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GTA III - Cannot find 640x480 videomode error[GTA 3 Steam issue]

Carl_Speed YT

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Carl_Speed YT

Hey guys. So I`m just very annoyed with this bug. Whenever I start playing GTA III . It keeps giving me an error saying: Cannot find 640x480 videomode. And the only option is: To press OK button. And guys. After i pressed OK. The game literally crashed. Nothing even happened after that. If i try to launch the game again. It still appears. This happens to me if i'm not using the so called. Ddraw.dll file or the gta3.set file isn't on the "GTA3 User Files" folder. I'm not sure why the game just can't boot up on the normal 640x480 resolution.


I looked up on YouTube, Google, Firefox and any other browsers. But all i found was "How to fix Cannot find 640x480 error/Unhandled Exception on GTA: Vice City" This & That. Which still doesn't make sense.


I heard that... The issue can be fixed just by right clicking on the .exe file. Go to properties, click compatibility, click run in 640x480 resolution, Click Run As Administrator, And click Disable Fullscreen Optimizations

I did that. And the error kept on appearing. 


I installed SilentPatch. The mod that should fix this issue. Game works fine now. But now i'm dealing with another issue. Game freezing again. If i install ThirteenAG's Widescreen Fix with SilentPatch. The game will work fine until the Loading Screen: But it will freeze giving me an error saying "Unhandled Exception"


I even patched the game to v1.1. (Which is because i'm using the original .exe version 1.0) And nothing got fixed. The error message kept appearing over and over again. Which started to piss me off.


If you guys were asking which system i'm using. Well i'm using Windows 11 Pro. (Before i was using Windows 10)


Guys. Can you help me fix this? Any help would be appreciated

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