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NPCs using MVL weapons - a Workaround


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(Skip this if you know MVL) Maxo's Vehicle Loader «...heavily patches the game code on the fly...» meaning that additional vehicles and weapons are loaded externally to the game internal processing. Now, rougly speaking the loaded vehicles are integrated in the game so that can spawn into traffic like the other vanilla vehicles. Weapons don't work this way, they spawn only if you select them from the custom menus or if you set spawning pickups on the map with the pickups.xml file. This means MVL weapons are meant for the "player's exlusive usage", for example you can't pick ammo from any other vanilla weapon pickup if you use a MVL weapon.


It's possible to assign MVL weapons to NPCs like gang members or cops in general, and they work like any other vanilla weapon to them, but if they die for whatever the reason...

...the game crashes because it can't create the weapon pickup after the NPC death. Creating those "death weapon pickups" seems complicated so i thought to do a workaround script by:

1. listing needed MVL weapons and replacing the one MVL weapon with a vanilla one prior to the NPC death (let's say at 1HP). 


2. listing needed MVL weapons and removing the one MVL weapon from NPC hands, always prior to his death.


Have you a better solution? Just post it below, thank ya.




For those wondering the easiest solution is to add this code line to your script 0215: remove_pickup self 1234* (*your weapon ID from MVL messagelog.txt) 

Edited by ɪʟ_Duca
Added proof picture and easy solution.
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