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Anyway to fix a currupt save game?


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I have no idea how or why this happened but my saved game has just stopped working.

It starts to load the game and then just freezes at the Black game loading screen, i hear the sound the game makes when the game get loaded and then another sound and then nothing.


So is there a way to try and fix this or am i doomed to start from the very biggining again? Just cause i've put in a stupid amount of time into this already and really don't want to have to start all over.


any help would be great!

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mate, so many people are having the same problem with this game, me included.  I have got quite far and don't want to start over again but no one has come up with a solution.  I think a patch will have to be released to fix this but i have emailed rockstar and got nothing back.

I can't see any other work around other than a patch becuase clearly the savegames are corrupting somehow.


Its damn annoying!


Hope we get some help soon!

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If I were you, I'd start over.  Atleast it's an excuse to play the game longer, and it might keep you interested in the game longer.


I got through all the missions before and I had to reformat my PC, so I started all over.


But that's just what I'd do.  If you're really desperate, you could download a saved game file.

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i don't have time to start over and i reckon it'll make me lose interest in the game


and i'd rather not download someone elses progress, its up to rockstar and take 2 to fix the problem i think which they must do, and soon!

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