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MC The Last Serenity


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Founded in 2014, MC The Last Serenity is one of the oldest MC's in GTA Online.
We are a no bullsh*t & no drama MC and altough we emphasize on role play

we like to combine role play with in-game fun so it's not just playing biker.

Are you tired of playing alone and having your business ruined by griefers ?

We accept players of all ranks with or without MC experience
as long as they fit the discription below.

- Applicants must be 18+ (and behave as such)
- Have acces to discord and a mic.
- Have at least one chopper style bike.







(Club Activities)

Our main activities consist of having freeroam battles, rides with friendly mc's
TDM's, MC Work, CEO Work, Races and did we mention lots of freeroam battles?

Official weekly events are: Church, Fightclub, Jousting and TDM.

(Rules and Regulations)

We have some rules regarding the weapons we use vs other mc's
but when we fight non mc players all weapons are allowed.

Same goes for our bikes, we use certain type/style bikes for our official events
but when freeroaming all bikes are allowed.

We use discord to communicate in game and use it as a hangout when not in game
so if you dont have discord or just shy to speak 
trough a mic


then please don't bother applying.



(how to apply?)




We have a prospecting time of 6 weeks wich may seem a bit long
but we choose quality over quantity and prospecting time can be reduced,

depending how active you are.

If you are interested in Prospecting with us, please copy and fill in the form below


Social Club ID:



GTA MC Experience:

Have a microphone/headset:




Wanna give it a try first to see what the MC community is like ?

join our support club on social club and become a hang around.





If you have any questions feel free to message me on social club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/19Fila95/

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