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PSP Custom Tracks Made Easy (Or, "I found a clean copy of EAC!")


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Alright, so, have you wanted to listen to some MP3 files in LCS (and VCS) on your PSP, only to find out you need some old software that you can't find a good copy of without going to some shady website?

Never fear, for I've uploaded a clean copy of said software to Archive.org for anyone and everyone to use!

Just so then everything's in one neat place, I'll also give a short guide on how to get your MP3s loaded in so you don't need to search around either!

So, download & unzip it. Install Exact Audio Copy from the given installer and run it. If the program is stalling when you open it, and your computer doesn't have a disc drive, then you will need to find a way to have a disc drive be recognized in your PC. (Personally, I just used WinCDEmu since I'm on a laptop.)

You will want to go to the "EAC" option and click on "Convert MP3 to Harddisk"

Now personally, I've had bad luck using this old crummy software with regular MP3 files. Usually what I'll need to do is convert any MP3 file I wish to put into the games' Custom Soundtracks into 16-bit signed .WAV files. You can easily do this if you have the program Audacity, just open the MP3 in Audacity, and export as a 16-bit signed .WAV file.

Once you've done that, go ahead & browse to wherever you saved the .wav file you converted your MP3 file to. It will bring up a window that will ask you where to save the resulting file, telling you the file name will not matter. Once you've chosen a place to store these converted tracks, it will show the process of converting your file into a .toc file.

Let it do it's thing, before it will eventually finish. Repeat this process for however many tracks you would like the games to play.

When you have converted all the tracks you wish to use, you will want to make sure you browse to the directory you saved these .toc tracks to and rename every single one of them to .gta files. If you don't see the filename extensions, make sure you've enabled them in Explorer.

From here, you'll now want to connect your PSP to your computer (I've only done this so far with an original PSP, I haven't been able to test this on a PS Vita yet and I've yet to test this on PPSSPP) and enable USB mode. Once your PSP has connected to your PC, navigate to wherever your save files are on the device and make a new folder titled "ULUS10041CUSTOMTRACKS" (Do note that it will change depending on your game version & region. A good way to easily name this is to simply create a save file of the game, then make the folder with the "ULUS#####" prefix, making sure there is only 5 numbers there. Some regions may also have say, "ULES#####" as it's prefix. The number will also obviously be different for VCS, so make sure you use the region/numbers from THAT game's save files if you wish to do this for that game)

You'll want to copy the .gta files you've just renamed to this new folder, as it's where the game will look for the custom music.

When you are finished, eject your PSP from your PC, and start up the game! You should be able to enable Custom Tracks in the settings menu of the game assuming you did everything correctly.

Anyway, hope his helps some people who wanna mess around with this feature in this day & age without having to risk getting adware or whatever!

Also sorry if this guide sucks lol

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Appreciate this. I could personally never get EAC to work back in the day for one reason or another. I've always found it far less of a hassle to use GoldWave (it has to be an older version, the guide links 5.10, but 5.69 is what I use), install its at3 codec, convert your music to .wav (with the "ATRAC3" attribute selected), and rename the converted extensions from ".wav" to ".gta". 


One important side note for Vita users is that I'm pretty sure your system needs to be jailbroken in order to properly transfer the files over. Back before Henkaku was a thing, I tried importing my LCS/VCS custom tracks folders from my PSP to PS3 and then from PS3 to my (then unhacked) Vita, but they showed up as corrupted saves somewhere in the process, so I could never get it to work. 

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