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Gta 4 for very LOW END PC


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Everybody knows Gta 4 is such a bad pc port even high end pc cannot run it so this is a guide to run gta 4 on a low end pc.


First install DXVK in your gta 4

This also fixes game crash

Follow This Steam Guide



Second install Extreme Low PC mod


(*NOTE:Install v3.0 only for best results do not download any other mod just download "IV Extreme Low PC's v3.0")

For Details:https://gtaforums.com/topic/542972-gta-iv-for-extreme-low-pcsupdated/


Third install this timecyc (cause the extreme low mod's timecyc is unplayable but if you want massive fps you can use it)


Use the shorter one for maximum fps and rename it as "timecyc.dat"


Fourth install "No Car Deformation" mod


(*NOTE:Again just download the "No car Deformation" mod not any other)


Yup that's it your game would look little bad the car and the peds but you can atleast enjoy the game =D



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