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Glitch/cannot play as John


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After the final mission as Arthur, at the very start of the first scene as John Marston. Riding on the wagon with Abigail and Jack on the way to Strawberry.


First the camera/scene cuts extremely fast right through a mountain, showing the “inside” of the video game if you will. Basically looks like sky.

John keeps getting off the wagon, horse keeps going off path, then after finishing his chat with Abigail (the conversation and subtitles continue normally as the glitching occurs) he becomes invisible and I’m unable to really move him around at all. A little bit here and there, a few steps but it’s like he’s stuck in this thick field of something. From this point I cannot continue and have no way of saving. I have to leave the game without saving, and return all the way to the beginning of the final mission as Arthur. 

I went through this three times, uninstalled the game, redownloaded it and tried twice more. Exhausting.


Sky tech with GEFORCE GTX

kratos M1 power supply 

T force Vulcan Z Dual Channel DDR4

cooler master 

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