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Any idea what causes Resume and saves to break?

Mz. Hazey

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Currently working towards platinum for San Andreas on PS4. I’ve done quite a lot already and I’m near 80%. Randomly now my saves are crashing the game when loading from the main screen. Resume on the main menu crashes the game every time. Trying to reload my latest saves does as well. Loading an older save and then reloading the latest save does the trick sometimes. I’m just worried this won’t always work since an even newer save started crashing the game too. 

Any ideas what causes this bug and is there a fix? Going to report to Rockstar.  Nervous to commit anymore time to the game if it will just be unplayable eventually. 

Much thanks. 

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5 hours ago, zmudziak32 said:

Best advice is turn off autosave option and manually save game.

Not sure you can turn off auto save on PS4? Regardless I platinumed the game last week. I kept plenty of manual saves. I had about three to four corruptions during my play through but luckily was able to reload older saves to keep going. A royal PITA but I got through it. 

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My autosave in SA was crashing and stopped crashing with this patch, anyone else still having resume issues or can we get this one marked as solved? :) 


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