps. My favourite one is a jump that leads onto the golf course. when you are at the pizza restaraunt if you cross the bridge to the left of it, then turn right and go up the coldesaq you will see a small ramp on the right. It quite difficult to clear as sometimes the bike spins in mid air.

user posted image


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I'm seeing how many vigilante missions I can do in the Hunter.  I got up to $100,000 per mission.  Not sure what level, but I was about to take a screenshot, then, BOOM!  Some fag criminal with a shotgun blew my ass up :(


By the way, that's a hell of a way to make money  :O



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My ambulance always catches on fire around level 5 and I'm forced to bail leaving the wounded to burn to a crisp in the raging speeding inferno.


I am determined to make the high rise office jump on a Faggio or Pizza Boy...the little 1 geared bastard just won't make it...you always miss by about 8 ft and end up falling millions of stories to the ground.

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You can type in "ASPIRINE" to heal your vehicles :)


I got to level 6 on the ambulance and I ran over the guy because he was in a bunch of trees.... Grrrr...

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You can type in "ASPIRINE" to heal your vehicles :)

Not on the ps2 you can't. :p

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Heres something to do and its called being a pest


Get the sea plane and fly it into the pedestrians to hear pedestiran shouts from GTA 2


Bet you didnt know that did ya

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