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Get z ground position


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I'm trying to find z position for x and y positions,but it doesn't give me any success(P.S.: i'm making this for cheat engine table,getting address and calling the function in the address from sdk-plugin is bad idea(immediately crash))

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In Sanny Builder you can use this hotkey to get players coordinates.. CTRL+SHIFT+C 

You can also get angle of player with this hotkey



If you don't want to use SB there is also an external programs to get coordinates..🙂


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@ArmanCan The TC didn't provide any context for the question; the objective here is quite complex. Let's say, for example, that you wanted to make a CE version of a teleport to marker script. With cleo you could expand on these codes to make a working script:

// Example codes only, not a functioning script
  _ZN6CWorld19FindGroundZForCoordEff = 0x00569660
  ground_z = [email protected]
  x = [email protected]
  y = [email protected]
  z = [email protected]

0AB6: store_target_marker_coords_to x y z  // map marker coords always have Z = 0.0
//02CE: ground_z = ground_z_at x y z  // SCM opcode
//0AA7: call_function _ZN6CWorld19FindGroundZForCoordEff num_params 2 pop 2 y x ground_z  // using cleo's call function instead 
//00A1: put_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR at x y ground_z
00A1: put_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR at x y -100.0  // easy solution for this case


I barely understand how to use 0AA7 well enough to call native functions with cleo. I have no idea how to convert that to Cheat Engine, but it looks like it's possible based on posts found in CE forums. I have not been able to find any local topics describing how to call any GTA functions with CE so I don't have any examples to adapt.


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