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Hey guys!

I wanted ask there solution of my problem. So, problem is following - my game crashes after I add (not replace) more vehicles than I currently have (I added around 40 car mods). Anyways, my game is cracked (GTA IV, but it works as it should. Back to problem - I can start game, but it crashes when I start my save game - no matter new or already existing. I tried fastman92 limit adjuster, zolika patch v6.4/v6.9.2/v6.9.3. Maybe I did something wrong in Zolika patch - I putted it in my scripts folder and only main fails (.asi and .ini), not GFWLProtectionDisable2019.asi because otherwise my game didn't launch. I use simple traffic loader too for my modded cars to spawn in game, there everything works. And back to problem, alway with both (zolika patch and fastman92 limit adjuster) my game crashes after adding more vehicles or just one, and it don't even go back to normal when I remove all my new vehicle data (I use OpenIV too). And I don't know why I can't add more than 167 cars (main game and modded) even when zolika patch 206 to 1024 vehicles I can add.


Can anyone help please or suggest something? 



I use ZMenu (trainer)  too. And I use vehicle.ide, handling.dat, carcols.dat, game's audio and OpenIV to add models (.wft) and model textures (.wtd).

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