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My GTA Vc just don't run vehicle mods!


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Hi, this is my very first post in here, so, if i make any mistake in topic, or in the rules, tell me

Well, a week ago, after the new year started, a wish of playing gta vc apeared in me, and, just like any other person, i downloaded it to play, and, end the story mode of the game which i never played at all

Well, everything was doing well, till the moment i realised that i didn't installed any vehicles/general mods in my gta
and, as a brazilian, playing any of the 3d saga games without mods, it's actually kinda cringe lol

soo, i decided to instal some car mods in my gta vc, and, at first, i tried to instal a mod over the pcj600 on the game, which, i used this mod : https://fileservice.gtainside.com/downloads/ftpl/1634545140_HONDA TWISTER 2009.rar
But, after installing it, i realised that mod was for gta sa, but, i didn't cared about this cuz, either 3 games from the 3d saga of gta were made in the same engine, and, they used the same extension for the model and texture file

but, the replace didn't worked, so, i decided to change to another replace model, to see if it work
and, as the first, it didn't worked, but, i kept trying, and still, none of the replace mods i tried worked

Then, i thought it could be my gta version, i installed another gta, with a different version, installed all the "Essential pack" mods ( they work to make the gta run better on actual computters) and, it still not working 

later this day, i tried to replace the model of the Sabre turbo, and, it worked, but, on this one, i tried replacing with a mod from the "III/VC cars" replacing mods, then, i tried replacing the pcj600 with a mod from the same area (III/VC bikes) and, it kept not working

and then, im asking u guys for help, because, i don't see any other way to "fixing" this problem :/
in advance, thanks for the help :)

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