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GTA 3 Beta Version Mod - Game works fine if i start a new game. But if i load game "Unhandled Exception"

Carl_Speed YT

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Carl_Speed YT

Hi guys. So i looked up on the internet the "GTA 3 Beta Version Mod"... And after searching for about an hour. I finally found one. [DUE TO COPYRIGHT ISSUES. I COUDLN`T SEND HERE THE LINK. YOU CAN JUST SEARCH IT UP ON GOOGLE. IT SHOULD BE THE FIRST OR SECOND LINK] I installed the mod. I did all the requirements. And the game worked fine. I started a new game. Because I don`t have save files yet. However. When I finished the first mission. I saved at a safehouse. (I exited the game. Because I went out to drink some coffee.) But when I load the save file. It froze on the loading screen. Ended up giving me an "Unhandled Exception: c0000005. At address: 00000000 error. And don`t ask me what`s causing this. For I don`t know. 



I even installed DDraw Component, Widescreen Fix, SilentPatch, and patched GTA 3 to 1.1 (`Cuz it is required to be patched) And nothing seemed to be fix.


Guys. If you can help me fix this. Just let me know.


Thanks in advance man.


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