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Unhandled Exception c0000005 error after the introduction

Carl_Speed YT

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Carl_Speed YT

Hey guys. I just purchased GTA 3 on Steam. (Before the game was removed) And after the installation. I launched the game. It worked fine on the opening introduction. But when i got past the game's introduction. GTA 3 froze on the Loading Screen... And an error came up saying: Unhandled Exception: c0000005 at address: 00630000, And whatever i do. I can't get the game to work. I installed DDraw Component, SilentPatch, Widescreen Fix... I already placed the gta3.exe file to the DEP Execution Prevention, I downgraded the game to 1.0, I set the compatibility mode. I clicked run in 640x480 Screen Resolution. (So that the error must be fixed) But unfortunately. The issue was never fixed. It still persists. This never happened to me on GTA: Vice City. I don't know what is causing the error to come up in GTA 3. And not let me proceed to the game. I'm disappointed by this...This is also a common issue of the game that Rockstar never fixed... Because they don't know how. 


Guys. If you can help me fix this. Just kindly tell me...


Thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated


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Forgot to tell.. Sorry
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