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Game freeze if you alt-tab during loading

Rei Da Tecnologia

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Rei Da Tecnologia

So, i have ADHD and i'm also an impatient person (This is an inheritance from my family, everyone is impatient in my family xD) so i don't like to stare at a screen when i have no control over the game so i just alt-tab to a video or something while the game get it over with. The loading screen is obviously one of them, but sadly in this game if you alt-tab during loadings, the game freeze -_-... i even downgraded to be able to install ZolikaPatch as the part "Remove pausing if the game window's not in focus" and "Borderless windowed mode" made me think it would fix it but it didn't :/

Well this is the additional info that should help somehow:

I'm currently using a save that i downgraded from the steam version (using gtasnp as suggested by the downgrader).

Windows 10 Pro 21H 19044.1526

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.40 GHz

GPU: GeForce GT 710 2gb DDR3

RAM: 12gb DDR3


Thanks for your attention! ❤️

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The dumbass here pressed Ctrl + Enter while writing this thread so i posted it without it being done... xD
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Rei Da Tecnologia

Ok, apparently removing the recommend commandline commands fixed it but now i found another annoying bug...

Even tho ZolikaPatch fixes the two things i mentioned, if i alt tab, the controls is still active... so if i press Esq while the window is unfocused, the game still receive the input... :/

i'm starting of think to move to other gta's... i wanted to get all the achievements for this game before doing Rainbomizer then ChaosMod but this game is starting to piss me off... in case u say i'm crying for this little issue, this aren't only the issue i encountered...

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