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GTA IV not running properly


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I have i3-4150, Intel HD 4400 Graphics and 4 GB Ram on my pc. earlier i used to run GTA 4 very easily on 768p low settings, using the shared memory.  i have a 768p monitor. my hard disk had crashed, so i had to reinstall it. after reinstallation GTA 4 is not using the shared memory and the vram is stuck at 108 mb. earlier it used to be 2304 mb. the settings are also stuck at 800x600 resolution and every other setting is at either off or low. i cannot even change them.

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Have you tried a mod called GTA IV Definitive Edition? That mod tends to fix a lot of issues of the game but you'll need a older version of the game like patch 8 and beyond.


If not, create a text document file in the GTA IV directory folder. name it commandline.txt in that file, add the line (I provided below) into that text file. 


-availablevidmem 3.0 


try that and see if that works.

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