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Help with widescreen issue(mobile)


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Hello everyone, so recently i wanted to start playing gta 3 on my phone again and after seconds that i entered the game i realized that there's sth wrong with it, actually the fov or the camera is too zoomed in on my Android phone, and the colors are super washed out comparing it to the original ps2 or pc versions of the game, after some digging in the internet i found out that in (Android/data/gta3) folder there's a file called gta3 .set which contains some options like widescreen and trails the ones that i need to change and some more maybe. But i tried to edit the file or whatever but normal document editors open the file in Chinese like language, and after more looking into internet found out that i can kinda edit it by hex tool or other hex editors but i myself im not modder so the only things i could see was just numbers and some random letters so i couldn't understand anything, so if anyone can help me change those options in .set files it would be great😁😁

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